A little ME time…

A little ME time…

Posted on August 3, 2023 at 9:01 pm by Bobbinette Carey

Blink 182 is on tour, Fall Out Boy is in again. My Chemical Romance reunited. And that must have been a sign for him to crawl out of obscurity. These were what he needed to rise from the dead.


It’s the generation of repeat clothes, and everything nostalgic. We aren’t going back decades and decades even. People are desperate for things of the past that brought them some form of joy.


I mean for me facts are that 2008 I was one of MY best years in HOW. 28-year-old me, the world was my oyster. Now I knew going into War Games that fighting Max Kael and Shane Reynolds would be impossible! There’s no way I could win against them both. So I needed to get Shane on my side. Not a want but a need, otherwise War Games would be Max’s victory.


The one thing I’ve always been good at is the gift of gab. And in wrestling, you have to be able to lie. What do I mean? You have to be able to make anyone believe anything, even if you don’t mean it. You have to be able to talk yourself out of whatever mess you may have gotten into. It’s a superpower of mine to be able to save my own ass with my words. Doesn’t matter who is driving this body, we have a gift.


I flexed that muscle the hardest to get Shane Reynolds on my team for War Games. I was begging harder than some people do to get into the Hall of Fame to get him on my team. I courted him like a high schooler trying to get laid on prom night. I promised the limo and a nice hotel. I swore it was just a back rub then I went all the way.


Yes, I admit it. I fucked him, I fucked him over so hard he had no idea what happened till after it was done.


There’s a recording on the HOR when I was attempting to sway him to my own team. I may have said to him that I would make the “right call” about giving the world title. I may have promised to do what was right… and that is exactly what I did. It was team EPIC! Not team Reynolds. What leader puts themselves second? Especially when it was their leadership that made the team? You don’t slay the dragon and lead an army to let someone else get the glory and take the crown!




Igor MMA

Sydney Australia


We see Nettie in a MMA-style gym in Australia. The HOTv title is hung on the second rope of the ring where she is doing push-ups. Her eyes focused on the belt, the nameplate removed from it. The gym is closed out, just her inside there. Nettie’s wearing a black sports bra with biker shorts. She’s got her wrestling boots on and her hair is wet from the workout she’s done.


Nettie: it’s hard to have a name when you’re a ghost. Those are just figments of imagination and they disappear once you exercise them. Just like Shane will. This was a fluke and he needs to fade back into obscurity and he will soon enough. He wanted to break me. He didn’t realize I’m already broken. I’ve been put back together with gold made stronger, more beautiful, more powerful than I was before.


Nettie doesn’t take her eyes off the title as she rises to her feet and goes to the side of the ropes across from the belt and starts running the ropes stretching out her eyes and looking at the title.


Nettie: But Shane has gotten bitter, he’s soured like spoiled milk. You’re curdled and rotted and ruined. He rotted away allowing years of hate when he should be grateful.


She finishes a rep and then goes to the corner of the ring, locking her legs in the top ropes to do sit-ups.


Nettie: Yeah, he’s emo, but honestly someone needs to tell him what a whiny little bitch he’s been. I mean, I know that is his schtick, but seriously he’s supposed to be a man.


She does a few reps vigorously. Looking up at the sky, her hands across her heart.


Nettie: I get it the world is tough and cruel and blah blah blah… but Jesus Christ, bro, take an antidepressant or something.


Nettie scoffs.


Nettie: It’s the year 2023, there’s no shame in getting therapy. But I guess it’s easier to be a whiny victim than actually do anything about it.


She chuckles.


Nettie: Nothing is owed to anyone! Though, Shane seems to have some privileged view of where he was used and can’t deal with it 15 years later. Like a bitter ex-girlfriend crying over the break up, she never got over it.


She pauses, raising a curious brow.


Nettie: Did we date? Did I have an emo phase and I forgot? Like that could explain why he’s so heartbroken. Or maybe it’s some unresolved Mommy issues. Isn’t that always what it comes back to? Because it can’t be the fact that it’s wrestling! In 15 years he’s held onto this shit? Congratulations you’ve wasted time when you could have been far more productive.


