(Adam Ellis) Declaration of War

(Adam Ellis) Declaration of War

Posted on October 20, 2023 at 5:51 pm by Drew Mitchell

(Sunday Night- High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 47)
Agents of EPU are quickly securing the entrance when Adam Ellis appears, and they quickly pounce on him.




The camera steps back.

Lee Best holds up the head of Adam Ellis with a vicious sneer on his face.  Next to him is HOTv Champion John Sektor is at his rightful place with the GOD of HOW.

Lee Best: I am sure you will hear about this on the ol Twat machine when you wake up so let me say this real real slow for you Adam… just in case that brain of yours is a little too scrambled when you come to…

Lee and Sektor lean in as they motion for the camera to zoom in….

Lee Best:  The Man of the Year, Lindsay Troy, and I already came to an agreement that Sektor versus Ellis was going to take place at the show in Miami so we appreciate you showing up here tonight JUST TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED!!!

Lee smacks Ellis hard across the face as the young wrestler’s head just sways back and forth as the EPU agents are barely to hold the man up.

Lee Best: Mi Casa… Su Casa…

With a smirk, Lee motions for the EPU Agents to dispose of Ellis and the two men do just that as they begin dragging the man’s body towards the exit.

Sektor holds the door open for the Agents as they carry Ellis outside and then unceremoniously dump the man on the cold pavement.

Sektor salutes the man before re-entering the arena.

We get a final zoomed-in shot of Adam Ellis unconscious on the parking lot pavement.

A right-hand imprint can be seen on his cheek in a deep color red……a 97RED color.

EPU #1: We’ve finished disposing of the trash-


The shrill sound of a shotgun pierces the air, echoing off the concrete walls of the parking lot as one of the EPU agents suddenly found himself clutching his helmet, spinning around on his head from the force of the shot.

EPU #2: What the fuck!

EPU #3: What the hell was that?

The other agents freeze for a moment, their eyes wide as a trickle of blood drips down from inside the helmet of the EPU agent.

EPU #2: I’ve been shot?

The others try to process what had just happened

EPU #3: Call for help.


Another load of buckshot flies past.


A fourth EPU agent begins to make the call but before he can…


A second gunshot rings out.

Female Voice: Y’all better skedaddle now, ‘fore I start gettin’ real angry!

Ginny Van Lear steps out.  Ginny’s a petite, red-haired firecracker with a fiery temper. Just 21 years old, Ginny was a former MMA prodigy who grew up in McDowell, Kentucky who married Adam Ellis on August 5th, 2022 in Hillsboro, Missouri.

“Real angry.”

Her voice rings out, her Kentucky accent sharp and fierce as she pumps another round into her shotgun. She gazes down at her husband, who still lay battered and bruised on the cold concrete.

Her eyes flash with anger and her blood grows cold as she slowly raises the shotgun.

EPU #4 (frantically talking into his radio): Um… this is EPU Leader.  We have a situation-



Random EPU:  Crazy bitch!

EPU #4: We definitely have a situation-


Abject panic sets in after Ginny fires again and nicks a second agent with a spray of buckshot. The agents scatter like roaches, suddenly realizing they are no longer in control of the situation.


Ginny Van Lear: That’s right.  Run, ya damn cowards!

Meanwhile, Missouri Valley Wrestling minority owner Joe Bergman, MVW Men’s champion ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson, former tag team champions R.G. Jenkins, and Mark Hendry rush over to Adam’s prone form. They quickly but gently lift him up, trying not to cause him any more pain than he was already in.

Joe Bergman: Easy there, partner.  We gotcha.

Adam’s taken towards a waiting van.

Ginny continues chasing the EPU agents through the parking lot, and her shotgun booms as they desperately run for their lives.

The agents, once so smug and confident, now found themselves on the receiving end of Ginny’s wrath.

Ginny Van Lear: Y’all ain’t gettin’ away that easy!


