All I Want For Christmas is a DNA Match!

All I Want For Christmas is a DNA Match!

Posted on December 26, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Christmas is such a special time in everyone’s lives and in plays an integral role in most of this planet’s population.  Those chestnuts roasting on an open fire…making smores out of what was left of Frosty the Snowman.  Hell, there was even the occasional dumbass I’ve met who took what Harry did in Dumb and Dumber quite literally and stupidly.  All these occasions were part of Christmas tradition and people had family to be able to live and experience those memories they can treasure forever.  But for Brian Hollywood?  If you have had the pleasure to really come to know Hollywood, than you would be one of a very short list of people who ever knew what Hollywood went through as a kid.  Sadly, any memories people would get out of me if I didn’t know you would be of emptiness and silence….and if you did know me?  Well, you would have gotten more than just emptiness.  You would have gotten sadness and a story about how, by the age of thirteen, I didn’t really have any family left.  Sadly Christmas would just continue to be the same thing year in and year out.  Except this year…after the year I’ve had and everything I’ve been through, this year was going to be different.  You see, I did a little something something a week ago and I told myself that I was going to get the best Christmas gift I could possibly get this year as I stopped wanting to hang out in the shadows and on the sidelines.  I wasn’t going to feel empty again this year.  NO!  I was going to get myself results and that’s exactly what I set out to do.  I’ve been getting the results I’ve been desiring to in the last month and I got to say, I’ve missed the feeling of what a win like that actually feels like.  However, I would get the result of all results this Christmas…I just wasn’t ready for what was going to follow those results.

= = =




Wow what a year it has been, hasn’t it? 


Also a year in which case I haven’t been able to spell the word LUCK without getting my head knocked clean off.  It just seems like no matter ever corner I’ve turned, someone or something was there waiting to knock me the fuck out.


That’s how I would sum up the course of this year.  A lot of people will tell you this was the worst year I’ve ever had when it comes to wrestling in that ring.  I’ve also done a lot of soul searching as well and I can assure you that’s what the majority of it had come from.  It’s not an excuse, it’s a finding of my consciousness and I got to say, I didn’t think I even had one anymore.  But it’s there.  I just had to dig deep and lose almost everything to find it again…but you know what?  I think I’ll end up turning out to be just fine.  Now I have the chance to end what started off as an absolutely shitty year and have a chance to end it on a good note.  That note?


Championship gold!


HOW gold and I think there’s nothing more GOLDEN than that!


How would you like to have a comeback story like that?  At the beginning of this year, almost EVERYONE had dismissed and put Brian Hollywood in their rear view mirror.  Well guess what motherfuckers?!  Brian Hollywood is fucking BACK baby and he’s only going to get better from here on out!  It started with a win over The Final Alliance and sending John Sektor one more message before ICONIC just like I said I would.  I also stuck it to Jace Parker Davidson and hit an Executive Decree on his ego just like I said I would.  Finally, I said I was going to stop sitting on the sidelines around here and involve myself in any fight that I deem necessary…even if I have to do it alone…and said I was going to handle the Final Alliance…just like I FUCKING SAID I WOULD!  Now, we turn our sights to ICONIC and there is business to be done.  A gauntlet match for the HOTv Championship..even have a chance to win the LSD Championsihp as well after Fuse laid his gameboy down and walked out of the company.  I really don’t know how much or how the LSD Championship will fit into things, but we’ll figure that out when the time comes.  Right now, though, we talk about how I’m going to walk out of Vegas as your NEW HOTv Champion of High Octane Wrestling!


And it will be just like I said it would.


However, I know I’m going to need help in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish.


I may have to run the gauntlet.  There’s no telling when exactly I’ll show up in that ring, or who I may have to tear down on my way to winning back my HOTv Championship.


I know I’m going to have competition…there is no disputing that.  We’ve got a few new faces apart of this match…but a ton of HOW talent as well.  I can’t say I’m surprised to see Steve Solex and Darin Zion in this match.  Got to have The Final Alliance members in the hunt for the LSD and HOTv Championships don’t we?  Let me tell you the short answer to that question…




We don’t need The Final Alliance stinking this match up.  But of course, Daddy GOD of HOW Lee Best, has to make sure The Final Alliance has control of every narrative and HOW Championship title as possible.  I guess Lee, nor any of The Final Alliance didn’t get my message on the last Chaos…but you know what?  That’s just fucking fine and dandy to me!  I have no problem sending another message this weekend if that’s how this is going to go down.


But this time, I’m going to make sure my point gets across real good and this time LOUDER AND CLEARER


Every single member of The Final Alliance has literally had everything handed to them.  However, let’s not fool ourselves here.  If it hasn’t been obvious over the course of HOW’s existence about the cost of failing, then it will be painfully and highlighted so bright, that Lee will pick up the stench of failure into his nostrils…trust me guys…that is a stench you don’t want to be the source of when it comes to the GOD of HOW.


