A Dance With Destiny

A Dance With Destiny

Posted on October 23, 2023 at 5:39 am by Charles de Lacy

Miami, Florida. The land that taste forgot. A fool’s paradise of lobster-skinned retirees and MAGA-spouting boors marinating in an acrid climate of tropical heat and reactionary politics. This is the setting for my greatest challenge? This is the backdrop for my crusade against the vacuity of American culture?


Hhhuhhh. Sort of fitting, I suppose.


Our arrival had been anything but smooth. The journey from backwoods Georgia to this sun-soaked hovel a series of misadventures, each more absurd than the last. In the interests of frugality we had decided to drive to Florida, but Mickey, my trusty but linguistically challenged Cockney manservant, had managed to misunderstand the GPS at every turn, taking us on a detour through what seemed like every backwater hamlet between Savannah and our final, ill-fated destination.

At our first pit stop, Mickey mistook a ‘Grits’ sign for ‘Gifts’ and before I knew it, we were seated at a dingy diner, facing a mountain of what looked like steaming oatmeal. Mickey, with his usual culinary bravado, dove into the mound with gusto only to realize, three mouthfuls in, that Southern cuisine was not to his liking. 

Our second mishap occurred when we were flagged down by a local sheriff who seemed bewildered by our accents and our insistence that we were indeed headed to Miami for “a cultural expedition of the most earnest kind.” The sheriff, whose eyebrows seemed to touch the sky with every word we spoke, eventually let us go, but not before advising “y’all take care with that fancy talk down in Miami.”

As we crossed into Florida, the scenery did little to inspire. Rows of garish billboards advertising alligator wrestling and citrus fruit the size of Mickey’s head lined the highways. But it was the final leg of our journey that truly tested our mettle.

As fate would have it, Mickey’s cherished car, a dilapidated Morris Minor, broke down just as we approached the city, in a place where the palm trees seemed to wilt in despair, or perhaps in premonition of the cultural desert we were about to enter. Our salvation came in the form of a tow truck driven by a burly man named Cletus, who seemed to have a deep appreciation for British sitcoms, judging by his attempt to mimic a high-pitched English accent which sounded like a cross between Queen Elizabeth II and Elmer Fudd.

We finally rolled into Miami with the sun setting on the shimmering city, Mickey’s face no doubt mirroring my own in its weary amusement. The cacophony of neon lights and salsa music welcomed us as we braced ourselves for the untold escapades that awaited in the humid embrace of the Magic City.

It was at this juncture that the gory reality of our limited budget became apparent. The only lodging within our means was a motel that seemed to have been the muse for every schlocky horror film ever made – the sort of slovenly abode that would no doubt have appealed to Shane Reynolds’ macabre sensibilities. And so, with more than a sense of indignation, Mickey and I checked into this flea-infested hole. The dingy neon sign flickered ominously, as if warning us of the night that lay ahead.

The room was a pit of despair, with stains on the carpet that had more history than the city itself. The wallpaper depicted serene beach scenes and sunset vistas but, yellowed with age and cigarette smoke, seemed to cling to the walls for dear life. We were, however, undeterred.

Our spirits needed lifting, and lift them we did. With the local liquor store – a dubious establishment nestled between a pawn shop and an “exotic” pet store – just a stone’s throw away, we decided to invest in a bottle of wine. The label promised a ‘full-bodied’ experience, but neglected to mention the full-bodied headache that would accompany it.

We uncorked the dubious nectar back at our temporary abode, and as the first sips of the acidic concoction slid down our throats, we could feel the burn. But Mickey, ever the optimist, declared it “a fine vintage if you squint hard enough.” So, squint we did, and as the evening wore on, the wine somehow tasted less like battery acid and more like a poor man’s Bordeaux.

Amid bouts of laughter, poorly sung renditions of British pub songs – Mickey’s interpretation of Tom Jones’ Delilah was particularly affecting – and philosophical musings on American culture, we gradually succumbed to the gut-rot wine’s sedative properties. The world around us blurred into a haze of ill-advised toasts and raucous laughter.

As the night dragged on, we found ourselves slumped over the moth-eaten motel furniture, the bottle of cheap wine now an empty vessel of our earlier mirth. The clamour of the city outside faded as we descended into an alcohol-induced stupor, our snores competing with the buzzing of the flickering neon sign outside.

Thus, in a room that reeked of stale cigarettes and regret, Mickey and I greeted Miami, our senses dulled to the hum of the unknown adventures that awaited us with the dawn.



A sudden explosion snapped me awake. Whether a car backfiring or gunfire, I did not know, but it had the effect of hurling me back into the harsh reality of the city’s unrest. Any quaint notion of a serene morning was further disabused by Mickey, who, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, delivered a proposition that shook me even further from the comforting arms of slumber.

“Mr Charlie, reckon it’s ‘bout time we got to know this Yankee culture, ey? Might shed some light on Reynolds’ antics,” he chimed, with a tone that bore the hallmark of a profound insight typically reserved for the sagacious minds of the realm.

