A quick trip home

A quick trip home

Posted on May 8, 2024 at 8:47 pm by Bobbinette Carey


The sun sets over the water of Mauritania, Africa. The castle, in the distance. Her eyes looked ahead at the beautiful blue water she could see through. She sat with toes in the sand on the beach, her guard safe in the distance but yet close by if needed. A set of hands touched her shoulder she dumped and then looked down recognizing the fingers. She kissed the top of his hands and looking back. 


The king: My beloved 


He sat down next to his wife. She smiled with a sigh of relief. 


Bobbinette: I’m happy to be home. 


She rested her head on his shoulder as he put his arm around her pulling her closer.


The king: He has no respect for the country or for your position as queen…


Bobbinette: You’re the one who told me to call him…


The king raises an eyebrow as he looks at her. He thinks his words before he responds to her moody outburst.


The king: Out of respect for what you both have done in that career that you have had there. He seems to think your time is not nearly as important by putting these demands on you. 


He said hugging her as the two sit in the sand together.


Bobbinette: I know I came home with the expectation to spend time at home in our kingdom with my husband whom I love and adore and appreciate his understanding for the position I am in.


She stays with the nod he chuckles and nod his head in agreement relenting.


The king: Back to the Americas again…he gets enjoyment out of your torment…this is troubling my queen.


He says with concerns showing on his face. She looks up at him, her eyes beaming seeing his worry.


Bobbinette: It’s more troubling being the person who’s getting tormented … .You know I’m bothered by the fact he has me wrestling against a man who has been friends of mine for decades and a man whose father was a dear friend of mine. 


She rises to her feet and grabs a hand of sand throwing it into the water.


Bobbinette: To be teamed with some stoner, cannibalistic, cretinent. 


She shudders.


Bobbinette: He seems to think that we’re more after I beat him it makes no sense!


The king slowly rises to his feet backing away.


The King: Perhaps it is because you knocked what little sense out of him that he had left my dear? 


He chuckles, at this till he sees his wife’s face. It is clear from the look of scorn this is no laughing matter. He clears his throat. He points to a guard.


The king: You do not laugh at the queen!


The guard looks around then realizes the king means him. He drops to his knees to bow causing the king to laugh more.


Bobbinette nudges him.


Bobbinette: Don’t do that. The child may start crying.


She laughs weakly.


The king: You are more concerned with your partner than you are with these opponents. Should I be worried this maggot man will steal away my melanin curvy goddess?


He teases. She squints and walks up to him with a purpose. She pulls his neck down to her level so the two are nose to nose.


Bobbinette: My king knows better than to be jealous. My king also knows I’m not worried about Kostoff’s kid or Scottywood… I’m worried that this partnership is going to have to be endured longer. But if we lose again then that will fade away and be the end of it. 


The king kisses her with a nod.


The king: let us hope so for both of our sakes and for my sanity.


He grabs her hand and leads her back to the castle with a smile as the sun goes down.