A Ripple in Time

A Ripple in Time

Posted on November 19, 2020 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

“Ever get that feeling when everything in your life happens for a reason?  I’ve felt like my whole life has been followed by fate.  Fate rearing its cold chill upon your spine like a friendly reminder that it becomes your shadow.  But what if that shadow, the shadow that you’re supposed to know so well throughout your entire life, has been storing a damning secret that can unlock your very meaning in life?  Deep thoughts…deep words….but that’s where I found myself when I found out the truth…a DAMNING fucking truth that would go a long way to unlocking a years long war against a man I’ve been trying to figure out his identity.  Little did I know that identity would damn my entire life and it would be more damning than I would ever realize….


A Ripple in Time


Chicago, Illinois


The scene opens back up at the docks, nightfall is still dominating the scenery as Brian Hollywood, Lukas Montana and Jasper Espinoza of the Men in SUIT’s stand in a circle.  Hollywood is holding a document that he still can’t believe he’s looking at.  It revives a specifically painful memory in Hollywood’s life.  He was a young boy, just ten years old when it happened.  It was one of the worst times in Hollywood’s life…a memory Hollywood thought would never resurface.  Hollywood looks on as he sees a picture of his little sister, all smiles and full of innocence, as Brian tries to keep his emotions in check.  Lukas is trying to figure out what’s going on as he tries to ascertain what’s going through Hollywood’s mind.  He takes a look at the picture of the little girl, and her news story about how she was murdered…gunned down in a drive by shooting right here in Chicago…


Lukas Montana: “Uh…Brian…are you alright brother?  Talk to me man…you look like your whole world has come crashing down on you.”


Hollywood says nothing as he just continues to look at the picture.  He takes his hand and begins to brush it down slowly on his little sister’s face.  Lukas then turns and starts to get angry towards Jasper as he grabs him and shoves him into the wood of the dock.


Lukas Montana: “What the fuck did you do?!”


Jasper Espinoza: “I didn’t do anything!  I’m merely providing something that was kept in the archives of The Chair.  What I can’t figure out is WHY he had this particular document in his possession.  It was just a god awful act of evil that happened when Hollywood was merely a young boy.  I don’t know why the Chair would have something like that in his archives.  But I deemed it necessary to share with Mr. Hollywood.”


Lukas looks at Jasper dead in the eyes.  Jasper literally had no ill will intent here.  He was very good at spotting a play or a tell in someone’s eyes.  It was something he learned how to spot in his line of work as a successful businessman.  Lukas all of a sudden let’s go of Jasper as he gasps for air.  Obviously Lukas saw the good will in his eyes and he was taken back by how good.  He didn’t understand why this man, seemingly a former member of the Men in SUIT’s, was all of a sudden trying to work for the side of good.  The Men in SUIT’s had their story with Hollywood and his friends a few years ago but this was different.


Lukas Montana: “So tell me….why present us with this piece of information?  It practically tells us nothing here!  And why are you all of a sudden so willing to help Hollywood?  Nothing is making an ounce of sense here!”


Jasper Espinoza: “I know you have no way of really believing me here.  But I’m quite frankly tired in all of this bullshit.  This war has brought nothing but pain and suffering to both sides.  You guys delivered a good blow to us and I honesty am tired of fighting on the side of the losing.  So much has been taken from both sides.  But if you really want me to talk sense here it’s that I’m just tired.  I’m wanting to live out the rest of my life in solitude and peace and while this war is going on, I’m afraid I just can’t find that.  I honestly don’t know what Hollywood is going to find in all of this…I just found it to be intriguing and I thought it would open some eyes in all of this.”