His words, though garnished with a thick cockney twang, bore a kernel of wisdom that was hard to ignore. The idea of delving into the heart of American culture in an attempt to unmask the enigma that is Shane Reynolds, while not immediately appealing, did possess a certain je ne sai quoi. As the wise often say, to grasp the essence of one’s foe, one must wade through the river of his existence, or in our case, trudge through the quagmire of Shane Reynold’s warped psyche. Who knows, perhaps the key to his malaise lay in the sun-soaked decadence of Miami, a city where the line between illusion and reality, opulence and degradation, blurs, mirroring the tangled narratives of his inner world.


Just who is Shane Reynolds?

No, this isn’t mere rhetoric, nor a prelude to a cliched diatribe against a forthcoming opponent. I demand an answer. Who is he? His is a name that reverberates through the hallways of this company, certainly, but it is a name that remains cloaked in mystery, felt yet never embraced. What lies behind the mask, beneath the veneer of that brooding enigma?

On the surface, his dark demeanor stands at odds with the sun-soaked revelry of Miami. While this city dances to the rhythm of sun, sea, and reckless abandon, Reynolds lurks in the shadows, stewing in contemplation and quiet intensity. Indeed, if Miami’s rhythm is a lively salsa, his is a funeral march. Just picturing his pale, leather-clad figure amidst the sun-kissed bodies of Hawaiian-shirted jocks and bikini-wearing sorority girls is a study in contrasts. Like a melancholy mime in pancake makeup, lost in a bacchanalian orgy, a stark silhouette of gloom amidst the vibrant colors of HOW’s ostentation.

But upon closer scrutiny, doesn’t he mirror this city? A facade of bravado veiling a core of decay? A slave to morphine’s cruel embrace, the shackles of addiction he wears a grim echo of a society ensnared in the vicious cycle of instant gratification and self-medication. His desperate antics for recognition, as superficial and fleeting as Miami’s gaudy attractions.

Indeed, here’s a man, so desperate for my attention, so in thrall to the validation of the masses, that he’d desecrate the grave of my ancestor just to send a message. You took a sledgehammer to marble in an attempt to diminish my heritage, Shane, but your futile rage cannot shatter the honor and legacy that courses through my veins. Your theatrics in the Abbey of Saint-Étienne were a grotesque display of the shallowness of your character, revealing nothing but your own pettiness and desperation for relevance.

You wallow in the ashes of my past, yet I stand here as a living testament to a legacy you’ll never fathom, much less dismantle. Your delusions of grandeur are on the verge of shattering, just as this city’s facade crumbles under the harsh glare of the Florida sun.

You prance around the ring with a sense of entitlement, a false king in a land of pretenders. Your theatrics might dazzle the naive, but to the discerning eye, they unveil a hollow core desperate for approval. You’re not dealing with some American ingénue, here, you’re dealing with a fully grown British man. I see you for exactly what you are. Your relentless chase for recognition, a grim reflection of a culture besotted by the superficial, the ephemeral. The mask you don, a veil hiding the despair of a lost soul, a desperate cry for a shred of validation amidst a chaos of his own making.

When we step into that ring, the veil will be lifted, the harsh light of truth will lay bare the farce that you are. Your feeble attempts to intimidate, the hollow echo of your taunts, will vanish in the face of a force that is genuine, relentless, and unyielding. This isn’t just a match, Shane. It’s a reality check, one that will strip away the facade and expose the mediocrity lurking beneath.

While you’ve been basking in the false adoration of your followers, I’ve been honing my craft, undeterred by the fleeting allure of fame. I stand here not as a self-proclaimed king but as a battle-hardened veteran, ready to dismantle the myth, the fiction that is Shane Reynolds. Your reign of deceit ends in Miami, Shane. And as the sun sets on this city of pretense, so too will it set on your imaginary empire.

I’m not just fighting to win a match; I’m fighting to expose the vacuous heart that beats within your chest, to unveil to the world the emptiness that is Shane Reynolds. Thee emptiness that is contemporary America. And when the final bell rings, the illusions will shatter, leaving nothing but the cold, hard truth in its wake: that amidst the face paint and the leather, amidst the smoke and mirrors, stood a man unworthy of the crown he so desperately clings to.

My crusade against you, Reynolds, transcends the boundaries of personal rivalry; it’s a microcosm of a larger battle against the insidious culture of superficiality that plagues this land. Each feigned blow from you, each hollow roar from your disciples, resonates with the cries of a nation lost in a maze of false idols. 

But as the dust settles in the aftermath of our confrontation, the world will behold a truth long shrouded in the veil of deceit, that you seek to dismantle a legacy you secretly revere. You crave approval from the very essence you pretend to despise. ME!

Yes, the same desperation that drove you to desecrate sacred ground seeks to usurp a legacy you could never hope to attain.

Let’s face it, I represent everything you long to be, but will never achieve. The elegance of my technique, the reverence with which my name is uttered among circles that understand the true essence of combat, the legacy that trails my every step in and out of the ring; these are accolades not won by reactionary antics nor desperate cries for attention, but earned through years of relentless pursuit of excellence, of facing adversaries who challenge my skill, not mock my essence.