Ginny’s aim is true as she shoots buckshot into the rear ends of the EPU agents… all desperately attempting to get through the arena doors.

Ginny Van Lear: That’s what you get for messin’ with my husband!

Joe, Bill, R.G., and Mark carefully place Adam in the back of the van, and seconds later after Ginny literally dives into the rear of the van, tires screech and the van speeds away from the Amalie Arena, heading towards the Tampa airport. Inside, Ginny tended to Adam’s wounds with a mix of gentle concern and fierce determination. Her fiery red hair was a blur as she moved around him, cleaning cuts and applying bandages.

Ginny Van Lear: Y’all just relax now, Adam.  I’mma take care of ya.

Joe Bergman pulls out his cell phone and dials Ray McAvay to update him on the situation.

Joe Bergman: Ray, Adam’s safe but he’s banged up pretty bad. We’re heading to the airport now. We’ll get him patched up.

R.G. clenches his fists.

R.G. Jenkins: Damn it. If only we’d arrived fifteen minutes earlier, we could’ve prevented this whole mess from happening.

Adam winces through the pain and tries to smile.

Adam Ellis: You guys got here when you could, and that’s what matters.

Bill Dickinson cracks his knuckles.

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson: Still wish we could’ve delivered some payback to Lee and Sektor. Let ’em assholes know they ain’t gonna pull this kind of bullshit without consequences.

A mischievous grin spreads across Ginny’s face as she glances up from tending to Adam’s wounds.

Ginny Van Lear: Oh, don’t y’all worry about that.

Her eyes sparkle with satisfaction.

Ginny Van Lear: I took care of it al’ready.

Bergman’s eyes reflect concern.

Joe Bergman: Uh oh.  Ginny.  What did you do?

Ginny Van Lear: Well…

The scene rewinds, taking us back to a time right after the EPU blocked and refused Ginny entrance to the Amalie Arena by order of Lee Best. After a quick hug, Adam went inside and Ginny heard a commotion the second the door closed.  She knew what was happening to her husband.

Helpless to do anything to stop the attack, Ginny, fueled by anger and a desire for payback, grabs a satchel out of their rental vehicle and makes her way to the talent parking lot. 

There, she searches and locates the car belonging to Lee Best and the one owned by John Sektor – the two prime targets for her own brand of Appalachian justice.

Ginny Van Lear (muttering to herself): “Well, let’s see how y’all like this.”

Ginny works diligently to prepare a timing device on what appears to be two buck bombs.

What is a buck bomb, you may ask?

Buck Bomb: Buck bombs are containers filled with liquid or gel-based scent attractants. They work by emitting a potent scent that travels long distances, signaling to bucks in the area that there is potential for mating or marking territory. The most common scents are doe estrus and dominant buck urine, which are specifically designed to draw bucks toward the source of the smell.


Now, you know.

With expert precision and a wicked grin, Ginny places the buck bombs inside both Lee Best’s and John Sektor’s cars, ensuring maximum damage once they detonate.  She sets the timer for sixty seconds and steps back, admiring her handiwork for a moment before slipping away unnoticed.

Back in the speeding van, Ginny regales the group with the story of her explosive revenge. As she recounts the tale, laughter fills the vehicle – hearty, cathartic laughter that help to ease the tension and pain from the earlier attack.

Joe Bergman: I can’t believe you buck-bombed Lee Best’s car.  And Sektor’s too.

Ginny Van Lear: “Ain’t nobody gonna mess with my man and get away with it.”

R.G. put his arm around Ginny and gave her a playful squeeze.

R.G. Jenkins: Well done.


October 17th– The New Sportatorium in Downtown Dallas
The sun cast its warm rays on the New Sportatorium, sitting proud on the corner of S. Riverfront Blvd. and Cadiz Street in downtown Dallas. A fresh October breeze brushed past the vibrant red brick facade that gave the building a sense of timeless appeal. At first glance, one could see that the rejuvenated Sportatorium was a smaller, more intimate venue compared to the vast arenas that had swallowed up so many wrestling memories. With a seating capacity of just two thousand, every seat promised an unobstructed view of the action, making it the perfect place for fans to immerse themselves in the world of professional wrestling.

