A Fight for the Ages; Operation Lonewolf

A Fight for the Ages; Operation Lonewolf

Posted on April 14, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

This past Sunday sure was one for the ages, wasn’t it?  You had Hollywood and a Kostoff going against an Alliance….something that has been so synonymous with HOW’s history.  It didn’t disappoint, either.  Evan Ward sold out and for what?  Seems to me the Final Alliance doesn’t have all their ducks in a row.  That’s quite alright to me.  I saw what Evan Ward did in the final minutes of our match.  He recognized what was going on, what was going to happen, and he fucking BAILED!  If you want one of your strongest representatives of The Final Alliance acting like that?  I mean, I don’t fear what will happen to the Final Alliance, I only wonder what the GOD of HOW must be thinking.  Dissension in the ranks?  I don’t know.  It’s never cut and dry with any Alliance.  It’s never just black and white.  It’s more than that.  I know because at one point…I was part of the Alliance…but that was a long time ago.  A lot has changed in the last eight years.  Jesus fuck me…has it been that long already?  I guess time slips away from you when you lose your spot at the top.  You become irrelevant, a relic of the past.  You fight like keith motherfucking sweat not to just fade into obscurity and it’s been hard for me.  Very hard.  Times have surely changed and I’m just now getting things figured out for myself.  I also apparently have a brother out there somewhere.  You know, never in a million years did I ever expect I would find out something that shocking. I thought I reached a point in my career where you couldn’t surprise me with anything anymore.  I’ve seen A LOT in my career..so to tell me I could still be surprised is a big thing.  So now there’s this cloud that hangs over me…I have my focus on becoming elite again in the land of High Octane…but I also have this brother out there that I MUST find and connect with him.  But he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him.  I think what I fear the most is being rejected by him.  I’m a man with VERY FEW family members left in this world.  So whoever he is and wherever he is…I want to find a way to connect with him however possible.  I don’t know if he shares a love for wrestling like I do.  I mean..who knows…it’s in the blood.  Perhaps it’s in him too.  I don’t have many allies and friends left in this world let alone this business.  So it’s my duty to make the most of it.  I’m also in for perhaps the biggest fight of my life this Sunday night as well.  I may have pinned Aceldama in the tag team match…but I’d be a fool to expect anything but a bloody blood fight…especially in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  Whether it came to my career in HOW or what was going on in my personal life one thing was constant….I was in a fight for my future in both worlds…I just wasn’t aware just how much..




Little Rock, Arkansas


The 109 & Co.


Brian Hollywood was truly about to go this thing alone.  That’s how much his mission was in finding out who his brother was.  Buck Wringley seemingly already had discovered Hollywood had a long lost brother out there.  I think what was most disturbing was the fact of WHY Buck didn’t tell Hollywood he had a brother out there.  Imagine the message that sent to Hollywood?  One of his best friends discovering, who knows how much sooner than Hollywood had found, that he was going to keep that information from him.  It was only proving Hollywood right even further in the current mission he was on.  Buck was always the voice of reason, even when Gerald was in his ear.  CIA life was CIA life.  You had to learn…how to adapt to operating without any connections to the world.  It didn’t seem to matter to Gerald…he was good at what he did.  But without Hollywood Enterprises in operation at the time, there was a rift that was noticeably there with Gerald and Hollywood.  Gerald had taken on more jobs but here lately, it seemed like things were looking like Hollywood was the enemy than the ally.  You work for the CIA long enough..they will try to drive a wedge between any of their assets closest friends.  Although to be fair, The Chair was involved in a lot of dealing the CIA were monitoring..Hollywood just became collateral by guilty of association..which was just as much as a death sentence when it came to the CIA.


