Allegiances Tested; Another Brother in Arms

Allegiances Tested; Another Brother in Arms

Posted on March 26, 2024 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood



Who would have thought I’d be fighting in a triple threat match for a shot at the HOTv Championship?


Over the course of the last couple weeks I’ve had to be asked for someone to pinch me on it…had to be a joke.


But it wasn’t.  Why, after losing the LBI, did I get the chance to fight for a championship?  Perhaps that was always the plan of the placements everyone came out of in their group stages.  Another thought…and this thought I was clinging onto more than anything else was that perhaps I was starting to do something right again in High Octane Wrestling.


And that was comforting news to me.


For a man who’s been through literal hell in a hand basket and then some over the course of the last couple years, it was a welcoming feeling of validity.  Or was I just shielding myself from the possible real truth?


I had Drew Mitchell right where I wanted him..but the fucker was quicker to get the pinfall on me. I’m not lost on the idea that I’ve gotten better.  I know I have.  Things in my personal life had gotten a little bit better..if you can actually fucking believe that!  The Hollywood life, my life, is never black or white.  Everyone that has followed my career knows this by now.  Even I’m still getting news that shocks even me..and I’m to the point where nothing should fucking shock me anymore.  But my brother…he comes with….dare I say it, baggage.  It’s mine to bear…no one else’s.  All my life I thought I was an only child after the death of my sister, Serenity.  For as long as I could remember I was fighting my own battles.  Sure I had my friends…but in my wrestling life as of late, I had been known to be more of a loner in the last years of my shining prime career.  I just don’t know when to say when.  I see something and I want to work for it…at least that’s the mentality I’ve gotten as of late and it’s actually rejuvenating.


The old me would have found an excuse to my loss against Drew Mitchell.  I went toe to toe with John Sektor..I could feel that win in my grasps.  I still really feel robbed of that victory.  It’s not an excuse…perhaps it’s a hard denial of what my subconscious is or has been trying to tell me.  I could go toe to toe with the lot of them but the result is just the same.  But I know I had Sektor that night.  I just know I did!  But I picked myself back up and moved on.  I trained and I trained harder.  I have that vision and I see myself being great again.  I fucking KNOW what I still have deep down inside of me…I just need to find a better way to unlock it is all.  I went toe to toe with Mitchell and almost had him.  If I would have done one thing different…that could have been the difference of me getting my hand raised instead of his.  But I’m not going to dwell on it.  I’ve got far more pressing things on my mind…


Like this triple threat match at March to Glory.  It keeps bringing me back to earning a shot at finding someway to get onto the pay per view card.  And I did.  I’m fighting on the very first PPV card of the year and you know what?  I’m already BETTER for it this year than I was the last.  So I’ll take it.  What is the interesting part of this triple threat match is not only a match to determine who gets a shot at the HOTv Championship, but it’s who I’m going to be in the ring against.


There was Teddy Palmer.  A former high level caliber star who was taken seriously in High Octane Wrestling.  Had all the makings to be the next HOW World Champion.  Then, something happened.  He didn’t.  He faded out for awhile and then just recently came back in the LBI and I gotta say, I don’t see the same Teddy Palmer that once took HOW by storm.  In fact, I see a lot of the problems and tribulations I went through that knocked the light out of my star.  Teddy, perhaps you fell the same way I did.  Your fight in the LBI was admirable, but I can’t help but to wonder if you’re holding back.  I certainly was pissed when I was told the same thing when I was going through my “phase” as it were.  But it got worse from there, Teddy.  It became so bad that nobody even acknowledged Brian Hollywood the same way anymore.  It didn’t anger me like it should have.  Why?  Because I got distracted.  Oh did I get distracted, Teddy and I paid the price for that dearly.


But that’s not the only man in this match…


No…the third man in this match is none other than Noah Hanson…


You had to have seen this one coming, ladies and gentlemen!  I practically laughed after hearing that my only best friend I have left in this world is going to be fighting for the same opportunity I do.


It’s not an insult, Noah, it’s actually ironic if you think about it.


Noah is back in HOW and no one is more excited than I am for it.  But his mind is on one thing.  One person.  Perhaps the only reason he came back to HOW in the first place.  That being he’s got his eyes set on Mike Best.  I’ve already given my opinion on the subject.  You know this, Noah, and I stand by what I said.  But you know I don’t believe in coincidences.  The fact that you and I are fighting in the same match for the same opportunity is no fucking accident!


Perhaps that’s how the chips fell in each of the group standings I suppose, but come on…this is High Octane Wrestling.  NOTHING happens by chance!  EVERYTHING has a written story and there is a script for everything.  That’s how the machine stays going.  The machine thrives in situations like this because it means that everything has a purpose and we are to fight in a fixed cog of wheels which in fact makes the machine churn and turn.  But what if I told you that we could shock the system?  I mean…it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve actually done it…


But let me get back to you, Noah.


