An Awakening Nears; Crumbs at the Crossroads

An Awakening Nears; Crumbs at the Crossroads

Posted on May 5, 2023 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

Things were seemingly coming together from all different aspects in Hollywood’s life.  However, they were ever so converging at a way too fast of speed.  At least it seemed like with everything on Hollywood’s plate right now, he was struggling to keep up with everything.  Well, he wasn’t going to be worrying about struggling at this next point…things literally came to a seizing halt for Hollywood after his latest match against Aceldama a couple weeks ago.  It didn’t matter how stubborn I was…my match against Aceldama took a toll on me and this time physicality had finally caught up with me.  The whole irony out of all this was, however, something I still hadn’t figured out was good or bad.  I’m a very prideful person.  I was always prideful and those who know me know I’m one of the toughest motherfuckers you’ll ever meet.  Yet still as I’m trying to keep ahead of everything going on in the world of Brian Hollywood, I soon found myself brought to a grinding halt….how I coped with it would be something I was going to have to weigh against all else over the next few weeks..but little did I know that where I saw myself at this present time…no matter the cost and the price I have paid, was an opportunity that was besieged at my gates on everything I have ever valued and was important in my life leading up to all this.  Still…even as time stood still for what felt like an eternity for me…it was a chance to make the most of it as I laid my plan of action out and one I had planned on the world stage…one that I intended everyone to see and understand.  But it still all started when the chaos would become….still.  And this was the time where the earth stood still for yours truly.  Indeed….I didn’t fully know what was going to happen…but you can sure bet I was going to find a way to control it when all those dominoes were inevitably about to fall…and fall everything was about to.  I hate fate….but for some reason there was solace in the three words that were about to come out of my mouth..


Destiny is all………..




Little Rock, Arkansas


Baptist Health Medical Center


Hollywood was clearly banged up.  After his street fight with Aceldama, Hollywood finally succumbed to his fierce toughness and actually required medical attention.  The type that was involuntary.  Everyone knows Hollywood wasn’t going to ask for help but when he’s clearly in a state of unconsciousness, it no longer becomes anything about stubborn pride, but rather, medical help that is needed when the host of the ailing party is non compliant.  Hollywood was beat the FUCK UP after his match against Aceldama.  Both men showed physicality and both men used uncommon behavior to go about the damages they would inflict on each other.  However, over the next couple weeks, Hollywood would be largely very much absent from HOW and Chaos itself.  He needed medical attention and he needed time to heal regardless how fucking stubborn he was.


“Fucking A….you know what I think about laying in a hospital bed for at least a week?  Fucking sucks.  I guess I got fucked up pretty good.  But you know what?  I don’t regret a single fucking thing.  In fact, I don’t regret a single god damn thing that happened to me at the hands of Aceldama.”


Hollywood winces as he adjusts himself in the bed.  The violence was starting to feel more personal to Hollywood.  No matter what effect that has is really irrelevant.  What was relevant was the fact that Hollywood was starting to get down blocking the pain the deeper and more hurt that he was finding himself in.  War against any form of The Alliance pushed Hollywood….hell MOTIVATED him.  He took pride in that.  He had nothing to hang his head about in his loss against Aceldama.  In fact, he thought he got in some good offense against the behemoth.


“That was one hell of a fight Aceldama.  I’ll give you credit…you rang my bell pretty fucking good.  And thanks to you, I’m treating burns on my god damn back!  So you got a win back on me.  That makes us even…it hardly makes us done, though.  Aceldama, I know it’s been a good while since you’ve been around here…but when it comes to any form of a Best Alliance, I’ve always been around to derail that fucking train any and every way I can get and I’ve been very successful at it.  I know I’m going to have losses.  You can’t win them all.  However, with that being said, I’ve always picked and chosen my battles very carefully over the years.  Whatever final form this Alliance may be, I’ve at least been a man of my word and have been a constant thorn in its side.  That’s not changing…even more especially now that we are practically on the eve of the show before War Games.  All we are is even and I can promise Lee Best and the rest of his pathetic little band of non boy scouts that I will come back harder and stronger.  I know I’m fighting in a wildcard to get into War Games…but that’s honestly the only chance I needed.  Finally after all the poking and prodding, I’m getting the recognition from the Final Alliance and Lee Best himself that I have merely touted over this year.  I like to think I’ve slowly found myself again and after the matches I’ve had the last few of my matches…all it has done has hardened me.  Coming close to the likes of Christopher America, Conor Fuse and taking the fight to Aceldama….all this is doing is preparing me even more for War Games.  Lee is wise to keep close tabs on me…but all he’s done recently is remind me of the man I used to be and now that I’ve been FINALLY properly given a chance to thrive on a PPV….I plan on capitalizing.  I am very much aware what team I would be fighting with should I win my wildcard match.  But I have baited Lee Best and I’ve gotten exactly what the fuck I’ve wanted to get.  First as I look to gain some momentum in my match against Marvolo this week…on the eve of the War Games PPV…it’s only given me more focus.”