Hollywood finds himself inside a local bar in Little Rock, Arkansas. The site of Chaos on Sunday.  The 109 & Co was a pretty chill bar and Hollywood wasn’t looking to draw attention to himself.  Still…it wasn’t just a lowly bar.  It was a popular bar.  Perhaps Hollywood had visited it at the right time seeing as how it wasn’t too busy.  Hollywood sighs as he was sitting at the bar trying not to draw attention to himself.  He didn’t exactly ditch his detail which were the TSA.  They went where he went and maybe that’s what Hollywood hated about them.  If people knew who they were, they knew Hollywood wouldn’t be too far away.  They were his detail and he paid good money for them…despite them also being loyal to The Chair.  Even though Hollywood hadn’t had any contact with The Chair in in the last few days, they were still in his employ…despite Hollywood buying them out.  Hollywood shakes his head as he asks the bartender to hit him again.  He was drinking Wild Turkey but he was keeping his senses about him.


Bartender: “You waiting on any company, friend?”


Brian Hollywood: “What’s it to you?”


Hollywood shrugs his shoulders as he taps his glass.


Brian Hollywood: “Just pour me another drink.”


The bartender lets out a slight smirk but doesn’t reply to Hollywood as he indeed obliges Hollywood and pours him another drink.  Hollywood was in town for his HOW match against Aceldama and he was in for the fight of his life.  Even still…that didn’t stop him from setting up any particular meetings.  As the bartender pours Hollywood another drink you could hear the door open to the bar.  Hollywood didn’t turn around as he really didn’t care.  But it didn’t even matter as the man who showed up behind Hollywood stops just behind his back and he says something to him.


???: “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!  You weren’t lying when you said to meet you here!”


Hollywood wasn’t alarmed by the man who was talking to him.


Brian Hollywood: “Why don’t you have a seat….Lukas.”


Unphased and not surprised, Hollywood replies to the man as we quickly see it is none other than Hollywood’s old nemesis turned friend, Lukas Montana.  Lukas shakes his head and takes a seat right next to Hollywood at the bar.


Lukas Montana: “When you said you were laying low…I didn’t think you meant right up here at a popular bar!”


Brian Hollywood: “You’ve got some learning to do my friend.  If you want to hide….you hide out in plain sight.  Let’s just say it’s a trick I picked up.”


Lukas Montana: “Yea, well, you’ve got a blind spot…and it’s your god damn detail!  So tell me…what are you doing here and what made you resurface here of all places?”


Hollywood takes a shot of his whiskey all while remaining poised.


Brian Hollywood: “Well..let’s just say I’ve learned a startling development.  Not only did I find out a I had a brother…but Buck and Gerald apparently already knew about it!”


Lukas was shocked to hear Hollywood say he had a brother.


Brian Hollywood: “Oh you didn’t hear…did you?”


Lukas Montana: “You’re fucking A right I didn’t know!  What the fuck, Brian?!  That’s HUGE news!  That’s the type of news that doesn’t stay private for long!”


Brian Hollywood: “Yea, no shit, Lukas!  You think I don’t know that?!  I think somehow I’ve always fucking known.  I just didn’t want to admit it. I learned about it awhile ago…I just didn’t want to believe in the whole hype.  With me running off with The Chair in search for the man who murdered my sister, I never would have thought I would uncover a whole investigation about it all!  I did not foresee this.  What’s worse….I haven’t told The Chair of my discovery.”


Lukas shakes his head but isn’t all that surprised Hollywood hasn’t revealed that information.


Lukas Montana: “Well, I can say I’m not surprised that you never told him.  That’s a stunning development.  The two of you may have your feud on hold…but if he were to learn something like that?  I can’t say that he wouldn’t try to hold that over your head to try and keep you loyal to him and his cause.  I don’t know if you’ve heard all the chatter, but everyone at home back in Los Angeles think you’ve grown too close to The Chair.”


Brian Hollywood: “Listen man….you don’t know him like I do!  Surprisingly, my time with him hasn’t been all that agonizing.  The guy has actually looked out for me more than Gerald and Buck have lately.  I hate saying that…but recent events haven’t told me any better…”


Lukas couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t want to.  He didn’t believe what Buck and Gerald were saying about Hollywood.  Lukas had become a loyal friend to Hollywood and here he was sitting next to him and he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  Buck and Gerald were actually right…despite the questionable methods they were taking in trying to bring their good friend into custody.


