A New Journey

A New Journey

Posted on April 9, 2020 at 11:58 pm by Brian Hollywood

“The basic meaning of a journey is it’s a start on a new path, but it isn’t the end of the road…no, the journey simply continues and that’s what I have come to learn on my journey to redemption.  I have learned that the journey is continuous…but sometimes a new path presents itself and it’s that path that is new…but the journey merely continues.  In my case…it was the start of an opportunity to make my case known for something bigger and that bigger thing was War Games.  I had scratched, clawed and fought my way past Scott Stevens in an attempt to land myself on the War Games card alone.  It was a difficult battle, but one that was going to be a number of a battles on my way to winning the war itself.  That war?  War Games…where I made my bid in order to get my chance to be chosen to be selected on the War Games team in an effort to fight for the HOW World Championship!  However, my eyes were opened up recently…and it was the fight against Stevens that did that for me.  A guy like Stevens…who I’ve beaten time and time again, was not an easy one.  The fact that I had to dig deep and keep my basic instincts intact against a man like Stevens was alarmingly evident seeing that the road and the opponents that lie ahead were only going to become more difficult…it was definitely a wake up call to me that my performance at March to Glory could have been much better…It was, indeed, going to be a long road ahead if I truly wanted redemption…”


Hours after March to Glory


The plane ride home from Rome


There Hollywood was, just thinking as he looked out the window contemplating his match against Stevens.  Hollywood was drifting and to him it was the calm before the storm…for the storm that lay ahead of him was going to be more disturbing and more turbulent knowing things were only going to get more difficult for him.  War Games was a pretty big fucking deal and Hollywood wasn’t about to blow it all now.  He had come a long way already on his new journey and he only wanted it more and more as the matches came and gone.  Hollywood had finally found something that worked for him and it was definitely promising to him.  Hollywood starts to smile contently knowing that he did, indeed, come a long way already and he couldn’t help but to pat himself on the back for it.  However, the dreaming was only temporary as he was suddenly hit in the shoulder which woke him up from his drifting.


Alan Ventura: “Hey, wake up crotch fuck!  This isn’t any time to be day dreaming!  We have a lot more work to do!”


Brian Hollywood: “Hey, can a man relax and enjoy the spoils of victory?!  Like what is it with you anyway?  Doesn’t anything satisfy you?!”


Alan Ventura: “Sure fuckhead, there are a lot of things that do if it’s to surprise you.  But there are times to celebrate and times to keep the pedal to the metal.  You might have beaten Stevens…but in all reality…he kicked your fucking ass!  He practically wiped the floor with your dreamy ass!  Sure you beat him…but not after taking a good beating most of the match!  Do you really want to be a god damn punching bag and shorten your miserable career?  I mean, if that’s what you honestly want, then I know I’m wasting my time!”


Hollywood stops him, quick to point out his attendance at March to Glory like Ventura promised he would.


Brian Hollywood: “Well I didn’t see your ass at ringside like you promised.  Care to elaborate on that?!”


Alan quickly scoffs, but is quick to dismiss it seeing as how he visibly wasn’t seen at ringside like he promised Hollywood.


Alan Ventura: “Psh…what can I say…you can’t underestimate customs when it comes to the God of HOW knowing who isn’t and is allowed down at ringside.  That one eyed bastard has always had an ace up his sleeve when it comes to laying down challenges right in front of you.  Even a crafty fuck like myself is blinded by it sometimes..respect.”


Hollywood shakes his head, but not after rubbing it in Alan’s face that he couldn’t even get to ringside to watch the match…like a high profile guy like Alan Ventura couldn’t even have foreseen getting to be at ringside.  Hollywood at least enjoyed that part..even if he was pretty upset about it.


Brian Hollywood: “I gotta admit…even though I was pretty pissed off about it…it was pretty funny…”


Alan Ventura: “Fuck off asshole!  Besides…a lot of good it did you…you almost lost the match.”


Brian Hollywood: “But I didn’t!  Sure I got walloped pretty good…but I still came out of it with a win.  A win is a win, isn’t it?”


Alan Ventura: “Sure…if you have the life expectancy of an NFL player…getting your ass kicked week and week out at the expense of your body…those careers don’t last very long and you haven’t exactly got much time left in the ring so every move is a move that brings you closer and closer to the end of your career…if you don’t change the things you have to change.  I might have taught you the basics of human survival in the ring when it comes to endurance but you still have to be fucking smart about it…now you’re going to have to adjust because I’ve already got your next opponent.  I may get blasted and bested to be at ringside…but I still have fucking insight to the company.  I’ve been told you’re next opponent is none other than Zeb Martin.”