Hollywood still doesn’t say a word.  He’s just living in a world of flashbacks now as he can still hear the sound of gunshots echo through his head.  He doesn’t blink and just thinks intently on that very day.  Nothing in the world matters to him right now.  Just the memory of his sister.  Her name was Charity.  An irony of a name, really.  Hollywood fights back the tears in his eyes but in this moment, he doesn’t even care the vulnerability that is radiating off of him.  In the past, the Men in SUIT’s would relish in this opportunity, but in this moment in time, it was a very heartfelt and peaceful happenstance.  No words were exchanged for a brief amount of time….only the honoring of Charity.  It was a moment that proves in the end every one of us is a human when you break down all the armor and all of the hatred.  War didn’t have a chance in these settings and it even brought Jasper into the moment.  He no longer cared about war and the end game.  It was all about humanity….so surprising it can be when we’re all caught up in the next play…the next strategic move.  There was none here.  Just respect and integrity.  Finally….Hollywood looks at Jasper and puts his hand on his shoulder.  Here was a man he literally fought, made bleed and hurt, and he was showing compassion as he finally breaks his silence.


Brian Hollywood: “Thank you for this….I know that really isn’t much of anything.  I know you risked a lot to give this to me…knowing that this painful memory could cause me to throw you off this fucking dock.  You didn’t have to do that, obviously….but you did.  That tells me a lot about a man.  We often forget who we are sometimes in the face of war.  I know you we’re just doing your job seeing as you worked for the most vicious man I’ve ever come to know.  But tell me….where do you think The Chair got this document at and why in the hell did he take a particular interest in this case?  He didn’t even know my fucking sister!!  He has no right knowing this personal information on me and it crosses a line….you want to know why?  There we’re only a select FEW people who even knew this happened!!  So how the fuck did The Chair come to know about it?!”


Hollywood wasn’t wrong in his questioning here.  He found it very curious that The Chair would have direct knowledge of his sisters tragic death.  So where did he get it from?  How could he have possibly known this happened?  These questions were particularly curious to Hollywood and it only added to the mysteries surrounding this case.  The only people who knew about his sister Charity’s death was his immediate family and his very close friends.  His father, Darin Matthews, Niles Omega, Buck Wringley and Gerald Reeves were the only ones who knew of his sisters murder.  Lukas didn’t even know about it until this very moment.  So the question remained…how did the Chair know?  Hollywood knew the Chair knew a lot about his life, but he couldn’t figure out how he knew or found out about this moment in his life.  This disturbed Hollywood greatly and it started plaguing his very soul.  He wanted answers.  This was a step in the right direction though.  It could have potentially been a clue to getting one step closer to finding out just exactly WHO the Chair was and this drove Hollywood now more than anything.


Brian Hollywood: “Tell me….is there anyway you can get your hands on more documents from the Chair?”


Hollywood knew he was now asking a lot from Jasper…a very recent enemy.  He knew he was about to take a major risk in putting his faith blindly in this man and it caused the alarm bells in Lukas’s head to go off.  Of course, you couldn’t blame is pessimistic feelings.


Lukas Montana: “Wait a minute…you can’t be serious here!”


Now the scene returned to the normal feeling we’re used to seeing with Hollywood.  A short lived moment in time with all three sharing a mutual respect in honoring Hollywood’s fallen sister.  Now, it looked like the story was about to return to normalcy.


Brian Hollywood: “I’m actually being very serious here.  Look…I recognize that this man has caused us a lot of harm and not only against our friends, but with Hollywood Enterprises too.  But I have to believe that Jasper took a big risk in coming here with this information here tonight.  So tell me Jasper…if you’re truly serious in bringing this all to an end….tell me….can you provide us with more information?”


Jasper Espinoza: “Well there is a very enriched library that can be found in what the Chair likes to call his Lounge.  He keeps all of his most important and relevant documents and information there.  Only his most trusted confidants have access to it.  The only problem is that most of it is doubled monitored.  This man takes no chances.  He literally has EVERYTHING fucking watched.  I can find a way to get access to more….it’s just going to take some time.”


Hollywood nods his head as he seemingly understands that it comes with great risk.  He also knows that information sometimes takes time to get a hold of. 


Brian Hollywood: “Do what you have to do.  You have your time.  Any resources you need….you have them.”


