A Lesson To Be Learned

A Lesson To Be Learned

Posted on November 4, 2023 at 10:58 pm by Scott Stevens

Location: Chicago, Illinois: The Best Area

Date: November 4, 2023

The screen opens up to outside the famed, Best Arena, in Chicago. The marquee sign brightens up the night sky has the HOTv championship graphic appears before the silhouettes of Bobbinette Carey and John Sektor appear on either side highlighted and promoting the Main Event of a special edition of Monday Night Chaos. As we turn towards the arena, we begin to motion forward before fading inside of the arena where the usual darkened arena two days before showtime time mysteriously lit up like a Christmas tree. As we make our way to find out what is making all the commotion, we see that the High Octane Vision is on. The camera zooms in on the screen to see what is begin played.

A graphic appears with Chaos 44 (9/24/23).

The Texan and the Brit look at each other for what seems like an eternity before Stevens breaks the stalemate.

Benny Newell: What the fuck is this?

Joe Hoffman: Looks like a handshake Benny.

That exactly what it is as Scott Stevens has extended his hand to Drew Mitchell, but the Brit doesn’t seem impressed.

Benny Newell: I don’t think he wants to shake his hand.

Stevens is taken a back as Mitchell doesn’t shake his hand and the Texan’s blood begins to bubble at the sheer disrespect being shown.

Scott Stevens: Shake my hand.

Stevens says to Drew who smirks.

Scott Stevens: I said shake my hand you ungrateful piece of shit!

Stevens shouts and Drew responds by slapping the hand away and connecting with a left jab.

Joe Hoffman: Drew with a sucker punch to Stevens.

Stevens who is turned away from Drew begins to dab his lips to see if it’s bleeding before balling up his right fist to retaliate and when he does all he sees is Drew Mitchell leaping at him.


Joe Hoffman: It’s called the Tenchi Crush and his name is Drew Mitchell Benny.

Benny Newell: WHATEVER!

Drew crawls to Stevens and makes a cover.




Hortega signals for the bell.


Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall…he is DREW! MITCH-EEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

The HOV goes static before coming to life again as another graphic comes up with Chaos 45 (10/1/23).

Drew reaches down to pick up Stevens, but receives an up kick for his troubles. Drew charges back in and Stevens quickly grabs him and spins before slamming him into the canvas.


Joe Hoffman: Double S Spinebuster by Stevens.

Scott takes a moment to catch his breath before he grabs Drew and places his head between his legs.

Benny Newell: Game Changer time.

Joe Hoffman: It might be.

However, we will never know what was intended as Sunny has jumped onto the apron to distract the ref.

Benny Newell: Someone get that skank off of the fucking apron.

As if on cue, Stevens charges at the ropes knocking Sunny off of the apron. Stevens begins to have words with the fallen manager.

Joe Hoffman: Stevens may have leveled the playing field.

The distraction was all that Drew needed to recover and stab Stevens in the back as he drives both of his knees into the small of the Texan’s back. Drew grabs his opponent and rolls him onto his stomach before picking him up and driving his knees into Scott’s face. Drew pulls Stevens away from the ropes and makes a cover.




Hortega signals for the bell.


Bryan McVay: And your winner by pinfall…he is DREW! MITCH-EEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

The picture on the HOV fades to black once more before coming to life before showing a graphic that reads Chaos 46 (10/8/23).

All of a sudden, a bloodied Drew Mitchell comes flying into the screen and we see Scott Stevens enter the frame carrying a steel chair in his hands. Sunny O’Callahan tries to intervene, but the Texan takes a massive swing at her and she barely gets out of the way of the chair shot and she has a look of absolute horror on her face. Stevens slowly points for her to leave and she quickly exits the area as Scott turns his attention back to Drew Mitchell. Scott opens the chair and places it down right over the throat and chest of Drew before sitting on it like AC Slator.

Scott Stevens: Drew. Drew. Drew. Now that I have your attention, I want to challenge you to one final match.

Stevens tells Drew as he leans forward putting pressure on his throat.

Scott Stevens: Now I know it’ll take you a week to recover to think about it so the go home show before GOD’s House is out of the question. Honestly, you aren’t worthy of being on a pay-per-view with a Hall of Famer because your wins in HOW have been questionable to tainted. So, I challenge you to show up at Chaos 48 and face me. It won’t be a regular match though Drew. No. No.