Hollywood bats an eye as he didn’t even recognize the name.


Brian Hollywood: “Who…the fuck is Zeb Martin?”


Alan Ventura: “A man who’s going to kick your fucking ass if you make the same mistake you did against Alex Redding.  Remember him fuck face?  Yea…I know you do…he was the only man who single handedly stopped your shot at getting yourself moved on for a HOW World Championship match at March to Glory…the scenery at March to Glory could have been much different had you not lost to him.  It could have been YOU that ran the god damn table in your group, but you underestimated Redding and it was that ONE match that cost you a shorter road back to the HOW World Championship and here we are…underestimate your opponent one more time, and who knows what’s going to be your path.  Hear me, asshat?”


Hollywood scoffs…but as much as he hated to admit it, he knew Alan was right.  He couldn’t afford to fuck this up for himself again.  He knew that there was pride and respect in facing an opponent…no matter how new or veteran the opponent was in High Octane Wrestling.  Hollywood sighs as he looks back out the window as they were getting closer and closer back to the States and Chicago as a result.


Brian Hollywood: “Alright…so really what I need to do is better develop myself more alert in the ring than what I’ve been doing.  I just didn’t think I was doing anything wrong in the ring adapting to my new style.  It seems that things were coming to me just fine.”


Alan Ventura: “That may be true jackass, but like I said…you’ve got to STOP being a human punching bag early in your matches.  You’re not fucking Rocky Balboa and this isn’t the movies…you get hit more often and you let yourself get hit…you’re going to be a human vegetable of a worthless fuck in no time.  You’ve got to wisen up more and you have to be more alert and more strategic in your matches.  You’ve got to have a battle plan.  This whole winging it shit ENDS now!  That is why I’m going to be at ringside this time as I’ve already gotten that cleared with HOW officials.  I’m going to be at ringside and up close to the action this time.  I’m going to be paying close attention to see just how well you respond against an opponent…move for move.  Every move counts and is important…it’s just up to you to find just HOW important it is, got it asshole?”


Hollywood simply nods his head as he doesn’t bother arguing with Alan this time around.  I mean, what was the fucking point?  The guy had a comeback for everything.  Hollywood thought if Alan wasn’t a trainer at the Five Time, Alan could have made for a great president because it wouldn’t matter how much someone debated the guy…everyone who challenged him basically lost.  Even Hollywood would have been surprised by that notion.


Finally, the plane lands in Chicago as they were back in the States…most importantly, in Chicago.  It was now time to get training for his upcoming match against Zeb Martin.  Hollywood and Alan exit the plane following everyone else off board as they approach a rental there picking them up and taking them back to the Five Time Academy for more training as the scene slowly fades to black…



“This week, I get to continue my string of wins against a guy named Zeb Martin.  Now I don’t know much about this Zeb Martin but if Alan Ventura was to make any sense out of this, he was right in my match against Alex Redding.  The guy was obviously a rookie and it was a rookie who beat me and it was only that one match that was the difference to potentially fighting at March to Glory for the HOW World Championship than a chance at missing the War Games card altogether against Scott Stevens.  I know I can’t take any more chances.  The road was a long one, but even I knew I had to be smart about it.  That’s why I’m not going to underestimate you Zeb.  You may be a rookie, sure…but even a rookie can surprise in his HOW debut.”


“You’re not going to be an easy man to take down, Zeb.  But I have a focus I MUST maintain if I am to keep my eye on the ultimate prize.  I may be gunning for the HOW World Championship, but there are also other prizes in HOW to win.  I’ve won them all, Zeb.  I’ve fought blood, sweat and tears to get to where I’m at and capturing those HOW Championships…whether they were the HOW LSD, ICON or Tag titles..or even the HOW World Championship…I’ve always held those titles to the utmost of importance.  That is why I’m going to treat this match against you as equally as important.”


“You see…getting on the War Games card may be great and all…but the greatest prize is getting selected as a participant on the team and that is something that I’ve always chased my entire career.  This whole journey has been one of endurance but it has been one to show just how important and valuable I can be on ones team and I intend to continue that important showcase when we lock up this Saturday, Zeb.  I know you’ll be a worthy opponent…but I also know how much more I want this more than you and I will show you just that this Saturday, Zeb.  One way or another the selection committee will see one way or another…that it will just be another…