You and I are more than best friends.  Noah, I consider you my brother.  We’ve been through a lot together but we were always there for each other!  You had my back and I had yours.  While we’re on the subject, don’t you put any stock on the man Darin Zion’s become.  He’s a plague and a parasite for all I care.  You try and find that connection with him and he’ll stab you in the fucking back!  The sad part about all of this is the fucker learned everything from ME!  He, of course, won’t tell you that..but the truth is for as long as he was with me, he was definitely studying me and he studied well.  I almost want to pin a fucking medal to his god damn chest for it because he played out everything from my playbook exactly like I would have.  But I made the mistake in thinking he wouldn’t evolve.  I made the mistake in thinking he couldn’t think for himself and put himself in a better position.  The truth of the matter is that he did.  Well…in his story he will tell you that.  Now that he’s with “daddy Best” and the Final Alliance, the guy has gotten worse.  I say that because in the end, I feel like I’m responsible for it all.


I called him a brother, too, Noah.  We both came up the same way growing up, but I always had the life of luxury and the finer things in life.  Like you did, as well.  But that’s for another time…


The point is, Noah, I consider you more than my best friend.  I may have recently found out that I have a long lost blood brother that I’m trying to connect with but YOU were always there for me and we’ve been through literal hell together and fought side by side.  In and outside the ring.  That’s why I will always consider you another brother in arms!


That’s how I know that come time for March to Glory, you already know the assignment and I don’t even have to spell it out for you.  We’ve always had that bond and we don’t need to tell the other what we’re always thinking because that’s how much we already do!


That’s why at March to Glory, you already know that I’m going to come at you hard.  We’ve had our battles in the past…on the same and opposite sides of each other.  But that’s never changed the assignment.  I know you will want me to come at you with everything I’ve got..even if you’ve been out of the ring for so long.  I also expect you to come at me with everything you’ve got…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Despite your doubts, I know that competitive spirit inside you still exists.  I know for a fact that you know you’ve still got enough juice to make this last run work.  I, too, have told myself that because let’s face it…this is both our last run in the ring.  Who knows how long it lasts for.  Could be several months…or it could be a couple years.  There really isn’t much telling on that fortune cookie at the present time.  That’s why I know you won’t hold back in this match…but you’ve got to be a hundred percent ready for it.


I know your mind has lingered on Mike.  It’s no secret to anyone, really…and I’ve told you that I would help you in that fight.  We are on similar paths..but right now, you and I have business in that ring and if I even get the slightest hint that your mind is not one hundred percent on our fight, I’m going to put you down, hard.  I’m going to give you the reality that you should be living in and I’m going to show you that you can’t be distracted by anything else. 


If anyone taught me to pick and choose my battles, it was you, Noah.  You’ve taught me nearly everything I know.  You also taught me when the timing was right to fight certain battles.  That’s why I’m telling you our fight is to determine who gets a shot at the HOTv Championship!  I really want you to prove to me that you can still believe in that mantra of knowing when to put the mind on certain battles.  You had a great showing in the LBI…even if you only got one win out of it.  But that win showed me a darker side too, Noah, and I didn’t know what to think of it at first.


In a way, I still don’t.  Perhaps that’s all the anger you’ve had pent up over the years over what Mike Best did to you.  I would certainly understand that.  In a way, I’ve gone through that same thing.  My war with the Alliance over the years hasn’t changed.  But somewhere along the line, I changed.  And it was not for the better.  That’s when I spiraled down a dark path and I didn’t like who I became.  I became everything I hated and in the end, everyone hated me for it.  I have no friends here, Noah.  In fact, you’re the only friend I have and I take solace in that even though you know I can handle things on my own.  I know you understand the loner part.  Perhaps that’s why you and I weren’t so different and maybe that’s why we clicked in the first place.


But there’s a time and a place for everything, Noah.  You taught me that…now let me be the one you can confine in backstage in that locker room.  Let me show you in that ring just what I can still do but more importantly, let me show you everything you taught me.  Let me show you what I learned from you and I only hope that there’s still something you can teach me.  A teacher doesn’t always reveal everything to their students.  You taught me that!


So at March to Glory, let’s leave all that other bullshit out.  No Mike Best.  No Final Alliance or either of us planning and plotting against Lee.  It’s just the two of us and Teddy Palmer for the right to face off for a shot at the HOTv Championship!  I say we take Palmer out of the equation…and then you and I just go at it full force.  I know you want it, brother…and you know I want it too.