Adam Ellis leaned up against the cool exterior wall of the Sportatorium.  The bruising on the side of his face from the attack on him in Tampa remained prevalent.

“Y’know, I’ll admit it.  Lee Best got the better of me.  He tricked me into going down to Miami for what I thought was a contract signing for the John Sektor match at In God’s House.  Instead, I walked right into an ambush.”

Adam looked down at the stone bordering the building and did a little reflecting.

“I think back to my childhood in Warrensburg, Missouri. Growing up in strong Methodist family, my parents instilled in me the concepts of heaven and hell – though not with the same fire and brimstone intensity Ginny experienced with her strict Baptist family.  “Adam, you know life is full of choices,” my father once told me.  “Some are easy, some are hard, but ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which path you want to walk – one that’ll lead you to heaven or one that’ll take you down to hell.”

Adam’s eyes narrowed.

“Throughout my career in professional wrestling, I’ve faced countless choices. From the moment I stepped foot in Missouri Valley Wrestling, to my appearances at High Octane Wrestling, and finally signing with PRIME, I’ve been choosing my path, seeking my own personal heaven in this business. It wasn’t just about winning or losing in the ring; it was about staying true to myself, my beliefs, and my faith.  The choices I made brought me to this moment, to the cusp of achieving my dream.

“Unfortunately, it also put me straight in the crosshairs of someone like Lee Best.  Lee may have thought he could break me with that ambush, but all he did was strengthen my resolve. I’ve come too far and fought too hard to let anyone stand in my way. I’m not just doing this for myself, but for everyone who’s been pushed around and held down by people like him.

Adam’s thoughts again turn inward, reflecting on the journey that had led him to this point. The choices he’d made, both good and bad, had shaped him into the man and wrestler he was today. And though the path ahead was uncertain, he knew one thing for sure: he would continue to forge forward, guided by his convictions and the support of those he loved.

“Lee Best, you tried to drag me down into your hell, but I won’t let you derail my path.  All I wanted was a HOW contract. Nothing more.  I busted my ass day in and day out, and gave everything I had to get noticed and earn a deal.  But no matter how hard I tried, that offer never came.”

His hands clenched into fists at his side, the memory of his struggle still fresh in his mind.

“When Dead or Alive came about last year and Lindsay Troy made me the offer to come to PRIME, I knew it was time to seize control of my destiny, and that started with aligning myself with people who shared my values.

“PRIME Wrestling and Lindsay Troy believed in me.  They saw the potential I had and were willing to invest in me. They didn’t want to use me as a pawn in some twisted power game like Lee Best.  The decision to join PRIME has been a defining moment in my life and career. Choosing PRIME was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It allowed me to stay true to myself and my beliefs, and it gave me the chance to prove that I’m more than just a pawn in someone else’s game.

“Lee Best may think he can manipulate and control everyone around him, but I refuse to be one of his puppets. I won’t let him drag me down into his twisted world of deceit and greed.  It was clear now – the path before me led to where my heart truly belonged, and I was ready to walk it without fear or hesitation.

“I made the right choice – a choice between staying true to myself and selling out my soul to someone like Lee Best. It became clear that working for that megalomaniacal asshole would have been my own personal hell.  He would have treated me like nothing more than cannon fodder for his precious Alliance, just like he planned to do with Joe Bergman.

“Working for a megalomaniacal asshole like Lee Best would’ve been pure hell.  He’s nothing but a lying piece of crap, and I refuse to be a piece of meat to be fed to his all-powerful stable of wrestlers.

“My journey will no longer be dictated by Lee Best and his Final Alliance of traveling carny half-wits he rescued from the Island of Misfit Wrestlers.  Now, it’s time to forge my own path in the world of wrestling – one built on skill, passion, and integrity.

