A Flash in the Pan

A Flash in the Pan

Posted on November 25, 2021 at 9:53 am by John Sektor

Missouri Valley Wrestling

Wrestling Night in the Heartland on HOTv

Peoria Civic Center

Peoria, IL

Saturday November 20th, 2021


“Get the FUCK off me!” 

I managed to slip loose from the gaggle of security goons, for just a second, before I felt a rush of air and something big hitting me from behind. My arms were pinned behind my back and my face pressed into the cold wall like a common street criminal. I’d wrestled the security all the way from the ring to the back and seemed to be slipping further and further away from my target –

‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

“Let me go! Do you know who I am? John fucking Sektor, thats who! And you will release me at once!” I screamed, doing everything I could to get free but it was four to one. 

“Just calm down buddy,” said one of them, trying to soothe me into submission. 

“I aint your fucking buddy, puta! Look, he wants to fight, I want to fight so just let it happen or I will line all of you mother fuckers up and go through each and every one of you.”

I was triggered. More than triggered. I’d seen red and was ready to throw paws at anyone who stood in my way. 

John, John!” called a familiar voice from over my shoulder.

I tried to turn to see who it was but the Gorilla pinning me had full control. I then saw McVay’s face appear in front of mine, looking distraught by what had just happened in his ring on his show. 

“Tell’em to back off Ray!” I ordered. 

“John, you gotta calm down. I know you’re upset but we..”

Upset? Mother-fucker, I aint upset. I’m fucking boiling, right now,” I growled, the words gurgling out of the back of my throat. 

“I know, but I can’t allow you to go brawling with one of my wrestlers. You don’t have a ‘compete’ clause in your contract and I can’t put MVW in a position like that.”

I scoffed and felt like spitting in his face. “Oh shut the fuck up, man. Listen to yourself!”

The look in McVay’s eyes told me that he didn’t like what he was preaching any more than I did. But he had a business to run now and priorities. Once the blood cooled and red myst disappeared I would see it from his angle, but in that moment I just wanted to kill. 

“Sektor, let’s talk about this like calm adults,” he said, letting out a long drawn out sigh. 

“Get these fucks off me and I’ll think about it,” I grunted. 

McVay regarded me with nervous eye movements before reluctantly taking the gamble and giving his goons the nod. There was a delay as though the goons had instincts telling them to think better of it, but my arms fell to my sides all the same. 

I’m not one to throw good will out of the window and I figured Bill was long gone by then. Still seething, I decided to talk to McVay and behave myself. 

“You saw what happened out there Ray..”

“I did. And I don’t like it any more than you did,” he agreed, but I sensed a but coming. “I’m as furious with Bill as you are and believe me there will be consequences for his actions. But John, Adam’s a big boy and if he wishes to follow in your footsteps then he’s going to come up against much worse than what Bill did.”

“Except this wasn’t about Ellis,” I snapped back. “That Redneck cunt was looking ME In the eyes when he was trying to end that kid’s career!”

McVay awkwardly scratched the back of his head as another exhausted sigh escaped from his mouth. 

“You’re his manager. You were at ringside and could have thrown in the towel if you wanted..”

I felt my face screw up like a bulldog chewing a wasp. 

“Throw in the towel?” I gasped, cocking my head to the side as I glared at Ray. “You’re talking to John Sektor here Ray. Don’t even talk about throwing in no towels!”

Ray nodded vigorously, hearing my point and conceding that it wasn’t ever an option. 

“Look John, I’m going to be watching Bill like a hawk. The second he steps out of line again I’m going to suspend his ass. And he will step out of line, I guarantee it.”

“I’d much prefer it if you pointed me to his locker room so I can go to work on him myself,” I growled, still feeling my chest heaving up and down with bubbling rage. 

McVay smiled, as though he liked the sound of it himself. 