Win or lose…we have a chance to fight in that ring to show we can still dance together!  I’m looking heavily forward to it and I haven’t been more excited about the prospect of facing a brother, be it agenda from Lee or not, than I am about this match!  Agenda or not, let’s go out there and show the bloody fucking world that Brian Hollywood and Noah Hanson can still leave it all out there in the fucking ring!


Win or lose, Noah…both of us will have the chance to march to glory together!


Because in the end, no matter what, you have been and will always be….


Another brother in arms.





Hollywood knew what his brother told him.  He didn’t want any secrets to no longer be kept between the two of them.  It simply brought too much pain to them already.  Deep down, Hollywood knew what Jasper was trying to say.  He had trusted in his intuition for too long not to be wrong.  Hollywood looks at Jasper in the eyes as he puts his hand on his shoulder.


Brian Hollywood: “Just tell me, brother.  It’s ok…I think I already know what you’re trying to say.”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Do you, though?  I give you credit for your intuition, brother, but you can’t possibly know what I’m trying to say.”


Hollywood and Jasper were still down in The HUB as they were safest and out of sight from everyone there.  Hollywood couldn’t believe how troubled Jasper was.  He was still getting used to the fact that he had this side to him.  He only knew Jasper as The Chair for so many years.  There was no emotions there.  No struggles.  No cracks in the shield.  But ever since the two found out they were actually blood brothers and actually related to each other, that changed the game for both of them.  They could rely on the simple fact that they were both good at being loners.  They had their crews and their ways of running things, but in the end, they both were alone.  No one could possibly understand how they were feeling, even if they told someone.  This family blood runs deep…but so does the history both of them have with each other and Hollywood was about to find that out the hard way.


Brian Hollywood: “Brother, it doesn’t matter if you were alone before.  I was, too.  Look, you told me about your mother.  So what if she has ties with the mafia.  What could be so worse that you haven’t told me about her?  What, are you going to say she knows who I am?  That we have to move carefully because I’m on her radar now?”


Jasper sighs as he knew Hollywood wasn’t on the right track.  How could he be?  He had just found out that Jasper was his long lost brother.  What could be more shocking than that to Hollywood?  Jasper certainly knew the answer to that.  The question was how long DID he know that apart from finding out Hollywood was his actual brother?


Jasper Oliver Creed: “You could say that.  I…I don’t know Brian.  You have just started training again and really got your HOW career back on track.  I know the damage I caused you and it sent you in a tailspin.  This news will only further that, I fear!  But I told you I wasn’t going to keep secrets from you anymore…no matter how painful it would be.”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, that’s exactly right!  So spit it the fuck out man!  If I’m holding that with you than you have every right to hold that from me!  Secrets made us who we are!  I don’t want it to be the reason it tears us apart, too!  So man up and tell me what could possibly be so hard to tell me about your mother that I couldn’t handle!”


Jasper shakes his head as doubt fills his mind.  There was no way Hollywood knew what he was about to say, nor could he actually know anything about it.  But what was worse was what Jasper was holding back could test there very allegiance to each other and more importantly, their blood.  Jasper sighs as Hollywood just looks at him demanding an answer no matter how painful it could have been.  Jasper finally gives in and let’s it out, holding nothing back as the emotion becomes high in his voice.  You could detect the heartbreak in his voice as he let’s out the secret to Hollywood.  It gave him no pleasure to tell him.


Jasper Oliver Creed: “She’s not just my mother okay!”


Brian Hollywood: “Wait…what?..”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “She’s….she’s YOUR mother too, Brian!  She’s OUR MOTHER!!”


Hollywood takes his hand off Jasper’s shoulder as he all of a sudden takes a few steps back.  He was in a state of confusion but he also couldn’t believe the words that came out of his brothers mouth.  In fact, the state of Hollywood turned from confusion to frustration and curiosity as he couldn’t believe what his brother just said to him.


Brian Hollywood: “What do you mean she’s OUR mother?!  My mother died when I was a child!  I barely have any memories of her growing up!  You know this!”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “Please hear me out, Brian…”


Brian Hollywood: “Hear you out?!  Are you fucking crazy?!  That’s impossible!  You know my mother is dead so why would you even suggest such a cold thing?!  Are you trying to get my blood boiling because it’s fucking working asshole!”


Jasper Oliver Creed: “I’m not trying to get at anything, brother.  It’s as much of a shock to me as it is to you!”


Hollywood couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Jasper had to be playing games.  He didn’t want to believe his brothers words.  Could he be right, though?  Was there more to it?  His entire life was enshrouded in lies and secrecy.  Hollywood just shakes his head and storms off down the hallway but the seeds of doubt were churning in his mind as the scene slowly fades to black.