Take a look at our legacies side by side, Shane. Mine is carved in the annals of history, cemented through sweat, blood, and an unwavering resolve. Yours, however, is a fleeting tale, scribbled on the sands of deceit, ready to be swept away by the winds of truth that howl louder with each passing day. The respect I command is not begged for on the whims of a crowd easily swayed, it is earned in battles fought with honor, not in theatrics staged in the shadow of mockery.

Where I have risen through ranks with authentic prowess, you’ve slithered through cracks, a snake fueled by nothing but a deceitful agenda. Your performances in the ring, mere puppet shows that dance to the tune of a hollow applause. Your claim to fame, a house of cards trembling at the whisper of truth. My reputation, on the other hand, is a fortress of valor, standing tall amidst a barren landscape of pretentious charlatans.

You see, Shane, while you’ve been playing dress-up, adorning mask after mask in a feeble attempt to resemble the semblance of a true contender, I have been facing and conquering titans, forging a legacy that will echo through the ages. Each mask you wear, a futile attempt to cover the void of authenticity, each title you claim, a desperate grasp at a glory that will forever remain beyond your reach.

Well, Miami, a city of illusions, is the perfect graveyard for your fantasies, Shane. And as its superficial charm fades away in the harsh light of the coming dawn, so too will the myth of Shane Reynolds be laid to rest, buried under the weight of a legacy built on hollow ground.

Prepare yourself, Shane. Reality awaits.




Upon Mickey’s ingenious suggestion, we found ourselves at the doorstep of a quaint dance studio nestled in the heart of Little Havana. The idea was to immerse ourselves in American culture, to grasp the ethos driving disaffected souls like Reynolds into the wrestling arena with such fervor. The studio was a cauldron of passion and rhythm, a stark departure from the stoic halls of English aristocracy. As the lively beats of salsa resonated through the air, each step and twirl of the dancers seemed to echo the undying spirit of competition that awaited us in the impending match against Reynolds.

As we stood at the threshold, Mickey nudged me, “Oi, Mr. Charlie, this’ll be a proper romp, it will!”

With a gulp of courage, we found ourselves amidst a whirl of twirling dresses and fiery steps. The instructor, a vivacious lady with the spirit of a fiery flamenco, approached us. “Ah, nuevos estudiantes! Ready to dance the dance of passion?” she trilled.

I glanced at Mickey, whose face had taken on a shade I could only describe as ‘startled beetroot,’ before turning back to the instructor. “Ah, well, you see, we’re here more for the cultural appreciation,” I attempted to explain, but was quickly swept into the rhythm as the instructor beckoned us onto the dance floor.

“I believe the term is ‘when in Rome’?” I quipped, attempting a step that resembled a hopscotch maneuver gone awry.

Seizing me by the hand the instructor led me to the centre of the dance floor where she proceeded to show me a series of moves that seemed, to my untrained eye at least, unfathomably complicated. On sensing my hesitancy she assumed a stance of exaggerated patience, as if she were dealing with a particularly slow child. With each misstep of mine, her patience thinned, and her instructions grew more vehement. A crowd began to form around us, their eyes on my clumsy feet trying to match the rhythm that seemed to course naturally through everyone else in the room. The pressure was palpable, the beat of the music was starting to feel like a countdown to my impending embarrassment.

In an earnest attempt to follow her rapid steps, I unfortunately found her toe under my shoe, a sharp cry escaped her lips as the room fell into a silence, broken only by the distant beat of the music which now seemed to mock me. Her face, once warm and inviting, was now a blend of pain and annoyance. She muttered a few choice words under her breath in Spanish, clearly expressing her displeasure.

Desperate to escape the center of attention and her wrath, my eyes darted around the room for an escape route. That’s when I saw Mickey, being pursued around the room by an overly amorous, stout woman whose intentions of sharing a dance with him were as clear as they were unwelcome. His attempts to dodge her advances were as desperate as they were comical, his face a picture of terror as he darted through the crowd with the lady in hot pursuit, her ample bosom bouncing with each step she took.

Seeing no other option, I decided to seize the moment of distraction to extricate myself from the dance floor, mumbling an apology to the still disgruntled instructor as I edged away. I managed to catch up with Mickey just as he was cornered by his pursuer, her arms poised to ensnare him in a dance hold. With a swift maneuver, I pulled Mickey away, and we made a hasty retreat towards the exit, the lively beats of salsa fading into the Miami night as we burst through the doors into the calm outside.

As we caught our breath under the soft glow of the streetlights, the absurdity of the situation struck us. Our cultural excursion had turned into a comedy of errors, to be sure.

With a reflective sigh, I finally broke the silence, “I can’t say I’ve gleaned the depth of American culture from this excursion, Mickey, but one thing’s for sure, I’d hope to prove a more suitable dance partner for Reynolds than I had for the instructor tonight.”

Mickey chuckled, “I wouldn’t worry, Mr. Charlie. I don’t reckon Reynolds’ll  be throwing anything at ‘ya quite as complicated as that salsa malarky! Besides, if he tries to twirl you ‘round like that, just kick him in the spuds!”

Indeed, our misadventures in Miami were far from over, but the ring awaited, and with it, a dance of a different kind.