Stevens shakes his head no as he leans forward even more in the chair.

Scott Stevens: I challenge your bitch ass to a CAGE MATCH!

The HOV goes dark and a single spotlight above the squared circle luminates the arena and we see the disastrous steel cage that will be used in the matchup between Scott Stevens and Drew Mitchell surround the ring, and an individual sitting in the middle as well facing the HOV. The image slowly fades into the ominous structure and we see the individual, whose face is covered by a 97 Red hooded jacket, sitting with their elbows on their knees and their hands under their chin before leaning back and removing the hood to reveal a Jason Voorhees mask.

“Drew. Drew. Drew.”

The familiar voice of Scott Stevens echoes through the hockey mask.

“It has been almost one month since I left you laying in a pile of your own blood challenging you to face me one more time inside the very structure that surrounds me.”

Stevens motions to the cage he stands in.

“And you still aren’t taking this match seriously.”

Stevens’ emotions remain hidden behind the mask, but his body language says a different story.

“I get it Drew, why should you take the challenge, this match, or me seriously because you have not only beaten me before, but you’ve beaten me twice.”

Stevens holds up two fingers before continuing.

“If I was in your position, I’d be pretty confident as well since not only have you beaten a former world champion, but a Hall of Famer to boot so you’re thinking to yourself I must have his number.”

Stevens pauses.

“You may be right, until you aren’t”

Stevens sternly says behind the mask.

“You see Drew, I was just like you when I first got to HOW. I was undefeated just like you and riding a wave momentum that I knew couldn’t be stopped until it was. I had beaten the Television champion pretty easily in a non-title match to earn myself a title shot the next week and I was confident leading into that match I was going to win HOW gold less than a month in. Boy, was I wrong and I got my ass kicked!”

Stevens starts to chuckle.

“People can talk shit about Kirsta Lewis all they want, but on that night, she was a killer and she handled her business that needed to be handled and she embarrassed me handedly because I didn’t take her serious just like you are doing.”

Stevens points towards the camera.

“You see Drew……”

Stevens pauses as he pries the hockey mask from his face and takes a moment to look at it before continuing.

“You should listen to your manager because she knows what she is talking about when she warned you that I would be coming for blood.”

Stevens reiterates her warning before crushing the mask between his bare hands.

“I thought I had your attention when I smashed that steel chair across your head, but apparently, I just scrambled your brains even further. I thought by showing you what you would be up against on HOTv and PWA I’d get your attention then, but apparently, you’re blind and deaf as well.”

The Texan sighs.

“I have been mediator, I have been babysitter and I have given you a thousand opportunities while I was in XPRO with you that maybe you wouldn’t be a smug little piece of shit, but nothing changed, and nothing was done to prevent it from continuing leading to its closure. I have given my blood, my sweat, and my tears for HOW and I’m tired of doing so….”

Stevens takes a piece of the mask and places it on his forehead and digs deep and moves it across until blood begins to trickle down.

“I’m tired of watching pieces of shit use this great company as a cliff note in their resume or shit talk it because they can’t hang here.”

Stevens stops cutting and looks at the mask shard that has his blood dripping down from.

“You’re a cancer Drew Mitchell, and I am here to cut you out from HOW before you can spread even further.”

A sadistic smirk forms over the Texan’s lips as he drops the shard and walks towards the mesh fence.

“I already took out one cancer by the name of Adam Ellis when I sent him back to Soft As Fuck Wrestling. You see Drew, I never had a problem with Adam Ellis. I actually applauded him when he stuck it to Lee Best and decided not to sign with HOW because it showed he wanted to prove himself.”

Stevens gives a nod of approval, but holds up a finger.

“But what did he do afterward?”

Scott lets the question linger before answering it.

“He started to run his fucking mouth and trash the very company that put a spotlight on him, and that I can’t stand!”

Stevens shows a little more emotion as he smashes his fist into his hand.

“I don’t always get along with Lee Best and I’m usually on the other side of his torture and humility, but I have never bashed this place.”

Stevens emphasizes as he motions around the Best Arena.

