A Tower with an Eye in the Sky

A Tower with an Eye in the Sky

Posted on June 7, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

Jesus War Games was a dumper fire of a fail, wasn’t it?  The event itself was glorious…just nothing yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood did was glorious.  It was a fucking disaster.  War Games was supposed to be my triumphant return to relevancy in HOW.  That’s not to say I’m not relevant, per say, but the majority of this roster will not even hesitate in telling anyone that all I am is irrelevant.  A washed up has been no longer capable of winning the big one anymore.  You know what?  Perhaps that may have been true…but I will be the first one to own up to my own failures and the first step is accepting that.  I can’t live off my failures but I sure as fuck can learn from them and try to better myself moving forward.  I also have a lot going on in my personal life as well and that’s something I have to get a handle on if I want to move forward in HOW and that will happen in due time.  I already have a plan in motion to put my biggest issues to bed and ultimately solve my greatest mysteries.  Everything has a start point.  Well…there’s also an end point, too, and I have a feeling that that point is rapidly approaching.  One way or another…I’m ready to close these last two chapters that have diluted most of my life and career and finally put them in my rear view mirror.  So that’s why I’m going on the offensive because it’s time for this to come to an end…one way or another…




Los Angeles, California


Hollywood’s Private Air Strip


The scene opens up just outside of Los Angeles at Hollywood’s private airstrip as Hollywood’s private jet lands.  Already waiting for him is Buck Wringley, who is alone and without any of his police officers under his command, despite the fact that Hollywood was still on the “Most Wanted” list on the LAPD and CIA lists.  The jet doors open up and emerging from it is Brian Hollywood, Lukas Montana and Hollywood’s most loyal and trusted secretary, Julia Winfield.  The three of them look determined as they exit the jet.  Buck makes eye contact with Hollywood as he nods his head slowly.


Buck Wringley: “Bri…despite everythin else we may have been through…I commend ya on how ya have handled all of this.  And yes…I’m aware ya’ve been doin all this while trying to maintain yer HOW career and try to revitalize it.  That takes true courage and true heart.  No matter who gets in yer way, no matter what ya’ve gone through in yet personal life…it’s evident how much wrestlin has meant to ya…and I apologize that it’s taken me this long to really understand that.”


And just like that, Hollywood was floored by Buck’s words.  He had a hard time understanding what Buck’s words meant because Buck never originally knew about Hollywood’s wrestling career until everything came out after Hollywood was put under a microscope.  Even still, Buck was making it up to Hollywood and Hollywood had found it in his heart to forgive Buck.


Brian Hollywood: “Thank you Buck, that means a lot.”


Buck Wringley: “And I know how much wrestlin means to ya, Bri.  It only took me this long to figure that out…and seeing as how ya have a match against Charles De Lacy here in a short few days, yer here in Los Angeles trying ta finally resolve all of yer personal things in yer life rather than already being in Chicago, Illinois preparin fer yer match against Charles.”


Brian Hollywood: “I’m impressed, Buck.  Don’t tell me you’re all of a sudden starting to take an interest in watching the product.”


Buck lets out a playful laugh.


Buck Wringley: “I love ya, Bri, but I don’t care about wrestlin that much!  Haha.  But ya better believe ya’ve got my support in your wrestlin career.  I know ya’ll take down De Lacy!”


Brian Hollywood: “Easy for you to say! De Lacy may be a self egotistical douche bag, but he will more than provide me with a good match up.  The guy is delusional and once again, I’m in the position where I’m an elder and being disrespected by the newer generation.  Oh well.  I can’t say that I’m surprised.  I was like that once.  But De Lacy is going to find that it’s going to take a lot more than words to take on a former World Champion.  I plan to make his ass not be able to cash out the bullshit that comes out of his fucking mouth.  Until then..this is something that I have to take care of if I really want to become great again in wrestling.  I have too many distractions going on right now and I need to weed them out in order to be able to prosper again and reclaim my glory at the top of the mountain again in HOW.  But until then…it’s about time we set my plan into motion.”


Buck nods as Lukas and Julia join Hollywood as they all get in Hollywood’s limo as they depart the airstrip.


Julia Winfield: “I wanna say it’s a pleasure to be back in your employ, Brian.  I’ve missed these days and I hope they are the start of a resurgence.”


Brian Hollywood: “Don’t worry Julia, that’s the plan.  Besides, it’s been too long that I’ve been away and it’s time to rebuild everything that was burned down.  We still have to solve the mystery of who my brother is and track down Roberto and there’s only one place we can go in order to do that.  The time for staying away is over.  It’s time to take this old school and to take this back to where it should have stayed to begin with.”


Lukas can see the wheels turn in Hollywood’s head as shades of the old Hollywood was finally starting to come back.  He had a feeling and it was only a matter of mere minutes that his feelings were about to be confirmed.


The limo drives across the entire city of Los Angles until they come across one place in particular.


Brian Hollywood: “The time has come to let the world…and our enemies and allies know that we’re back and the time of hiding and running is over.  Buck if you would…”


Buck receives the signal before he pulls out his phone and pulls up one contact in particular.


Gerald Reeves.


In the meantime, they have arrived to their destination as everyone gets out of the limo and looks upon the site they have arrived to as everyone but Hollywood gasps as the cameras slowly pan over to see just where they were at.




Hollywood smiles confidently as the next phase of his plan is set in motion as the scene slowly fades to black.