Lukas Montana: “Brother…I wish I didn’t have to hear that with my own ears!  I met you out of good faith!  I trusted in you and I gave you the benefit of the doubt!  I know you’re trying to get justice for your sister…but you’ve grown too close with The Chair!  I didn’t wanna believe Gerald and Buck…but they’re absolutely right!”


This didn’t set well with Hollywood who, after hearing that, was already gripping the shot glass in his hand.  He gripped it so hard, it shattered which caused a stir among the other bar patrons inside.  Hollywood doesn’t look around, though, as he doesn’t appear to want to draw attention to himself at the same time.  Lukas sits in silence but he obviously knows he struck a nerve within Hollywood.


Brian Hollywood: “You know…I really wished you weren’t like the other two!  I brought you in my inner circle and learned to trust you!  I just wished that you would return the god damn fucking favor!  I’m at a vulnerable point in my life right now!  I don’t want to admit it…but right now I’m alone in my quest in finding answers.  You were once my nemesis…but I saw the good in you and took you in after you lost everything.  So maybe I’m just asking for a little god damn return in the favor!”


Lukas sighs but he knew Hollywood was right.  He knew Hollywood had put a lot of faith into him..especially the secrets that he knew would bring Hollywood crumbling down if he was looking for a vendetta in bringing him completely down.  Hollywood wasn’t profiting off Hollywood Enterprises right now as it was going through renovations after the explosion to the big behemoth company.  Hollywood took Lukas in after Lukas lost his entire empire to Hollywood so the least he could do was return the favor.


Lukas Montana: “You know what?  You’re right, Hollywood.  I’m sorry.  If you want to see this thing through…I would love to help you out and see it through with you.  At least you could know that you had a friend..an ally that hasn’t given up on you when everyone else has.  So let’s do this.  The least I can do is return the risk factor for you.  You believed in me when no one else did…even when Gerald and Buck told you not to give me a chance.  The fact that you took a chance on me and went against the advice of some of your best friends means everything to me.  So let me return the favor and help you find everything that means to you.  It’s the least I can do.  I know you’re busy on the front of Roberto who murdered your sister…but you have another quest in front of you and that’s finding your brother.  So let me help you take some of the load off.  Besides….I know you’re in town preparing for your HOW match against Aceldama.  I know you have a lot on your plate.”


Hollywood slowly nods his head.


Brian Hollywood: “I appreciate what you just said, Lukas.  I knew I was right about you those years ago.  I have good intuition and I’m happy to have your help in my employ!  See if you can ask around town.  I still don’t want The Chair to know about what I’m doing here.  He’ll likely find out sooner rather than later…but I want a head start in this.  In the meantime…I do want to best prepare for my match against Aceldama.  He’s no pushover and I wanna be ready for him at all costs.  I know it’s just as important as finding my brother…but my career is finally picking back up in HOW and I wanna make sure I keep myself sharp at all costs in HOW.”


Hollywood and Lukas pat each other on the shoulder before sharing a hug, which was an out of character moment for Hollywood who had seemingly been tapping more and more into his emotions as of late as Hollywood had at least ONE ally helping him hunt down his long lost brother as the scene slowly fades to black…






Well I tried to tell you all what would happen last Sunday.


It seems to be an ever growing theme around here in HOW lately.  I’m pitted against the Final Alliance and I do exactly what I said I was going to do.  I went into the match with an ally in Kostoff and him and I did what HOW history has always written in the history books.


We both came out with the win.


Everyone will say the only reason we won was because Evan Ward got butt hurt and decided to go into business for himself and leave Aceldama high and dry.  But I don’t associate the win with Evan’s reluctance.  I refuse to acknowledge that.


Evan recognized what was happening and he decided to play it fair to himself.  I don’t know what kind of message that sends to the GOD of HOW himself, Lee Best, but he definitely couldn’t have been happy with it.  Lee should have recognized a threat when he saw one.  Booking the Final Alliance against Kostoff and myself was a risky ploy.  Surely he would have known what the outcome could have been.  Right?


