A ‘Trip’

A ‘Trip’

Posted on March 10, 2021 at 12:32 pm by John Sektor

Refueled LV: During the Show…


After their meeting with the Bruvs, during the ‘Starrgazing’ segment, Sektor gingerly made his way backstage feeling extremely woozie, to say the least. The exploding parcel had covered him with the same powder that the other three men had been subjected to and he was becoming more and more light headed. Feeling his centre of balance wobble, he leans against the wall of the corridor on one arm, planting his face in the crook of his elbow to take a minute. 

“Hey, you okay man?” comes a familiar voice from over his shoulder. 

His eyes droop heavily as he turns in slow motion to greet fellow Best Alliance mate, Steve Solex. The veteran has a forced look of concern about him as he places a veiny hand on his stablemates back. 

“Not really, compadre,” Sektor sighs, pinching his eyes with his fingers and puffing out his cheeks. “Jesus, your face is colorful!” he gasps, registering the fushia-like color on Solex’s pigmentation. 

“The fuck was in that box?” asks Solex, cracking half a smile. 

“That’s what I’d like to know. That fucking guy, man! He’s always pulling stupid shit like this. I swear he’ll be the death of me,” the Gold Standard groans, taking a deep breath of oxygen to try and clear his head. 

“Where is Jatt anyway?”

Sektor shrugs. “Fucked if I know. Last I saw he was high-tailing it away from giant ‘rats’ or some shit. Mother-fucker’s probably building some kind of giant mousetrap and sweating his tits off.”

Solex chuckles, enjoying that image having never really seen eye to eye with the Sultan of Seajattle. 

“Hey listen, you heard the news?” Solex asks, folding his toned arms. 


“We’re adding two new members to the BA tonight. Heads are gonna fuckin’ roll.”

Sektor holds up an index finger as if to pause Solex. 

“Put a pin in that, would ya? I’m trippin hard, man. I need to go lie down for a minute,” he says, stumbling his way back up the corridor. 

“Yeah no worries, man, take it easy? Want me to bring you anything? Gatorade or some shit?”

Sektor just bats a hand over his shoulder to wave off Solex’s offer of help. Pushing his way through the BA locker room, he slumps down onto an unfolded steel chair and buries his face in his hands, feeling the room begin to spin. 

Eugh, what have you done to me, Jatt? You know I hate hallucinogens!”

“Yeah my bad, amigo.”

Sektor’s head suddenly snaps up from his hands, stunned into silence as Jatt Starr, dressed in a white suit with tan loafers, stands before him. The ‘Wrestling Machine’s’ face is a picture of confusion as his jaw almost tickles the floor by his feet. 

Jatt?” he asks, not trusting his eyes. 

“The one and only, soul-brotha,” Jatt replies, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

“How the? What the? The fucks going on man?”

Jatt cocks his head to the side like a puppy who doesn’t know what his owner is saying. “Hmm? What do you mean? We’re all good!”

Sektor opens his mouth to talk but instead just sighs, shaking his head. 

“I got a surpriiiize for youuuu,” Jatt taunts, waving a small box with a pretty pink ribbon on it under his nose. 

Sektor regards the box for several seconds, before giving his partner the same apathetic expression. 

“I think I’ve had enough of your ‘presents’ for one night, hermano,” he scoffs’, raking a trembling hand through his salt and pepper hair. 

“Just open it,” his partner instructs, somewhat insistently as he shoves the box into his centre of mass. 

Sektor scowls as he snatches the box and rips off the ribbon. Throwing the lid across the locker room he looks inside at what looks like a small remote control with a single button on it. He glances up to Jatt, waiting for an explanation. 

“So, you know how we always said we should go travelling together?” Jatt asks, clasping his hands together like an excited girl scout. 

“Literally never said that, but go on..”

Jatt doesn’t say another word, but merely gestures at the remote as though it’s painfully obvious. Sektor’s face is a picture of disgust as he lifts the remote out of the box and holds it up in front of his face. 

“I don’t get it. What, does this turn on the travel channel or somethin’?” Sektor jokes, his top lip in full curl now as grows tired of Jatt’s nonsense. 

“Press it.”

He stares at Jatt with a bemused expression before finally humouring him and pointing the remote across the room, pressing the button. A loud and sudden droning sound fills the room as a circular black hole appears in front of him, causing him to fall backwards off his chair. 

“Holy-FUCK!” he gasps, staring at the black hole and breathing heavily with wide and dilated pupils. 