Nettie finishes her last sit-up. Unhooking her legs from the turnbuckle and walking back over to the HOTv title. She starts doing chain grab squats while standing in front of the title.


Nettie: It’s actually pathetic. But that’s what emo’s go for, right? Oh wait, it’s my fault though, isn’t it? That’s the whole thing, it’s all my fault! I didn’t force Shane to join my team, no one held a gun to his head and made him join. But the way he tells the story, he’s such a victim, Oh My God, the patheticness. He’s looking at this the wrong way and- –


As she stares at her reflection in the mirror. It is almost as if Nettie becomes entranced.



Nettie found herself not in the ring doing squats but in a white room wearing a plush bathrobe. A look of confusion spreads across her face. Where was she? How did she get here? Why was she here? White double doors open causing Nettie to get to her feet quickly to see who enters the room. The person is wearing a pink plush bathrobe, none other than Bobbinette.


Nettie: What is this?


Bobbinette: We needed to have a one-on-one…


The lighting changes as two chairs appear behind them both as if they were on a talk show. Nettie glares looking at Bobbinette.


Nettie: We had a talk, you were letting me be me.


Bobbinette nods as she sits down comfortably.


Bobbinette: You’re the one in charge.


Bobbinette says in a calm tone. Nettie has a skeptical look on her face. Bobbinette raises her hands, palms open as her tone is soothing.


Nettie: Why are we here then?


Nettie asks as she slowly sits down in her seat.


Bobbinette: We needed a heart-to-heart, chick.


Bobbinette tilts her head to the side, reaching to touch Nettie’s hands. Nettie recoils in disgust.


Bobbinette: You don’t trust me.


Nettie: I know you…


Nettie says venomously to her.


Bobbinette: We are going to have to do this together if you want to beat Shane.


Nettie scoffs rubbing her hands through her hair.


Nettie: I’m good.


Bobbinette snaps her finger in Nettie’s face.


Bobbinette: If this was some new kid, sure. This is Shane. We did this to him.


Bobbinette motions back and forth between the two.


Bobbinette: Think of us like twins. Two of us inhabit one body.


Nettie: I’ve always been here.


Bobbinette nods as she gets a half smirk agreeing with her darker half.


Bobbinette: It’s funny… Batman, Joker and Two-Face. That’s really more fitting than I ever realized, isn’t it? That movie came out and we all cast ourselves in it. Max was Joker, the deranged lunatic who thrived on chaos. Shane the “hero” and me: Harvey Dent one of the “good guys” but still a politician.


Bobbinette laughed a little, getting nostalgic. Nettie seemed a little annoyed that Bobbinette is lost in a memory.


Bobbinette: Sure, there were other players in the game-


Nettie: But who can remember them? None of the smaller parts mattered. Just the three of you.


Bobbinette: The last three standing. And then it was me and Shane, we won the day. Victory… Team Epic. MY team won! I couldn’t have done it without him. I needed him.


Nettie nodded her head in agreement.


Nettie: But you struggled with the decision. You honestly were debating giving him that belt. You’re not ruthless. You want to be everyone’s friend.


Bobbinette slowly nods her head in agreement.


Nettie: I’m not going to say every betrayal was me because that’s not true. But this one was. I took over and I said that we were the champion, not him.


Bobbinette: That’s why we needed this meeting. It took us, the two of us, to get him and the title. It’s going to take the two of us to beat him in a cage.


Nettie looks her over and nods agreeing with the sound logic of her other half.


Nettie: Two against one… those odds are better.


Bobbinette: Good, I’m glad. We can do this by just tagging each other when the other is tired. This body may wear out, but if we keep switching who is driving then we can confuse him.


Bobbinette says with a smile as she delivers the plan to the less-than-trusting counterpart.


Nettie: That makes a lot of sense. But how do I know you’ll go back when this is over?