“High Octane Wrestling is my home and I get sometimes you disagree with your family, but to bash a company that you had your most success in is beyond asinine, it’s plain stupid. So, I showed Adam Ellis just like I’m going to show you in a few days that you don’t take HOW for granted. I sent Adam Ellis back to a place where he can be with the other never-wases and has-beens that talk shit about us because they wish they could us.”

Scott drops the mask shard as he begins to pull on the fence.

“Have you ever been in this type of environment before Drew?”

Stevens asks as he begins to shake the very fence wall.

“I have been in many over my career, but not as many as one would expect with my years of service in this profession because this match is a literal game changer.”

Stevens stops shaking the fence as he begins to walk around the ring rubbing his hand along the mesh.

“Brutality cometh.”

The Texan mutters with each step.

“Usually when you see a cage match in HOW it’s at the annual War Games pay-per-view, but there are many types of cage matches that have popped up, although rarely, and they can be a standard cage or a cell match. Either way, the pain and punishment is still the same. I’d be lying if those matches hadn’t had an effect on me.”

Stevens states with humility in his tone.

“However, that is my cross to bear as I step back into the very match that has taken years off of my career just to prove the point you aren’t as good as you think you are.”

The Texan calmly lays his forehead against the cage before turning towards the camera.

“And on Monday you will find that out the hard way because this structure doesn’t care if you’ve beaten me a thousand times in normal matches because in a normal match you can’t get away with the things you normally want to do to people, but inside the cage you can.”

A sadistic smile forms over Stevens lips.

“All the muscle in the world cannot save you against the unforgiving steel frame of this cage. Can’t use your speed to escape to the outside to catch a breather because you’ll be contained inside with nowhere to go. Your creativity when it comes to your agility is lessened when you have a wall preventing you from using the ropes to soar. You like using the ropes to your advantage, but it’s all legal in the cage Drew. All I have to do is weather the storm of your early onslaught before picking you apart.”

Stevens states as he goes back to sit in his chair and begins to tap his chin with his index finger.

“How do you want it Drew?”

Scott mutters as he motions to the canvas.

“Do you want me to pin you in the center of this very ring after I’ve sliced open and filleted the flesh from your body and left you as a broken and bloody heap?”

Stevens asks, but shakes his head no.

“That would be too easy.”

Stevens answers his own question before snapping his fingers.

“You’re going to make me have to make you submit, aren’t you?”

Scott asks himself as he nods before disagreeing.

“No, even if you submitted, you’d find some excuse to make for you losing the match.”

Stevens tells himself before he begins to nod up and down.

“To leave no doubt, I’m just going to have to beat you until your unconscious enough for me to walk out through the door. No excuses, no trickery, just an old-fashioned ass whooping.”

Scott informs as he slowly rises to his feet.

“You see Drew, there will be no handshakes, no outside interference, only you and I and for once you have to prove to everyone that has seen you from XPRO to live on HOTv and PWA that you are the real deal because deep down we both know you aren’t. Just like Sunny, we both know you have self-doubt going into our match only you hide it behind a mask of arrogance and cockiness. I’m done with masks.”

Stevens states as he brushes the crushed Jason mask away from his Nikes.

“I’m done trying to prove something to someone that refuses to acknowledge me. I’m done taking advice from someone that never carries his end of the bargain. I’m done with all of it!”

Stevens growls as he emphasizes it as well with his arms cutting through the air.

“Like Dr. Dre warned a long time ago, “I’m turning back to the old me.” I’m going back to when I didn’t give two shits about anyone or anything other than myself and winning by any means necessary was the only philosophy that mattered.”

Scott sternly warns before continuing.

“I’m sick of playing the nice guy or telling a story about redemption when I should have been myself all along and you will feel it first hand when I get my hands around your scrawny neck and I’m squeezing the life out of you just like I did to Adam Ellis.”

A sick smirk forms over the Texan’s lips as the thought of squeezing the life out of someone seems pleasurable.

“No Demi-God, no Lonesome Loser, no Everyone’s Favorite Texas Badass.”

Stevens shakes his head no.

“No cool titles or nicknames just boring old Scott fucking Stevens looking to cripple you.”

Scott informs as he motions for the camera to zoom in.

“This Monday, are you ready to bleed Drew?”

Stevens asks as he reaches up with his right hand and smears the blood from his forehead over his face like paint.

“Because I am.”

Stevens says before placing his bloody palm onto the camera screen before smearing it as he starts to exit the ring.