He just stares at it for a moment in complete disbelief. Its color is a purply-black as it swirls hypnotically, unable to see through to what lies on the other side. A low humming sound accompanies the gentle swirl. 

“Come on, let’s go,” Jatt chirps excitedly. 

Sektor glares at him with wide and terrified eyes. “You fucking crazy? I aint going in there!”

“What? You’ll love it. I hear the other dimensions are lovely this time of year.”

“Jatt, what the fuck is that thing and what is going on right now? Like, I’m not ashamed to admit it but I’m genuinely scared right now,” he declared with a genuine tremble in his voice. 

“Oh there’s really nothing to worry about, good buddy,” he says reassuringly, putting his left hand through the black hole. “See?”

Sektor stares at Jatt’s arm which has disappeared from the wrist onwards. He slowly gets to his feet and nervously approaches the portal, swallowing hard as he brings his hand up. Slowly, with a trembling hand, he reaches in and touches the hole, quickly retracting it as he feels a slight vibration. 

“No, no way! Not doing it,” he yells, pacing around on the spot. 

Jatt smiles softly and places his hands on both his shoulders, leaning into his ear to utter some more reassuring words. 

“Seriously, John, there’s really nothing to be afraid of. I’ve done this a thousand times..”

“Really/” he asks, raising an eyebrow. 

“Sure. Tell you what, just look at it for a second, I promise it will calm you down,” he explains, positioning the Gold Standard in front of the portal. 

Sektor let’s out another sigh and stares at it for a while, feeling his shoulders relax and muscles soften. “You know, this is kinda relax..”

“IN YA GO!” Jatt yells, shoving him into the portal. 

Hellish screams bellow from the Gold Standard as his eyes are blinded by the full spectrum of colours, busting in front of him like fireworks. His body is completely weightless as he tumbles through a tube of color, like looking through the lens of a kaleidoscope. 

Breathing heavily, he shuts his eyes until finally feeling something firm beneath his feet. He keeps his eyes closed for a moment, before the muffled sound of many out of control children peak his curiosity. As he opens them, he finds himself standing in a trailer park, in front of a grimy, cramped looking trailer with green grime running up the walls and rust forming at every joint. He turns his head slowly to the left as he senses Jatt sauntering up beside him. 

“Where are we?” he asks, sounding genuinely scared at this point. 

“This is your home,” Jatt explains in a matter of fact manner, gesturing at the ugly trailer in front of them. 

My home? Homie, you gotta be mistaken. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a white-trash piece of shit like this.”

“Before, I explain, perhaps you should step inside,” Suggest’s the Jattinum Standard. 

Sektor doesn’t look confident about this suggestion, but then notices that his waistline has doubled as a huge beer belly sticks out in front of him. Not only that, but he’s dressed in sweatpants with a stained wife beater vest, completing the white-trash cliche. 

“The hells happened to my body?” he asks in a high pitched and shocked tone. 

“This is a parallel universe, John. About seven years from the day you just left and this is how you look in this one. Come on, go in!”

Sektor shakes his head and makes his way up the creaky, rusted, steps of the static home, pressing his ear to the door. There’s a lot of commotion coming from within, mainly children screaming and running around. 

“Will you guys just FUCK OFF and go play outside or something?” bellows a husky female voice. 

The Gold Standard swallows hard as he pushes open the door, stepping inside to see half a dozen children of both genders running around and fighting. Towards the back of the trailer is a pregnant woman, stood in a dressing gown with unshaved legs. Her hair is tatted and she holds an oxygen mask to her face which is connected to a small oxygen tank on a wheeler. She takes a huff of the air before moving the mask away to take a drag from a cigarette. 

“Kirsta?” Sektor gasps, squinting his eyes at the woman who turns to greet him. 

“Finally! Where the fuck you been?” she groans in her husky voice that sounds like she smokes a hundred a day. 

Sektor just stands gawking at the scruffy, pregnant, Kirsta Lewis, standing in the trailer smoking a cigarette next to a tank of flammable oxygen, in a home with many children in it. 

“Hey Dad!” one of the kids calls, a boy who is about even or eight and taking a second from his knife sharpening to acknowledge his father. 

Sektor doesn’t answer, he merely turns to Jatt who has joined him in the trailer. 

“The fuck’s he doing here? And why are you just staring at me? Oh, I swear to fucking God if you’ve spent my disability on smack again I’ll fucking kill you where you stand you useless sack of shit!”

“Uhhhm, could you just, give me a moment,” Sektor asks, slowly backing up out of the trailer. 