Trust me on that.


A lot of people in HOW today either forget that once upon a time I was in the Alliance and actually led it or is just complacent and ignorant and clearly don’t want to think about or acknowledge that there is no room for failure in any version of The Alliance.


Why do you think I have had so much success against any version of The Alliance?  What?  You think it was actually luck?  There isn’t any such thing as luck that always lasts.  That’s exactly true when it comes to the current era of High Octane Wrestling.  It’s always funny to mention because those circumstances always have a way of being displayed right when they need to.


So take Darin Zion and Steve Solex for example.  Had these two people not been apart of The Final Alliance there’s no way either of them would be in this match.  Ok…fine…perhaps Solex would be.  The guy has had an impressive record in his time in HOW.  But Darin Zion?  DEFINITELY NOT!  He’s only in this match because he’s in the Alliance…that and Lee is desperate and doesn’t care WHO is in this match and apart of the Alliance.  But Darin Zion hasn’t been around much lately and has no claim to be apart of this match.


Darin is going to find out real quick what happens when you bet on the wrong fucking horse!  Jesus…I don’t know whether to be pissed off or prevent myself from laughing.  Lee Best really has gone soft and desperate.  No…the only thing waiting for Zion is a boot to the face and a Decree to remind him of his REAL use in this match.  It’s abundantly clear to me that Zion needs a wake up call on the order of things in HOW and to give him a big wake up call so big that regardless if he’s apart of The Final Alliance, it’s not going to change the fact that at the end of the day he’s still always going to come up short.


As for Steve Solex, I’ve already sent a message clear enough for him to understand that he’s woken a sleeping giant and I will be glad to add to that impressive resumes I’m building for him when it comes to adding more losses to that L column.  I told you my intentions in our tag match with you and Sektor against Jace Parker Davidson and myself.  I got myself the pinfall and also sent you a message that I’m back and off the sidelines.  I have no intention to go back to them, either.  I’m only going to get better as time moves forward now.  Win or lose…I will never just remain on the sidelines again.  You can bet that as an Executive Promise!


The rest of the field in the gauntlet match is going to be interesting.  I know for a fact that I’ve got a tall order standing in front of me.  I mean…a gauntlet match is fucking HUGE and there are several things that can happen and go wrong without a moments notice.  However, everyone else in this match up needs to understand that as well…because you never know what’s about to happen on any given moment in a match like this.


Either way, come time for ICONIC, I’m going to step out from those shadows forever.  Win or lose…the shadows will get vanquished and I have every intention to make sure those shadows no longer hang over me again..


This week at ICONIC, we will see yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, return to his form just in time for the new year…and it will be just the start of a new year with a new perspective for Brian Hollywood.


Las Vegas, Nevada


December 24, 2023


Hollywood was just stepping out of the bathroom in his hotel room as he was preparing for his match this weekend in a gauntlet match where the winner would become the HOTv Championship and the LSD Championship.  The stakes were high and Hollywood hasn’t had as much stakes as high as they are right now.  Hollywood grabs a glass and pours himself a shot of whiskey as he looks out the window of his room.  He has been thinking about his match up this weekend, but he also couldn’t help but to think about Christmas as well.  Just then, Hollywood gets a knock on his door.  Hollywood opens it up and it’s Lukas Montana.


Brian Hollywood: “Oh, hey Lukas…come on in!”


Lukas rushes into the room in a hurry as he is seen with a yellow envelope in his hand.


Lukas Montana: “Sorry to disturb you at this hour.  I know you were going to call it an early night with you having a match this week in HOW.  However, I don’t think this can wait!”


Hollywood becomes curious as he walks back over to the window and takes a swig of his whiskey.


Brian Hollywood: “I’ve got a couple days before ICONIC, Lukas, so you’re good.  I just want to make sure I get some training in before the match.  It’s going to be a big match..and it’s the biggest match in my career in quite some time.  I have a chance to put myself back on the map Lukas and I want to make sure I have the best chances of sticking this landing and putting an opportunity in front of me to reclimb the ladder in High Octane Wrestling!”


Lukas Montana: “Trust me,’re going to want to see this!”


Lukas hands over the yellow envelope to Hollywood as he opens it up and sees a test result on a piece of paper.


Brian Hollywood: “Is this what I think this is?”


Lukas Montana: “Sure is.  It’s the blood results on The Chair that you’ve been waiting for.”


Hollywood reads the paper before all of a sudden his eyes open widely as a look of extreme shock crosses his face.  He drops the piece of paper and just stands in absolute shock and disbelieve as the scene slowly fades to black..