A Poor Show is Better than a No Show

A Poor Show is Better than a No Show

Posted on June 30, 2023 at 10:13 am by Kyle McRae

We head backstage to sVo Showdown 153 from this past Sunday night, where despite the sVo Tag Team Champions not having been in action, they had been forced to come between the other two members of Blood Money, Junior Gambino & Johnny Moretti, to stop them from tearing each other apart in the middle of the locker room.


Anthony Moretti: We seriously got to do something about these two, mad’one! I can’t be playing peacemaker every week!


As Moretti spoke, his tag team partner, the massive Joe Barone who sat opposite him, slowly and silently nodded his head in agreement.


Anthony Moretti: I mean seriously, we are the ones with these…


Moretti holds his sVo Tag Team Championship belt in the air a little to signal to Barone.


Anthony Moretti: …If anything they should be bending over backwards to see what they can do to help us out. We are the ones bringing in the bread to this family at the moment…..


Barone again says nothing, slowly nodding his head.


Just as Moretti is about to follow up on his point, there is a sharp knock at the door. Moretti and Barone eye each other suspiciously as Moretti slowly and cautiously gets to his feet.


Anthony Moretti: Feds?


Barone screws his face and shakes his head.


Anthony Moretti: No your right, they wouldn’t knock….


Moretti slowly strolls over to the door, staying in the balls of his feet, before yanking it open quickly to try and surprise whoever is on the other side. The sight he is met with is the sVo Owner Amy Page, and she doesn’t look impressed.


The expression on Moretti’s face quickly changes as he lets out a wolf whistle.


Anthony Moretti: Oh! Isn’t this a nice surprise!


Amy Page looks even less impressed, as her high heels click as she steps into the middle of the room past Moretti, slowly followed by her own henchman, the current sVo Roulette Champion Rick Reid.


Anthony Moretti: …and also not quite a nice surprise…


Moretti looks the snarling Rick Reid up and down as Joe Barone rises up to his feet, locks eyes with Reid and folds his arms, his biceps nearly popping out of his tailored Italian suit.


Amy Page: Let’s get down to business Moretti, I got a proposition for you.


Anthony Moretti: Oh, I’m listening doll face, but he is gonna have to leave the room if that’s what you are interested in.


Moretti nods towards Rick Reid, drawing an angry reaction from the former Army ranger. Rick Reid takes a step towards Anthony Moretti, but he is soon matched by Joe Barone, the two big men coming nose to nose.


Amy Page: No, no, NO! We are not doing that today, you hear me guys!


Barone and Rick Reid slowly both nod their heads, despite not taking their eyes off of each other.


Amy Page: I am here because as the Tag Team Champions, I need you two to represent the sVo in some PWA business.


Moretti and Barone don’t look too impressed, but remain listening.


Amy Page: There is a tournament for the PWA Tag Team Championships, and we have been invited to enter a team, there is a spot against the Alabama Gang from MVW in a match that will be taking place on a HOW show, and I want you two down there representing.


Anthony Moretti: Now Amy, when you say down there….


Amy Page: Don’t even make that joke unless you want sent on another round of sensitivity training by HR….


Moretti weigh’s up his options, and decides against finishing his sentence.


Anthony Moretti: In all seriousness, can’t someone else go and fight those hicks? I mean seriously, I can feel myself losing IQ points just thinking about being in the ring with those red necks. Why don’t you send the Southern Boys instead, at least those boys can’t get any dummer.


Amy Page: Look, this would be a big deal if we could progress in this tournament and bring those PWA Tag belts home, as the longest reigning sVo Tag Team Champions you guys have the best chance of doing that. Don’t worry, all expenses paid on the flights and hotels.


Moretti screws his face up even further.


Anthony Moretti: Wait, you want us to travel as well? This match, it’s not here in Vegas?


Amy Page: Not quite, the match is actually taking place in Brazil…..


Reid lets about a smirk, as he and Barone remain locked in there stare down.


Anthony Moretti: Ohhhh! Absolutely not! Brazil? Fahgettaboudit! We got team mates up here squabbling, somebody might get hurt if we disappear for the week down to Brazil. Send someone else!


Page seems to be increasingly losing her cool as she taps her foot on the floor looking annoyed.


Amy Page: You seem to misunderstand, I am not standing here asking you. The alternate is that we have our very own Tag Team tournament of our own, but instead of the PWA belts on the line it will be these belts….


Page slaps her hand on the sVo tag team gold. Moretti shrugs his shoulders and gestures ‘what you going to do’, as Amy Page flashes her best fake smile, before spinning and making her way out of the room, quickly followed by her heavy Rick Reid.


Barone and Moretti look at each other, a worried look on the face of Barone.


Anthony Moretti: Well I guess that is that then, pack your speedos because we are heading for the Copacabana beach, it’s not as if Johnny and Junior can do that much damage to each other if we aren’t here to break them up for one week right?


Barone remains silent.


Anthony Moretti: Just remember to get your tetanus shots before we get in the ring with those Alabama Gang boys, hopefully it offers some sort of protection against red necks. As far as the match is concerned, fuck it, let’s get out on the beach and enjoy ourselves. She said we had to go but she didn’t say anything about winning the damn thing, a poor show is better than a no show in my book.


Fade out.