“Make yourself useful and go to the store for more smokes!” she bellows after him. 

Sektor, almost having a panic attack at this point, begins pacing around on the dying grass outside of the trailer. 

“I’m freaking out here man, what the fuck’s going on?”

“Calm down. I’ll explain,” Jatt says, gesturing for him to take a seat on a ripped and heavily stained lawn chair. “See, in this universe, we lost the Tag team titles at March to Glory. You, incidentally, had a nervous breakdown and quit wrestling. You ran into Kirsta at an AA meeting and the two of you ended up, you know?”

“What? Fucking?” 

“Oh, better than that. You got married and had twelve children. Five girls and seven boys..”

Sektor just stares at his partner with a mixture of disbelief and disgust.

“How is that better?”

“Look, this is just one of many possibilities dude.”

“What happened to you?”

“Oh, I did quite well. I had a good run with the LSD championship until finally losing it to Gilda when she made her return. After the match we were able to patch up our differences and I stepped down to become her manager again. She’s now World champion.”

Sektor rolls his eyes as he leads his head back against the lawn chair, quickly lifting it back up again and swatting it as he feels something scuttle underneath him. 

“Good for her,” he groans. 

“Hey, in this universe you and Chloe are on good terms. She lives here too,” Jatt explains, smiling as he offers him something positive. 

Sektor’s eyes light up as he hears this news, glistening slightly as the emotion begins to thaw his icy heart. 


“Yeah,” replies Jatt, pointing at something in the distance. “See the pregnant teenager by that beige Volkswagen over there?”

Sektor narrows his eyes. “No?”

“Right there! She’s on her knee’s about to blow that guy with half his head shaved.”

With that he slams his hands on the arms of the lawn chair and launches himself onto his feet. 

Hijo de Puta,” he growls, running full pelt in their direction.

Before he can get there the same explosion of sound penetrates his ears as another portal opens in his path. He tries to slow down but ends up tripping up and falling straight into it. More screams bellow as the myriad of colors blind his eyes once again before everything goes white. 

As his eyes clear he finds himself in a small convention hall with several booths spread out around the room. He too is sitting behind a desk with Jatt next to him. He takes a moment to take in his surroundings, seeing various lines of people behind each desk waiting to see the people on the other side. What’s most strange is that everyone seems to be wearing surgical masks and are all perfectly about two meters apart from one another. He glances down at himself to see a frail figure of bone. His hands are bony and all the muscle has wasted away. He brings his hands up to face to inspect how gaunt he is but realises that he too is wearing a surgical mask, which he quickly pulls off. 

“What the hell is this shit?”

“You might want to put that on,” Jatt warns, wearing a custom made mask with the Starrsek Industries logo on it. 

Sektor notices that his own mask matches and that the table in front of them has various pieces of merchandise spread out on it. Behind them are boxes and boxes of unsold merch. 

“Why, man? What’s with the fucking masks? And where are we this time?”

“So,” Jatt begins to explain, turning slightly in his seat to view Sektor properly. “In this universe, we, again, lost the Tag Titles to the Bruvs.”

“I’m already sensing some kind of pattern here,” Sektor groans, with complete bemusement. 

“Yeah but their title reign was short lived. As was everyones as it seems. See, a global pandemic hit two weeks later and the whole world descended into chaos. To protect people from this virus, everyone had to stay at home which meant that no one could come to the shows. Because Lee relied so heavily on ticket sales for his profits, HOW was forced to close so you and I are left trying to scrape together a living by doing after dinner talks and trying to sell this merch.”

A wave of nausea washes over the Gold Standard. He can’t tell if it’s the thought of this sad and pathetic life that they live in this universe or whether he is genuinely unwell. A hot flush suddenly comes over him as beads of sweat begin to form on his pasty brow. 

“Yo, I don’t feel so hot, hermano. You think I got this virus?” he asks, genuinely worried.

“No, that’s probably the hepatitis,” his partner responds, yet again in an annoyingly positive matter of fact manner. 

“The what?” 

“Yeah, you and I have to share pretty much everything these days. Including needles..”

Sektor, again, gawks at Jatt in disbelief as his partner pleasantly looks around the dismal convention room. 

“We never did find out which of us had it first,” he continues. 

Sektor puffs out his cheeks, trying to reassure himself that this is only one of many possibilities and that he can leave this place with a click of a button. Patting his outfit, he soon realises that he no longer has hold of it and begins to panic. 