“I’d love to. But I can’t. In HOW? You can do whatever you want. But this is MVW and you are a manager here. This is Adam’s fight and they will settle it between themselves. Don’t let Bill get in your head, you’re better than that.”

He was wrong. I wasn’t better than that. I don’t know why but seeing Bill deliberately trying to hurt my protegee brought out some paternal instinct in me. I didn’t realise how protective I was over Adam but I wanted to respond like any father would seeing their son getting unnecessarily beaten when they can’t defend themselves. 

But I just bowed my head, feeling my hands tied in that situation. McVay placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder, just as another voice perked up my senses. 

Baby, are you okay?”

I felt Regan’s toned frame lunge into my own, with her slender arms linked tightly around my neck and the smell of her auburn hair filling my nostrils. 

I still haven’t confronted her about the fact that I had found out she used to share the same last name as me. My best hope was that she was a distant cousin or something, but my gut told me it had something to do with my brother, which meant that she had some kind of agenda with me that I didn’t like. But instead of blowing my cover on the whole thing I’d decided to play the long game and see how it all unfolds, with myself one step ahead in the game.

She pulled back far enough to cup my face in her hands whilst looking into my soul. I gave her a cold, unreadable expression in return. 

“Look at your eye!” she gasped, touching something above my eye that caused a sharp flinch. 

The tip of her finger had my blood on it. I must have gotten busted open in my brief scrap with Bill. That’s the beautiful thing about adrenaline, you don’t feel a thing until it wears off. 

“It’s gonna need stitches,” she diagnosed, grimacing. She was either a great actress or genuinely cared about seeing me hurt. I still can’t tell. 

“Guy’s I gotta go,” McVay said awkwardly. 

“It’s fine Ray, I aint gonna cause no more trouble,” I said, waving him off. 

He gave me a knowing nod as he walked away, leaving his goons behind to make sure I kept my word. With the dust settling I suddenly realised where my next priority lay.

“Where’s Adam? I gotta go see him,” I said.

I was about to walk off when the expression on Regan’s face changed my mind. 

“Now don’t panic,” she began.

What? What’s wrong, where the fuck is he?”

“He’s fine! He’s on the way to the hospital and..”

As soon as I heard the word ‘hospital’ I marched forwards towards the exit but she grabbed me by the wrist. 

“John, he’s okay! He’s awake. A little punch drunk and they think he has a concussion. They just want to run some tests to be safe,” she explained.

“I still have to go see him!”

“John, you have a plane to Ireland to catch in less than two hours,” she continued, putting her business hat on. “And you need to get that cut seen too.”

“Fuck that! I’m not even booked, this is more important.”

“John!” she said sternly. “You have contractual obligations for this UK tour. If you don’t make your appearances you won’t get paid.”

I curled my lip in disgust and shook my head.

“That’s all you fucking care about isn’t it? Money,” I spat. 

“It’s not just about money, John. You’re the LSD champion! You have your own brand to look after as well as Adam’s. There is no reason to jeopardize that when Adam is ok, and I can go and check on him.”

She stroked my face with all the empathy and compassion she could muster, looking at me longingly with those beautiful green eyes. 

“I’ll take care of Adam. It’s time to go back to being a champion..”



I didn’t like it, but she was right. I’d only made the trip from the UK to Illinois to look out for Adam in that match and I’d failed. I had to get back to Ireland for Refueled and all the meet and greets that had been booked. I was burning the candles at both ends and finding myself thankful that I wasn’t booked to compete. I’m running on fumes and trying to balance the life of a champion and manager was beginning to take its toll. 

I was still seething at Refueled and couldn’t even stomach Blaire Moise speaking Bill’s name. I ended up burying all of the talent on the roster in the interview just to make myself feel better. I’m cut a frustrated figure and whilst my mind is still over at MVW with Adam I have the fact that I have no worthy challenger for Iconic to deal with. 

Ray did keep his word. Turns out old Bill decided to interfere in the men’s title match that very night, earning himself a suspension until he and Adam go at it again, in a steel cage, at Evening of champions. 