Bobbinette rolls her eyes, sighing loudly. Nettie eyes her suspiciously.


Bobbinette: I don’t want to be out. It’s exhausting. You’re having fun… I needed a vacation. From… it all…


Bobbinette gesticulates in a circle to encompass it. Nettie does not look convinced at her counterpart.


Nettie: I don’t buy that. No, you fought so hard.


Nettie sees the flaws in the statement of her counterpart. Bobbinette shakes her head no slowly.


Bobbinette: I thought I needed to fight you. Honestly, it’s exhausting. You have no idea how hard it is to be a people pleaser. Being concerned with other’s emotions and feelings and trying and failing.


Nettie: Yeah, no, that is all you. I don’t suffer from that.


Nettie says with a smile. Bobbinette looks tired by just the mention.


Bobbinette: Lucky you. I don’t hate you. Look, I admit I don’t like the goth dark clothes and the revealing clothes or makeup either.


Nettie glares at Bobbinette before looking her up and down.


Nettie: Opposed to the housewife librarian fashion you wear? Pink and basic, yet also disappointing. We have a body, you’ve always preferred to cover it.


Bobbinette nods in agreement.


Bobbinette: It’s called leaving something to the imagination.



Nettie: Pent-up repression is why I exist. I’m the embodiment of you being a people pleaser and a doormat and trying to make everyone else happy.


Bobbinette looks unimpressed and annoyed.


Bobbinette: No! You exist because you want to throw tantrums and think it’s okay to show your ass whenever you want without no repercussions.


Nettie: You’re welcome.


Bobbinette grits her teeth taking deep breaths.


Bobbinette: I… I would really appreciate it if you stopped sleeping with our enemy’s fathers.


Bobbinette attempts to ease into the change of topic.


Nettie laughs, shaking her head defiantly.


Nettie: That’s not going to stop any time soon.


Bobbinette glares in disgust.


Bobbinette: He’s not the first father. We are going to get a reputation.


Nettie: That’s what I’m hoping for. I mean Conor’s dad’s a DILF.


Bobbinette grabs at her pearl necklace in shock.


Bobbinette: I… let’s focus on Shane Reynolds. We are on the same page for this. After 97RED then you can do… whatever. But please get tested.. no telling what a Davidson may have.


Nettie and Bobbinette shake hands as Nettie is all of a sudden back in the ring in the gym. She’s not sure how much time has passed but she’s more aware now, she isn’t alone in this battle. Nettie grabs the title and puts it in a bag. Nettie looks at her cell phone seeing missed calls from Terrence. He knew she was in the zone and wasn’t going to apologize for it.




Let’s talk about gratitude. What I did cemented us in the history of HOW forever. People in Montreal have their own thing and here we have ours. You’re welcome, we made this moment together. Sure, I could have just given it to you, but this moment we made and still! You treat me like a monster for helping cement our names. Many men have won War Games but to do what we did to accomplish what we accomplished? You’re welcome. You weren’t hungry enough. It was not your time, it was mine and because of that, we did something beautiful. But no, you tainted it. You make it seem like I did something monstrous!


After everything happened, I’m known as the woman who gave Shane Reynolds trust issues. Everyone said you were never the same for 15 years? Man, come on!


You’re still emo, you got the cutting down pat but you’re not supposed to cut other people, only yourself, douchebag. It’s sad when you can’t even do emo right when you’re the King of it here. I’m not going for low-hanging fruit. We all know who you are, we all know what you are. You hide behind your mask like it’s something to fear. Nobody’s been afraid of you for years. The only reason she was afraid was because she knew her comeuppance was going to happen. Luckily, I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen now.