“Hey, have you got the thingy?” he asks, pleading with his eyes that Jatt has it. 

A sigh of relief is the next gasp of air to escape his gaunt and pale mouth as Jatt holds up the remote and wiggles it in his hands. Looking around, he begins to frown as he notices that every booth has a line except for there’s. 

“Why is no one coming to our table?”

“Meh, we weren’t too popular when it all ended. The Bruvs were the last ever Tag champions and got snatched up by a super Wrestling company that took hold of an opportunity that this pandemic presented them with.Ergo, the Bruvs are the biggest Tag team in the World, and we’re a couple of washed up has-beens. Look, that’s them over there,” he says, pointing at Mikey and Kendrix across the room, who’s line to see them is three times the size of any other. 

“Why the fuck are these douchebags so popular? More to the point, why do I care so much?” Sektor asks, never usually feeling any sentiment in regards to popularity.

“Because you do. Maybe not just in this universe, but maybe deep down being popular and adored is important to you. It’s a baser instinct to feed the ID.”

Sektor’s heart sinks as he watches the Bruvs being swooned over by fans and he strains to listen as he notices Kendrix standing up to meet a fan. 

Course Bruv. Woah, two meters though! Virus innit?”

“Jatt, get us out of here, I’ve seen enough.”

With that, Jatt presses the button and the portal reopens. For the first time Sektor can’t jump into it quick enough, already closing his eyes to avoid the blinding colors, which he ends up seeing anyway. 

Slowing peeking with one eye, he begins to assess his surroundings, an air of apprehension as nothing positive has happened in any other universe thus far. With both eyes open, his old friend ‘confusion’ rejoins him as he finds himself in what looks like a prison visitation room. Glancing around he gazes at various people sat across tables from one another. It seems like the inmates are wearing white pyjamas whilst the people obviously visiting them are in casual, civilian, clothes. On closer inspection, as he looks at the inmates in more detail he begins to draw the conclusion that this isn’t a prison at all. Instead, it’s a hospital. The patients look dishevelled, nervous, one of them rocking back and forth whilst another repeatedly gets up to adjust his chair, repeating the process over and over. Looking over towards a window, he spots the back of a blonde/greying head, staring out of the window. 

Walking over he stands next to the man, glancing down at him nervously as he notices that it’s Jatt and that he is staring out of the window whilst rubbing his hands together aggressively. 


“It’s on my hands, John,” Jatt replies, in an emotionless monotone voice. 

“What is?” Sektor asks, looking closer to see if there’s anything on Jatt’s hands, but there’s nothing, save for the reddened skin from where he’s rubbed them raw. 

“It’s all my fault.”

Sektor shows no empathy whatsoever as he instead rolls his eyes impatiently. 

“Jatt I’ve no time for this shit can we just speed this up?”

“We lost, John.”

Sektor sighs. “To the Bruvs, right?”

Jatt’s face suddenly screws up as he begins sobbing hopelessly. 

“We were so popular! We let them all down. All those people!”

Sektor screws up his eyes as though the confusion is beginning to give him a migraine. 

“Jatt, I highly doubt either one of us is so popular that anyone would give a shit about us losing?” he explains, attempting to reassure his, apparently, disturbed partner.

“What are you talking about? Wrestling is the biggest sport in the World man. You and I were like freaking rock stars! Everybody worshipped the ground we walked on. Some literally gambled everything they had on us winning because we promised that we would. But we didn’t. We failed.”

“Holy shit!”

“Mikey got stabbed in the chest!”

Sektor smiles and shrugs. 

“So? How’s that a bad thing?”

“He survived..”

Sektor merely nods as he understands. 

“So you’re telling me that in this universe we’re Wrestling is the be all or end all and we’re the most adored stars on the planet?”

“We were, amigo. Past tense.”

Sektor contemplates this for a moment. It hadn’t occurred to him that he would ever care so much about being adored and worshipped like a God. Yet, the notion of it was so appealing to him. 

“So what happened to me?”

“You were fine. You won the lottery and married a twenty one year old glamour model.”

Sektor can’t help but smirk. Out of the universes he’d been to thus far this was the only one that feasibly held up as a world he could tolerate. Looking down at his partner he suddenly felt an overwhelming surge of guilt. It dawns on him how much he cares about his partner and seeing him fall from grace is not something he ever wants to see happen. 

“Look, hermano. This world sucks for you. Do you have the remote so we can get out of here?”

With red and wet eyes, the King of grapple from the Big Apple smiles up at Sektor. 