The fire in Adam’s eyes burned brighter than ever as he stared straight into the camera.

“Let me tell you something, I choose to rise above it and fight for what’s right. In the ring at In God’s House, I’ll prove that talent, passion, and integrity can triumph over manipulation and greed. This is my destiny, and I’m ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. I won’t let Lee Best get under my skin or make me feel guilty for wanting to better my career. I won’t be intimidated by his power or his threats.

“You call ME a TRAITOR, Lee?  Hell, I was NEVER yours to begin with.”

With that, Adam raised his fist triumphantly.

“Let’s be clear here.  Adam Ellis did not choose this path.  Lee Best chose this path.  You declared war on Missouri Valley Wrestling and myself… all because I had the audacity to sign a contract with another company instead of feeding off the scraps you threw at me every so often and tried to blame it on Joe Bergman and Ray McAvay.

“You declared war because YOU couldn’t live with the fact that Lindsay Troy OUTSMARTED you and asked for MY signature on a PRIME contract…  that’s right…



Adam shook his head and laughed.

“That’s what pissed you off.  That’s why you’ve been acting out like this for fourteen months now like a child who threw out his pram from his playpen.

“YOU fucked around and didn’t offer ME a deal.

“LINDSAY TROY beat YOU to the punch and now YOUR disposition reeks of the DEER URINE that BLEW up inside YOUR and John Sektor’s cars after Chaos in Tampa.

“Trust me, once I’m done tearing John Sektor apart at In God’s House, that will be the last time you’ll see Adam Ellis inside a HOW arena or HOW show because after October 29th

With renewed conviction, Adam Ellis stared defiantly into the camera.

“…I’ll never set foot in your third-rate, garbage match company ever again.  I’ve chosen MY path, and no one – not even Lee Best – is going to stand in my way… not even the man I once trusted.

“So yeah, let’s talk about John Sektor…  hey, John. How’s your car smelling these days?  Like a skunk took a major dump inside of it? I get that this falls under a situation that absolutely required a really brave and bold gesture be done on my part but that had to be SOMETHING to come back to, right?

Adam raised his fist toward the camera and defiantly at John Sektor.

“You know, John, I used to look up to you.  The worst thing is I can’t help but look back to the early days when you had taken me under your wing and helped me learn the ropes. Those were the most difficult, yet rewarding times.  Remember when we won the tag team titles? That was some of the most thrilling I’ve ever felt in this business.

“But then we lost the belts, and you decided to retire. I tried to persuade you otherwise, but you wouldn’t listen. I thought for sure that was the end of our partnership and had no choice but to go back to MVW because there was nothing left for me at HOW.

“Then a few weeks later, I remember something like fate opened back up again.  I found this quote recently in an old book.”

Then I got an unexpected phone call Sunday night from HOW at the hotel room in Normal, Illinois where I was staying for Monday’s MVW show.  They wanted to book John and me a tag team again to take on HOW World Champion Conor Fuse and Darin Zion at Refueled 98- back at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia where my HOW career began in January.  Of course, I accepted.  Even though I’d been one-half of the tag team champions, I was still not officially signed to a HOW deal.  I was anxious to show the powers that be once again that I deserved a full-time contract.

“And then, the night I won the MVW Title, I saw you backstage. When I asked about the possibility of a HOW contract again, you pestered me to practice patience and wait until after the match against Fuse and Zion. Well, we all know how that turned out.

“Patience and wait? That was your advice and I followed it to my own detriment!

“Then the night of the match came and it was a complete disaster. I didn’t know if you were going to show up, for starters

(REFUELED XCVIII- May 15th, 2022: Backstage before Sektor and Ellis match)
We cut backstage where the hardest working woman in the business, Blaire Moise, has Adam Ellis with her.

Ellis has a black eye and sports some bandages on his face.

Blaire Moise: Adam Ellis.  Are you okay to wrestle tonight?

Adam Ellis: Of course I am.

Blaire Moise: Thanks Adam and good luck.