Hollywood was now putting all his faith into a long time enemy…but it appeared now that the enemy of his enemy is his friend.  There was still a lot of healing to be had here…but that was a sacrifice Hollywood was literally willing to make if it got him closer to ending this war.  Now that this old memory of his sister’s death being brought back into the spotlight, and with others knowing, it was truly making Hollywood wonder just how the Chair knew about it and why he cared so much about it.  The Chair doesn’t keep anything he doesn’t care about in his Lounge.  At this very moment, he now felt like he had the advantage…almost for the first time in years against a man who’s been out to destroy his entire life.


Lukas Montana: “Ok….I will trust your judgement here Hollywood.  Only because I trust in you.  I know risks have to be taken.  I also know you’ve been a man to take the risks nobody else will take.  The question next is….what about the rest of the Men in SUIT’s?”


Jasper Espinoza: “You let me worry about them gentlemen.  They haven’t been particularly active.  They aren’t in the very good graces of the Chair right now.  The only reason I am is I’ve recently made up my penance in the eyes of The Chair with a few jobs I’ve done.  They weren’t pleasant…but when are they ever?”


Hollywood nods his head in agreement.  He knew he was about to make another deal with the devil…but he knew he could trust in Lukas to take those deals with him.  He knew how the others would feel…so he felt the need to not make it a priority right now to tell them.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright.  Then it’s settled.  This stays strictly between us three right now.  I know there’s still some fresh wounds right now with Buck and Gerald.  I really don’t give a fuck about Niles right now.  His betrayal will still be dealt with in time.  But right now, we keep this between us.  Understood?”


Lukas and Jasper nod their heads in unison.


Lukas Montana: “Understood.”


Jasper Espinoza: “Agreed.”


Brian Hollywood: “Then it’s settled.  Keep digging Jasper…and contact us when you have more information.”


Jasper nods his head as him and Hollywood shake hands….officially striking the deal…the devil is in the hand in this one and it was sure to be one wild ride moving forward as there is a lot of mystery that surrounds this case.  Hollywood was desperate, though, at any means to finding answers to this one.  He didn’t care how he had to find out, even from an enemy, as the mission to finding out the secret identity of The Chair appears to have gotten closer as the cold night scene fades to black…..



Down but not Out


“It sure has been a long week for me.  I’ve had all week to really think about Matthews and I’s loss to The Best Alliance in Jatt Starr and John Sektor.  It all ended so quickly.  But look how quickly Jatt and John are quick to celebrate.  They honestly believe that it’s over between us.  The truth is it’s NEVER fucking over!  No, the two of you turned this into a war when you came after The Hollywood Boyz and I promise you gentlemen, this is simply the beginning!  I told the both of you that Matthews and I would not go quietly into the good night.  Oh no.  No boys, because turn about is fair play.  You decided to interfere and make our lives a living hell…so that’s exactly what we’re going to do to you as well!  Those titles will NOT end around the waist of The Best Alliance!  Not this time!  There is a new chapter in this final era in HOW and I promise you we have just started the beginning of this novel.  So we will do what we must to get a rematch and that rematch will come sooner than the two of you will like to admit.  The truth is Matthews and I will do whatever we have to do to make your lives a living hell until we get our rematch!”


“Perhaps I should take a page out of your book, Sektor, and declare that I must be the one to do what it takes to get those titles back.  Matthews had a lapse in judgement….and that cost us the tag team titles.  I wasn’t involved in that decision.  You went for the jugular because you know that you would have not been able to take me down in getting those titles.  You BOTH know that to be true so I commend you in taking advantage of that.  But I promise you it will not stop there.  I don’t care what we have to do…even if that means beating you down each week…causing havoc on Lee’s show in getting his attention and yours in getting OUR titles back!  I promise you both that we will do whatever we have to do in getting those titles back!  I know what war against the Alliance is all about…that’s why you went for Matthews last weekend.  I will not let that same mistake happen again.  I also know that the two of you have singles matches at ICONIC.  Well I vowed never to be off another PPV card and I will do what I must to get onto the card…even if I have to do it fucking ALONE!  You ignited a long dormant gene within me last Saturday and it’s something I don’t take lightly…it’s also something that I’m just not going to forget.  So in the meantime…I will push forward with vengeance in my heart and I will wreck anyone that I come into contact with.”