“Of course,” he replies, standing up and taking a look around the room as though making sure no one is looking. 

Sektor’s head cocks to the side and he raises a single eyebrow as he watches Jatt reach into the back of his pants. 

“Uhm, what are you doing?”

“Shh, It’s up here somewhere.”

Sektor watches on with horror as Jatt begins burrowing up his own ass, straining and trying to mute his grunts of discomfort. Eventually he pulls out the remote which causes Sektor to recoil in disgust. 

“You wanna do the honours?” Jatt asks, waving the remote in front of his face.

Sektor, holding his nose with one hand bats Jatts hand away with the other. “You can get fucked if you think I’m ever touching that.”

Jatt looks at the remote as though wondering what all the fuss is about before eventually clicking the button and opening the black hole. Closing his eyes, Sektor steps through it. 

“Hey girlfriend,” comes the sound of Jatt’s chirpy voice. 

Sektor opens his eyes to see his partner standing opposite him. They’re in some kind of apartment which is small in size but neatly decorated. 

“Don’t call me that, you weirdo. Hey what’s up with my voice? And why do I smell like ‘Coco Channel?” he asks, sniffing himself. “Holy FUCK I have TITS!”

His screams are genuine as he looks down to see a pair of large and firm tits pointing out of his chest underneath a tight pink tank top. As he looks down further he notices that he’s wearing a tight leather skirt just below the groin area with knee high boots. 

“I don’t think I need to explain what’s going on in this Universe do I?”

“No-no-no-no-NO!” he retorts in a panicked voice, marching over to a mirror to look at himself properly. 

There in the mirror, he sees himself as a complete woman. He’s not in drag, but this time he’s had a sex change and actually resembling a half-decent looking chick. He’s a solid seven for sure. As he clasps his hands on his face in disbelief, his eyes suddenly fill with a new injection of dread as they slowly pan down to his crotch. 

“Please, God, no,” he begs, slowly reaching a hand down. 

His hand reaching up under the skirt as he closes his eyes, inspecting the area. It doesn’t take much of an inspection for him to realise that he’s been completely castrated. 

“Yup. You had the whole SHABANG, mi amigo,” Jatt explains, somewhat proudly. 

“I’d bet my new vagina on the fact that this has something to do with us losing to the Bruvs at March to Glory?”

Jatt shoots him with his finger like an imaginary pistol. 

“Got it in one! See, in this universe you’ve always felt like you’ve been a prisoner in your own body. Deep down you knew that you should have been born a woman. When we lost to the Bruvs it was an epiphany moment for you and you went and had a sex change.”

“Fuck me! I dread to think what Lee and the others said about this,” he groans, still touching his vagina. 

“Oh, well actually Lee is still blind in this Universe. So we just told him that Sektor died of a heroin overdose. He gave you a job as a backstage reporter after you blew him in his office.”

Sektor’s cheeks suddenly fill up as the dregs of his stomach fill his mouth. Unpleasantly, he swallows it back down and shudders. 

“We don’t need to be here any longer than is necessary. Come on, let’s get out of here,” Jatt suggests, as though he’s doing Sektor a favour. 

“Well, hold up,” Sektor suddenly says, looking up to the ceiling as though a great idea just popped into his head. 

“What is it?”

“I mean, there’s no need to rush, right? I might as well get some fun out of this?” he asks, smiling as he begin to play with his new genitals. 

Jatt’s face is a picture of disgust. “You’re gross.”

“Oh really? I’m sure the LGBTQRSTUV community wouldn’t be too impressed with that comment,” he states, involuntarily giving Jatt a sassy wiggle of the neck. 

Jatt doesn’t respond, he just looks at him with a bemused expression before clicking the remote and opening up the black hole. Sektor eventually sighs.

Fine, but I would bet my life on the fact that we could travel to a billion different variations of our universe and nothing ever good comes from the Bruvs beating us for the tag titles,” he whines, before reluctantly entering the black hole. . 

As he enters the next universe, the first thing he notices is an overwhelming sense of calm and peace. He’s not sure why but for some reason the vibe he has in this universe is complete contentment. Yet again, taking in the surroundings, he finds himself blown away by the lavish and luxurious home he seems to have spawned into. Solid oak flooring on a wide open living room which opens out onto a balcony overlooking green hills and the sunny skyline. He’s high up, on a hill and he quickly begins to hope that this is his abode in this universe because it screams of money. 

