Absent Desire

Absent Desire

Posted on March 5, 2020 at 11:26 pm by Black Mamba

“There’s seriously something wrong here?”

The words seem to trail off as James reads the local newspaper, not at all aware that he should be concerned for the press conference he asked for was rapidly approaching. He lowered the newspaper to take in his surroundings. Clearly, they haven’t moved an inch on the road since he left O’Hare. He smirked as he took note of his assistant’s disdain showing across from him as she looked out the window. She was the one that schedule the interview session and clearly James was not going to make it. She glanced at him without fully turning her attention, it was brief, but subtle enough for him to catch the disapproval of him smiling. He knew she would be upset that they missed it, angry that he wanted to miss it.

The limo lurched forward two inches before rolling forward another six inches, then coming to a stop. The night time rush hour had begun in earnest, yet no one could figure out how to navigate without starting a collision with someone else. He groan mockingly, staring at the pocket watch next to his hand. He picked it up and unsealed it, listening to the soft ticking of the gears within. He looked back at his assistant, again assuming the know-it-all complete with shit-eating grin on his face.

“Is there…anything you can do to…fix the situation?”

The words played out like a hopeless investor looking for a solution that will solve everything. He tried his best to suppress the joy as his lone eye twinkled in anticipation. He knew his upcoming tag match with Scott Stevens would allow for yet more dominance to be at play, but he knew there was a lack of understanding facing a new tag team that was just debuting. He started counting ten real slow in hopes that maybe she would surprise him.

Instead she sighed, looked at him slightly amused and looked away. There wasn’t anything to suggest she would give him the time of day. He already knew what was needed to do. He had committed a miscommunication with Scott before, but a simple, slow method to tackling another tag team required patience. In time the method would be feasible and within reach. But first, he would need to get out of the traffic jam.