Hollywood is restless in his bed.  But at least he was finally getting his discharge papers.


“Marvolo…this week, you go up against a man who has been more than battle tested over the last few matches.  You, too, are in this wildcard we find ourselves in.  I know of your sympathetic cause for the Alliance.  It is likely the only reason you’re even in the War Games match to begin with.  I’m already in a full scale war with The Final Alliance and this one is more personal to me than Alliances in the past.  I’ve taken an invested interest in the happenings with this particular Alliance.  But if my match against the monster Aceldama was any indication, you can surely bet I’m willing to push the very envelope and put at risk my very own well being.  Simply put…that’s how much this means to me, Marvolo.  I’ve fought long and hard all year to get on a PPV…and now that I actually am…and am slowly becoming the man I once was…an awakening awaits…and it’s a long overdue one, too.  I know I won’t get much attention or focus at War Games…believe me…I’m COUNTING on it, Marvolo.  In the meantime….if you wish to be sympathetic…just know that you’ll just have to be the next casualty in my ongoing war with the Alliance itself.”


Finally the nurse is ready to discharge Hollywood.  Hollywood couldn’t be more happier.  He had been going stir crazy all week and he was ready to get out of this hospital and back at it.  He knew he was still a targeted man both inside and outside of the HOW squared circle.  But as fate often does, an unexpected…or a long overdue curveball is thrown Hollywood’s way as a man enters his room as Hollywood sees who it is and he sighs at the sight before him.


“Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me….”


The man standing before him?  None other than The Chair himself.


The Chair: “Well there you are.  Been wondering about you lately.  I think it’s time the two of us talk, don’t you think?”


Hollywood sighs as he knew this moment was unavoidable as the scene slowly fades to black.






Houston, Texas


The sight for this weeks HOW show was all but ready for one Brian Hollywood who was all but finally recovered from his match against Aceldama.  However, there was still other work to be done in the pursuit to not only finding out who his brother was but making strides against Roberto Ramirez…the man solely responsible for the murder of Hollywood’s sister.  Hollywood was fighting two fronts and his recent visit with The Chair in the hospital in Little Rock was to be expected as Hollywood and Lukas Montana talk amongst a local brewery but a low key one seeing as how Hollywood was still a wanted man to some people.


Brian Hollywood: “I’ve put some plans into motion.”


Lukas Montana: “So I’ve come to see.  How you feeling?”


Brian Hollywood: “As best as I can be.  Don’t worry…I’ll be ready for my match with Marvolo this week.  I’ve got enough motivation in my match this week.  I grow ever hungrier each passing week.”


Lukas Montana: “Still…there is the matter to discuss what how the conversation with you and The Chair went when you were still in the hospital in Little Rock.  You weren’t exactly mobile.  I know the two of you haven’t talked for a little bit.”


Brian Hollywood: “With good reason.  I’m trying to keep things concealed with The Chair on the matters with my brother.  I KNOW it’s only a matter of time before he finds out….but I’m assessing right now because right now…we have to hunt down Roberto…and there’s progress on that front.  But in regards to that….I’ve got other news.”


Lukas appears intrigued as Hollywood seemed to have plans in motion.


Lukas Montana: “What are you talking about?”


Hollywood merely smiles.


Brian Hollywood: “Let’s just say I’m getting the WHOLE band back together in uniting the fronts….it’s time I take back the power I once held….which is why I invited a certain someone to dine with us tonight.”


Lukas Montana: “Oh?”


With that Hollywood smiles as a woman all of a sudden walks in….that women…none other than Hollywood Enterprises loyalist…


Julia Winfield