Who fucking knows. With Lee, you can dismiss anything.  Maybe, he was in Evan’s ear.  Or maybe Evan wanted to make sure he didn’t add a blemish to his record.  I mean, after all, the GOD of HOW has invested A LOT in both Evan and Aceldama.  I mean, for fuck sakes, Lee went all the way to Russia in breaking out the HOW Hall of Fame legend.  Surely Lee must have known something and implored the services of Aceldama.


I’m not a fucking idiot, though.


I know how dangerous Aceldama is.  I did my homework and sure I got the pin on him…but I’d be foolish not to discount Aceldama in my upcoming match.  I know I’ve struck a cord in The Final Alliance and with Lee himself.  I know Lee knows what kind of threat I can be against his little Alliance.  I mean, after all, I was once working on the GOD of HOW’s side.  I know the Alliance inside and out…and I know Lee inside and out.


I know for a fact that Lee was not happy that I secured the victory last week….let alone that a Kostoff was involved in the win.  But what Lee fails to realize is that as long as there is a Hollywood and a Kostoff in HOW….he will truly never achieve what he wants to accomplish.  I have no problem admitting that.  However, I would be an absolute fucking FOOL to dismiss Aceldama in our Falls Count Anywhere Match.


I know I’ve gotten under the skin of the GOD of HOW and The Final Alliance as a whole.  If I’m being targeted week in and week out and subject to attacks from The Final Alliance and more matches with them…I know what I’m doing is the right thing.  It also means I’m on the right track in taking it to the Final Alliance.  But The Final Alliance is under scrutiny and immense pressure right now, right?  I know my Falls Count Anywhere match against Aceldama is an important one….but as long as I’m around here in HOW…I promise I will not rest until I end The Final Alliance in its current inception!


I didn’t need Scott Stevens interfering in my match last week!  He may have his personal vendetta against the Alliance, but I have my own and I’ll have you know, as long as I’m around, I will make sure the Final Alliance doesn’t succeed in their mission to dominate HOW.


I’ve seen what happens when the Alliance crumbles.  There is obvious evidence of that.  If Lee wants to head into War Games, he has to make sure he has a solid team representing him heading into the big PPV.  I do NOT see that right now.  But if history has taught me anything…that’s not to take Aceldama lightly.


Sure, I own a win against you Aceldama…but I’ve followed your career too much to discount you.  I know you’re going into our match will all cylinders firing and I know I didn’t just pin an opponent last week.  I’ve known for quite sometime that you’ve wanted to return to the monster you once were.  Maybe that’s why Lee hasn’t given up on you.  Maybe that’s why he pitted you against me this week in giving you that chance to prove you still can be the monster he was hoping he saw in you.


But I’m not fucking stupid, Aceldama!


You go against a man who has proven time and time again he can foil the plans of any incarnation of the Alliance.  Maybe that’s why he booked us in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  But don’t you understand what you’re getting yourself into, Aceldama?!  This isn’t an ordinary match against me, is it?  This isn’t an ordinary wrestling match and if there’s one thing I’ve proven in HOW lately is that I can go the distance with just about anyone as of late.  That includes Christopher America and Conor Fuse.  I know I face a daunting task in facing you this week…but I’ve slowly found my niche again in HOW and I’ve grown confident with each passing week I’ve been able to hang with HOW’s best competitors.


So I implore you, Aceldama….show me what your best capable of.  Because I know for a fact I’ll show you mine.


I know what I possess within me and I know with each passing week it grows closer to War Games and I’m STILL around…that’s just the more dangerous I become and the GOD of fucking HOW KNOWS IT!


So I hope you aren’t expecting to leave me out there a shell of my former self because I know I have what it takes to hang with the best of them and I’ll prove it again by notching another win against the Alliance come time this Sunday!


Until then, Aceldama!  War it shall continue!