I know you’re probably pouting because I took your title. It’s almost like history repeating itself, isn’t it? Except this actually was your title, the other title wasn’t yours. The world title was mine. That is something that makes people very salty. How could I do that? Here’s the secret, all this time you wanted to be mad at her, Miss Goody Two Shoes because she awarded herself the title. I’ve said for a while that I’ve been here in her body, just not in control. Guess what, Shaney? That was one of the times I took control and my words came out of her mouth. I gave us the title. She struggled so much wanting to do the right thing! She wanted to give the title to the person who earned it, but I knew that we earned it, I earned it. You’ve been mad at her, but it was me all along. So, I guess you are going to be facing the right person in the ring, the person who has the balls to say no one wanted you back. No one needs you back and the title is going to look great where it is, in my possession. I know that is going to hurt you more. Knowing that 15 years of preparing wasn’t enough. That you, are not enough!


The funny thing is, though, if you would have come back to HOW any other way would anyone really care? No, instead you had to use me again! History repeating itself, you need me again. You need me for your relevance, you need me because without me there’s no reason to care about you.


We weren’t friends, so, let’s make sure that narrative is cleared. No, Scottywood and I became friends, Darkwing and I became friends, and you and I were working acquaintances. You weren’t my BFF. (Where I run to about everything), you were just somebody I needed to get what I wanted. I know that hurts, and I know you’ll feel that it’s a rewrite of history, but it’s the truth of the matter and sometimes the truth hurts. The truth is absolute, so, it’s absolutely true that I became the world champion, not you.


Did I hurt your little feelings? 15 years to be that upset. Do you want me to put a Band-Aid on it, kiss the boo-boo, and make it better? You want me to cuddle you, is that what you need? Because I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to hurt your feelings in wrestling and if you’re really aching that badly 15 years later? She’s got more issues than you want to address and they have nothing to do with me. But it’s okay, I’m used to misdirection. I just didn’t realize you were that pathetic. I mean, sure, I knew you were pathetic. We all knew you were pathetic, you’re King Emo, but is it pathetic to be that broken, heartbroken, and hurt by a girl? I’m not even saying that in a gendered way, I’m just saying, really dude? You’re not better than that? Telenovelas have held less grudges than you.


You’re not the first person to come back to try to get revenge on me because of the past. The funniest thing is, you’re not even the person I screwed over the most. But because of that one choice, that one decision, it’s forever cemented me as the person who screws over everyone. Sometimes, you need to lean into that. I’ve done some pretty horrible things, despicable things like actually costing a friend his stake in HOW ownership. Along with his last chance for the world title. It’s far worse than what I’ve done to you. But that’s the one that sticks out like a sore thumb, that’s the one everyone likes to bring up and call back. So, sometimes, you have to lean into it, if you want me to be the bad guy? I will be the bad guy, except this time I’m doing it with pleasure and joy. It’s where we’re at, isn’t it? I’m still the Judas, the betrayer, and sometimes I have to laugh at that one.


Awarding myself the title is one thing, but I’ve done so many more horrible things. 15 years ago set us on this path to become the people we are today. 15 years ago cemented the future in a way that neither of us could have ever comprehended. At War Games, the aftermath no one predicted. Certainly not me. Our name had become synonymous with War Games because of me, but your name had become something that was just an obscured pop culture reference.


Let’s play sliding doors and an episode of what if, you will. Let’s go back 15 years ago, let’s say I awarded you that title. I would have stood in your shadow. You would have been back sooner. You would have had no reason to stay retired. Like it or not, Shane, this is one of the moments that helped shape who you would become. It was a Canon event that had to happen for this to happen. Yes, I can make fun of the grudge all I want, but for you to have that hunger, that hate, that burning desire to destroy me? I needed to do this. True, I didn’t know that it would go down this road, but isn’t it so much more fun to see what happened instead of just going with the flow?


Like who could have predicted your virtue signaling. It’s a great look. Emo’s can be so woke and yet still blind the same time. Emo has no color, gender, etc; that’s true but his followers are dudes and chicks. He had to make a point of that, why? If you have to point out you’re doing something, it’s pandering. Congratulations, welcome to the 21st century, bud. Do you want a cookie for that? Let me pull it out of my bag of fucks I don’t have to give. You have people with vaginas… is that supposed to help your case? I mean, a cult is still a cult. A cult won’t change history, will it?