Adam Ellis: Thank you Blaire.

Blaire moves on to her next interview leaving Adam standing there looking at his phone.

Adam Ellis: Dammit John, where are you?

Ellis glances back down at his phone.  He shakes his head.

Adam Ellis: Come on John!

With that we cut to another commercial break…

“That’s right, you didn’t show up until the very last moment.  We weren’t ready for the match. We’d done zero training together before the match and the whole affair was half-assed… which explains why you totally half-assed throughout the match.”

(REFUELED XCVIII- May 15th, 2022: Sektor and Ellis vs. Conor Fuse and Darin Zion)
Zion attacks Ellis but can’t stop him from making a hot tag to Sektor. Sektor hits Zion with right hands and overhead belly to belly suplex. He then gives Zion a boot to the midsection and underhooks both of his arms. Zion counters with a back body drop and grabs the Gold Standard.

Joe Hoffman: Ratings Spike!

Zion gets back up to his feet but on the ring apron Conor reaches over the top rope and begs Zion to tag him in. Zion happily obliges his best friend and tags Fuse into the match. Zion races to the other side of the ring and hits a clubbing blow to the head of Adam Ellis knocking him off of the apron and down to the arena floor. Zion exits the ring after Ellis as Conor leaps to the top rope in one fluid motion.

Joe Hoffman: If Conor hits this it could be all over!

Conor leaps off the top rope and connects with the Super Splash 450 down onto Sektor. Conor hooks the leg and makes the cover as Hortega slides in for the count.





Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion and Conor Fuse just defeated the former HOW World Tag Team Champions!

“You promised you’d be there every step of the way, John. You swore to me that you would be committed. But then I realize how little you actually cared about winning and my dreams of a HOW contract were crushed like glass.”

An uncontrollable rage rose from within Adam as he spoke.

“At first I wanted to scream and shout at you for being so selfish. But then I remembered all the lessons you taught me, all the wisdom you shared with me in the ring. The bond we had as partners. But no matter what, I knew this was on you. No matter how much work I put it, my chances of getting that contract were ruined because of your lack of commitment.”

Adam took a deep breath and turned away.

“I refused to succumb to anger and hatred. Instead, I was determined to keep pushing forward and chasing my dreams. You, however, will remain an empty shell of what you once used to be. I admired you John. I looked up to you and worked tirelessly to become a championship wrestler, just like yourself. I worked and worked and worked for that moment.

“But when I really needed you in my corner… someone who would speak up to Lee Best about signing me to a HOW contract… where were you, John?

“The same place you probably were the night we lost to Conor Fuse and Darin Zion and you mailed in your performance.

“Or maybe you were banging Tori McGill again.   Which is fine… I guess… because I definitely made out in that deal when I ended up marrying Ginny Van Lear.

“Sunday, you showed me where you side now, John.  It’s sad but true.  Sorry John, you chose poorly.  Lee called down the thunder and you’re damn right I’m going to bring it to Miami October 29th.  Oh… and you can bet your ass I’m not coming alone.

“That’s right, do you think for a moment I’m going to make the same mistake twice?  Hell no.  I’ll have backup inside the building.  Take a good look at what happened to Lee’s EPU agents after the camera turned off Sunday.  And have you and Lee fumigated your car yet after Ginny dropped a load of deer piss all over it?  That’ll be nothing if Lee tries to use his EPU to try and end my career.

“And as for your friends- The Final Alliance…  to quote Kurt Russell in Tombstone… “The Cowboys are finished, you understand? I see a red sash, I kill the man wearin’ it!  So run, you cur… RUN! Tell all the other curs the law’s comin’!  You tell ’em I’M coming… and hell’s coming with me, you hear?…  Hell’s coming with me!

“I didn’t want this. But after you nodded and winked Sunday night when Lee Best sent his curs at me… know this…  I’m coming and I’m bringing hell with me, John.  Count on it.

“Consider this my declaration of war.”