Suddenly he’s startled by something brushing past his leg. As he looks down he’s surprised, but not surprised to see a fluffy white cockapoo. The little dog looks up at him affectionately with his little tongue poking out of his mouth like he’s smiling. 

“There you are,” calls Jatts, slight camp, voice as he minces over to Sektor, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. 

Sektor quickly pushes him away and scowls at him like he’s about to punch him in the mouth. 

“What the fuck you doing, main? Knock that shit off,” he warns, glancing him up and down. 

As he looks at Jatt he can’t help but notice how pristine he is. His skin looks like caramel milk with a sunbed tan and no signs of age or wrinkles. Most shockingly is what he is wearing underneath his nose.

“Is that a fucking moustache?” he gasps, making reference to the blonde pencil moustache that Jatt has seemingly adopted. “And why do I find it weirdly attractive on you?” 

“Because you love it,” Jatt playfully replies, slapping him gently on the shoulder with a limp wrist.

A horrible notion enters Sektor’s head as he begins to read what Jatt is wearing, eventually noticing a piercing on his left ear with the initials “JS” written in gold. Slowly, and tentatively, he raises his hand to his own ear. His fears are quickly realised as he feels a piercing in his own ear. His expression quickly sags.

“No,” he pleads. “Please tell me it’s not..” He chokes on his words as he spots a picture on a, brazilian oak table. The picture is of Jatt and Sektor in matching tuxedo’s, cutting a wedding cake and holding each other’s hands. 

Jatt, strangely, just smiles at him calmly and begins rubbing his shoulder. What’s stranger still is that Sektor doesn’t stop him. 

“Please explain to me how, in the name of RU-PAUL, did losing to the Bruv’s turn us gay?” he asks, shaking his head in disbelief. 

Jatt chuckles to himself. “You just referenced Ru-Ru.”

“Well, YAH, he’s like a God to me-OH MY GOD!” he yells, pacing around the room a bit rubbing his hair. “How, Jatt?”

“Well, the funny thing is, J-Bear, we didn’t lose.”


“Yeah, we won. Not only won but went on a two year unbeaten streak and dominated the tag team division. We were so over that we were inducted into the Hall of Fame as a tag team, making us the only two-time Hall of Famers in HOW history.”

“Wow. I mean, that’s pretty badass,” he admits. “So how did we end up, yano?” 

“Well we spent a lot of time together and grew close. All that success forged a strong bond between us and before we both knew it we were in love.” 

Sektor puffs out his cheeks and moves over towards the balcony, feeling his head going woozy again as he tries to admire the view. 

“This is just too much,” he sighs. 

“But look how nice a life we have,” reassures Jatt, joining him from behind and massaging his shoulders as he gently breaths on his neck. 

“How did we afford all this? No way did our wrestling salaries pay for all this?”

“Hah, no. Babes, being the first, openly gay, tag team couple ended up being the best business decision we ever made.”

Sektor turns around at this point, genuinely intrigued by this notion. 


“Uh, YAH! Like, all the big sponsors just started throwing money at us just to be affiliated with our names. The LGBT biz is trending HOT!”

Sektor, again overwhelmed, buries his face in his hands.

“This is, just..”

“Hey go check out the rest of the place. We got a rooftop terrace with heated pool. A cocktail lounge. A home theatre. OOH, I know, why don’t we,” he begins, walking his fingers up from Sektor’s stomach to his chest. “You know? Go have a little fun in the play room?”

The Gold Standard recoils, violently. A huge wave of nausea washes over him as his face turns a waxy, pale, green. 

“You okay, baby?”

“I’m gonna be sick,” he grunts, trying to hold it in. “I gotta get outta here.”

He begins fumbling for the remote and squeezes the button with all the strength he has, diving head first through the portal. As the frenzy of colors explode around him he feels his gut cramping and churning. He can’t hold it any longer as green bile starts projecting from his mouth like a scene from the Exorcist. 

His head spins with the sensation of the worst hangover of his life. Looking around, he finds himself curled up under a bench. A train comes whizzing by, blowing a slight breeze over him as he takes a disoriented look at the world. 

“Here you go, pal, get yourself a cup of coffee,” a kind samaritan says, pushing a five dollar bill into his hand. 

The clarity begins to set in as he realises that everything he’s just experienced was nothing more than a hallucination from whatever was in that present Jatt had made from the Bruvs. Somewhere along the line he’d lost complete grip on reality. 

“We gotta beat the Bruvs, man,” he sighs, drawing that one conclusion from everything he just experienced. “And hopefully not turn gay…”