A comfy hoodie

A comfy hoodie

Posted on July 15, 2022 at 10:03 pm by Bobbinette Carey

They say if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all, that doesn’t work in wrestling; in fact it’s the opposite! Everything bad you have to say, make sure they know it in spades. After all these are people that you’re going to have to interact with, so it’s best to be honest. Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy though, right?

It’s the age-old problem that a man can say whatever he wants, and as soon as I do I’m a bitch. 

But it goes much deeper. I was assaulted, kicked in my lady town just for an arrogant fuck boy want to be to make a mockery of what I stand for. What’s worse is I was thrown overboard by the same assailant. 

But his little shenanigans have been going on longer than that haven’t they? Like before war games when we were supposed to be on the same team! I told Scooter that jpd wanted to meet with me. JPD used me to manipulate my best friend. I don’t take kindly to that. Manipulation just to hurt someone I care about. 

But that has been the thing hasn’t it? How do you get to Scottywood the quickest? Me. It all leads back to me and that hotheaded, bougie beer drinking alcoholic. Let’s finally put a label it. We call it friendship. We have always called it that, but that isn’t what it is, is it? No it’s plain as day. I hate having to even admit it to myself. But I know that it’s a codependency. It isn’t healthy… it never has been. It’s that old hoodie that has holes in it and has been washed so many times the color has faded but it’s familiar. You’ll never part with it, it will always be your comfort but sometimes you have to try other hoodies and jackets to accessorize and switch up your wardrobe. 

I get it your men the clothing analogy is probably lost on all of you, but you’ve all had hoodies taken by girlfriends probably or wives or partners so you understand what it’s like to have your favorite hoodie exist. You probably lost it a long time ago but you remember how comfortable that was.

Yes I’m referring to Scooter as a hoodie, it doesn’t mean that we’re done being friends. It just means that our lives are going down different paths. He has to take his path and I have to take mine. Will always be friends he knows that and I know that. With putting space between each other perhaps that means people will stop using the other to manipulate us.

Some people are all about manipulation some people don’t have the skills to be better at anything else but to manipulate people. JPD is attempting to play a dangerous game. He is whispering in poor Mr Godson’s ear. But then again JPD would complain to anybody who would listen to him. 

JPD has a pattern, also an unhealthy one. Why is it that he can’t get along with any other females? He always seems to have problems with someone with a vagina in HOW. His misguiding superiority complex reeks of his misogyny. What I have noticed is every female that does not team up with him he seems to have some sort of problem with. 

Now we can trace it back to childhood normally. When you’re raised around unhealthy patterns you adapt to that. It’s the nurture vs nature argument. The first type of relationship we see is our parents, so whether we approve of it or not it still is in our subconscious as that is what is a healthy relationship. The perfect example of this is Chris Brown was raised in an abusive house. He was a product of his environment.  That unhealthy relationship, though he swore he would never be like his father he’s had several charges against him because of it. 

And it molds who we become unfortunately because of generational trauma we don’t learn and grow from it we don’t attempt to change. With a lot of work we can but only if we realize that what we lived with was not healthy, I’m not saying I’m the first person to know what health is. I’m a wrestler I clearly have emotional issues. Abandonment issues, trust issues, issues with male authority figures which some might say are some borderline daddy issues. I’m actually aware of my issues, Jace hasn’t dealt with his demons so he deals with them in unhealthy fashions.

One or two it would just be a coincidence but every female? What type of small dick energy do you possess that every female you have a problem with? But the problem isn’t all the females, the problem is you. Some Oedipus complex issues that you have not resolved within your psyche to allow you to be even a modicum of respectful to any female who is on the roster. It isn’t a female problem, it’s a you problem. You Jace Parker Davidson are the problem!




We see the St Louis night skyline from a hotel window. The arch lit up perfectly as it reflects the Mississippi river. Taking in this beautiful site is none other than the Queen of Epicness, Bobbinette Carey. She has her thumb to her lips as she bites on the cuticle. Her other arm wrapped around her. She’s wearing a pink cardigan over a black skater dress. Her hair is pulled back into a bonnet tied out of her face. She looks down at her phone seeing no new notifications.

Her phone rings as she looks down at it. She sighs seeing it’s the mom squad.