So with that issue on the backburner, for now, it was time for me to turn my attention back to my own career. It seems my rant on the latest Refueled was heard because I’m now set to defend the LSD championship in Leeds against none other than Darin Zion. 

Zion, a man whom I have already defended the LSD championship successfully against. Why is he getting another shot, you may ask? Well, simply put because there is nobody else worth a fuck who deserves it. 

Darin Zion is a lot of things. I happen to think he’s an annoying little prick who needs to know when to shut the fuck up. But above all else he has the heart of a warrior. I know what I’m going to get from Darin Zion every time I face him, which is nothing short of a hundred and ten percent. 

This time he’s even more dangerous. He will have made notes from our last match, which he came close to winning. If he figures out where he went wrong and tightens those screws then he’s heading into Iconic as LSD champion and I’m left looking like a dickhead for chewing out the entire roster and then dropping the belt the following week. 

You live by the sword? You die by the sword. Right? 

Why did it do it? Why did I no-sell the entire roster seemingly unprovoked? 

The same reason Mike Best did. Because I’m a champion! I have an elitist mentality because I don’t believe, I KNOW that I am better than everyone else. Including the son of God himself and I couldn’t give a flying hairy fuck if he or any other cunt on the roster disagrees with that statement because only MY opinion matters. 

It’s the mindset of a champion that sets people like me and Mike apart from the rest of the pack and the reason why people like Darin Zion and Connor Fuse can’t hang on to a championship for any longer than five minutes. 

See, back in the day when I used to roll with Max? He and I would have a constant dispute about which was more difficult: 

Winning a championship?

Or holding onto it..

Now Max argued that winning was the hard part. Because the champion had a mental advantage and he also had to be pinned or submitted to lose it, and there were many more ways for the challenger to leave the ring without the belt. 

He took that belief to his grave and I respect it, because that was his opinion. The way I see it? It’s much more difficult to hold onto a championship. The guy looking to take it from you is always going to throw the kitchen sink at you and put it all on the line, whilst you’re tempted to think about self-preservation so that you aren’t in pieces the next time you have to defend.

Each defence gets harder. Fatigue sets in. The mental drain of energy from the expectation and pressure begin to weigh you down and I’ve made life a hundred times more difficult for myself by trying to run my own wrestling academy and train the next generation John Sektor. 

But I’m different from everyone else. I wasn’t born a champion, I became one. I spent over twenty years perfecting every aspect of my game to become a dominant champion. Even in some of my great reigns with the World and Icon championship, there was always a piece missing to the puzzle. A missing ingredient to the ultimate winning formula of the champion I wanted to be.

With the LSD championship? 

I found it!

Positivity was the key to the lock which I couldn’t find. The reason I kept falling through the trap door and into the abyss every time the going got too tough. I’m complete now. The machine is fully functioning and relies on nothing but positivity for fuel and I have it in abundance. 

Darin Zion could spend the rest of his life trying to figure out what he lacks to be a champion like me, but he’ll never find it. He’s destined to be a flash in the pan and I’m not trying to bury him here. I respect Darin very much as a competitor. 

But he doesn’t have what it takes to beat me. He doesn’t have what it takes to represent the division which I have made more relevant than it ever has been. He doesn’t have the legs to carry this division forward into a new era and take it out of the Icon’s shadow and into the stratosphere. 

That’s a job only I can do and If I slip on a banana skin and allow Darin Zion to take the LSD championship to Iconic then all of that hard work is gone in an instant. 

So I put my issues with Bill to the side. I leave Adam behind in the states with all my other worries and I lock back in. I train hard. I focus on Darin Zion and for added kicks I channel all of that anger I have into positive energy and unleash it on the man who stands before me. 

Darin promised the world that he would cut down anyone who stands in his way. Well I’m in your way Darin. But more importantly?

You’re in mine..