A Consolation Prize

A Consolation Prize

Posted on February 26, 2020 at 10:23 pm by Deacon

Magdalena stood against a pillar in the lobby. Sterile chairs on the sterile floor might have beckoned her to rest, but she’d spent enough time in them over the last year – she’d rather stand.

She waited, leaning on the pillar. An old couple came through the doors. She smiled. They stared. She smiled broader. They turned and hurried on. With a beep, doors swung open and the Deacon stepped into the room and around the couple whose earlier stares intensified as it always does when the Deacon entered an area of normalcy, even one such as this.

“Got your bag?” Magdalena asked.

Deacon gestured as the exit door slid open & the frigid air whipped into their faces. Magdalena took her trench and wrapped it tightly around her body, picking up her pace to avoid the cold (and keep up with Deacon’s strides). In either instance, it didn’t help. She was cold & briskly being left behind. 

Not for the first time, she wondered if that would be the way things worked. She hoped not, but still. She wasn’t Chris Shepherd, something Lindsay Troy certainly enjoyed reminding her about. She struck it from her mind though, not letting it take root, and focused on the next step – preparing to sell Deacon’s next match for Refueled.

(The Video opens to a cell phone on a desk. A video plays, a match unseen by televised eyes – only cellphone footage captured by fans in attendance and posted on Twitter. There was no play by play, drunken or otherwise, just fans reacting to the action – the Deacon overpowering Black Mamba, and sending him crashing to the mat with the Crucifix Powerbomb for the 3 count. The camera turns slightly from the cell phone to find Magdalena, decked in black leather, her white hair pulled into the rare ponytail. Sitting on a bench in the locker room, the cell phone rests in its stand on a table made for breaking.)

Magdalena: To many, this match will matter less than Deacon versus Black Mamba, talked about but only seen by those who paid for their ticket. The Embosser group had been wrapped up in its second week when… Teddy went over Deacon. Or maybe when… Teddy went over you – Kostoff.

(Magdalena taps her phone. It shows more footage, this time from Refueled 17 – Chris Kostoff completing his match with Black Mamba)

Magdalena: The fact is – you and Deacon failed &… Teddy gets to use this as a way to garner more prestige.

(A swipe of the finger & you hear the announcement of Teddy getting a bye and a tag championship match. Magdalena smirks, bites her lip ring, and then turns back to the camera.)

Magdalena: And I’ll be honest, Kostoff, it doesn’t bother Deacon that he lost – Heavens, he took plenty of L’s in his heyday. It’s that… Teddy won. The guy who persuades the world that success comes from all the things that destroys. The guy who pined for sexual favors, not just from me, but by getting the office to send him Blaire Moise instead of that douchebag Brian Bare. The guy who is the manifest destiny of poorly considered options gets a run in the sun before he flies too close & gets his waxen wings burned into his flesh.

(Magdalena pauses for a moment, as if picturing it, then shivers.) 

Magdalena: And no doubt likes it, at least until he crashes back down to Earth. The problem is… Teddy, is there, and Deacon and you, Kostoff, are here. In a match that doesn’t matter – a consolation prize that lets two veterans in their 40’s collect their salaries and go home.

(Eyebrow arch)

Magdalena: But that’s where I hope things go wrong.

(Followed by that smirk.)

Magdalena: Don’t know you, Kostoff. Deacon’s never met you, but you’re the first beef he’s ran into in the HOW – that alone sets you two apart when the top 4 heading to face the champion barely crack 230, and one doesn’t crack 200. The Kostoff Mute Freak match will be different, even if that’s the only reason.

(Magdalena gets up.)

Magdalena: But I have *faith* that it won’t be. Because if you don’t show up ready to fight, it’ll be the quickest check you ever earned. And if you do, it’ll be the hardest one.

(She knocks on the door. It opens, the Deacon entering the room, his shadowed face only showing the mask that covers his mouth. The Mute Freak is ready to go grab his consolation prize.)