“This week, that man just so happens to be Cancer Jiles.  Jiles, you and I are also two people who know each other very well.  By the way, how’s your buddy Doozer doing?  Must have been a sick blow to the Egg Bandits knowing that he got tired of the bullshit and decided to take matters into his own hands to try and change his fate and join the Alliance.  Unfortunately for Doozer, he hasn’t exactly done shit with his time with The Alliance so far.  I’m sure you’d love to get your hands on him, Jiles, but first you have to go through me.  You have to match up with a man who’s all bent up on revenge and out for blood.”


“You and I may not be strangers to each other, but you’ve never faced a Hollywood who’s bent out on all hell and destruction.  When war is facing me dead in the eyes, all I see is #97red and that makes me a fucking dangerous man.  The problem here, Jiles, is that I’ve rediscovered a long lost candle.  And in this candle laid a wick….a wick that was once thought to be all burned out…no hope of a rekindling.  And I don’t mean John Wick here.  Although my vengeance will be just as powerful as John Wick like a man obsessed with getting vengeance on the world because of the death of his dog.  In my case, I was wronged…and all of HOW is about to witness my rampage as I tear across the landscape once again to reclaim that former glory I once held.  The only difference this time was that I was prodded and pronged and it’s no fault of yours, Jiles…you just happen to be on the wrong side of the game in this instance.  I’m out for full blood, here, and it’s something that I will take to the fucking bank and cash in.  I’m cashing in all my hatred because I was wronged.  But I’m not here to talk about the tag title loss in this instance.  In a way, the Best Alliance has helped me realize that I’m actually the same man I’ve always been.  While some of my antics have been questioned in the past, even by me, I realize that I may have to rely on some of those old antics to get what I want.”


“You see, as much as I hate to admit it, The Best Alliance and myself will always be intertwined in HOW history in making me the fucking killer I am in HOW.  It’s always brought out my best self and in this case, we are seeing the same thing here.  It’s a sick Scottywood reality type of a situation where I realize that sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about your DNA….and my DNA has always been set to activate at the expense of the Best Alliance to come out and tear everything in my sights.  I’m almost ashamed to admit that, really, but I’d be lying if that wasn’t necessarily the truth.  Darin Matthews may disagree with me here…probably warning me that I’m returning TOO MUCH to my Best Alliance dominating roots….but in this case…there is simply no choice here.  And that’s why this Saturday, I have no choice to return to those once sacred roots in taking you down Jiles.  You’ve been dominate in your singles days lately, Jiles…but that doesn’t phase me in the least bit…because all I see right now is revenge #97red here.  Lee Best would probably be creaming his pants if he heard me saying this…but at least he has always recognized the talent he sees when it comes to the Best Alliance and he KNOWS how well I was at getting the job done.  Even in the current state of the Alliance, he knows that I have the numbers game when it comes to getting the upper hand in his associates.  I hold wins against Steve Solex and Jatt Starr…and it’s only a matter of time before I take down Sektor next.  Who knows…maybe it’s all another ploy….another initiation at getting back in his good graces about being his man to lead HOW into the last era.  And we ALL know how that last era ended, don’t we?…”


“The truth is, Jiles, I’m a man who’s now only purpose is to move up the ranks in the company to prove a point and that point has always been to show why I’m still the best in this company.  I know Mike Best may dispute that point…but everyone is quick to forget that I made that fucker bleed…and it was almost like in defeat against Mike that it awoken a long sleeping giant.  I mean, think about it…I haven’t lost a singles match since losing to Mike…and maybe it was an awakening I fucking needed!”


“All I know is that it’s more than a basic instinct this time.  It’s DNA and it all goes back to DNA.  That’s why this Saturday night I will do what I always do best…and that is going back to dominating…and that’s exactly what I’m going to do to you Jiles….and I don’t even care how the fuck I do it!  You could say I’m in the Danger Zone saying it…but the truth and the facts don’t lie Jiles…that much I promise you…that’s why this Saturday…I will continue to show people why I’m the Brian Hollywood of old and why I’m working my way back up the ladder to what truly matters to me….dominating the entire landscape of HOW….one Executive Promise at a fucking time!…”