Bobbinette: Hey

The phone screen splits into three boxes one for her, one for Leah and one for Michelle. Leah the shorter one with purple hair wrinkles her nose. As the tall slender brunette smiles brightly.

Leah: Hey.

Michelle: Why do you look disappointed?

Leah: Cause she and Scooter are still fighting.

Bobbinette tilts her head to the side.

Bobbinette: We aren’t fighting….

Bobbinette says in confusion.

Michelle:  He still isn’t talking to you? Oh Bobbie I’m so sorry….

Michelle says as her smile fades. Bobbinette shakes her head quickly.

Bobbinette: What? No! I mean… okay so he isn’t not talking to me. I sent him a message when I heard about Stevens.

Bobbinette sighs and looks away from the screen.

Leah: You were outside his locker room! You didn’t even go in!

Michelle raises an index finger as her eyebrows wrinkle with confusion.

Michelle: Um…who’s locker room did you go into? Hmm?

Leah: Yes! That’s right! Were you stroking the Stronk? Spill!

Bobbinette’s jaw drops as her cheeks turn pink. You can see she’s visibly blushing.

Bobbinette: Wow.. no. I… there was no sex had with me or by me at the show. 

Michelle: We have said worse at dinners. You must be in a mood. You and Scooter fighting throws you all off.

Leah: Yeah this isn’t a good thing… and is that poor girl okay you attacked?

Bobbinette raises an eyebrow.

Bobbinette: Probably, I could have done way worse than I did. It wasn’t an attack really… It was a “teachable moment.”

Michelle: She totally deserved it. Like I would have wrecked her. I’m just thankful you didn’t do like Bane did to Batman.

Michelle imitates snapping something in half.

Bobbinette nods as her eyes go back to looking out the window.

Bobbinette: Salt water and wrestling gear doesn’t mix neither does my hair texture and style with salt water. But when I wanted reimbursement for these damages..

Leah: I am not disagreeing at all with you. You had every right. 

Leah defends.

Bobbinette: Jace should know better than to have someone who isn’t trained backstage, it’s more of a him problem. So Jace can blame himself for what happened to her. As for me and Scooter…We aren’t fighting..

She says bringing the topic back around.

Leah: You know the whole reason you guys are having issues is that Jace douche.

Michelle: You’re on to something…. If you wouldn’t have believed him, it probably wouldn’t have cost Scooter the wargames qualifier round.

Bobbinette: His team won!

She attempts to interject.

Leah: Then Jace was the problem with the tag match… 

Michelle: and your ridiculous fear of the ocean didn’t help.

Bobbinette: Excuse me, we were in New York. Have you not heard of all the different shark attacks that have been in that area? Along that coast? So you can miss me with that bull.

Bobbinette scoffs.

Leah: We are just saying that he is a big part of your problems…

Michelle: So if you want to be mad at anyone, definitely him.

Michelle cosigns.

Leah: Yes not looking at the unhealthy communication skills and weird relationship you guys have. Like you’re friends but if a guy talks to you he’s ready to maul their arm off.

Bobbinette: He’s protective.

She defends.

Michelle: Or maybe he doesn’t want you in healthy relationships because you would see how unhealthy your relationship is? 

Bobbinette: Okay bye guys…

Leah: Oh! Do you have company? Oh is Stronk coming over?

Bobbinette rolls her eyes.

Bobbinette: I was being nice!

Michelle: You’ve never bought me half a cow and we are your best friends…

Bobbinette: You also didn’t beat Harrison and take the LSD title from him after he kept me from Wargames. Besides… Stronk’s kinda cute.

She admits sheepishly with a shrug.

Bobbinette: It was just being nice nothing more nothing less.

Her phone beeps and she sees a message and breathes a sigh of relief.

Leah: There is the text from Scooter.

Michelle: What’s it say Bobbie?

Bobbinette opens the text.

Bobbinette: Kill that Make-a-wish “hall of famer.” Wow… so he’s obviously feeling better after the attack from Stevens. 

Leah: Make a wish? Oh my go-

Leah puts her hand over her mouth in shock.

Michelle: Wait… wow… I mean.. that’s kind of Savage.

Bobbinette shakes her head from side to side.

Bobbinette: Well, Scooter doesn’t have to be nice. He isn’t facing him but he wants this to be payback and I get it. I do too. I got to go. I’ll give you guys a call back later. Love you guys!

She blows them kisses as she hangs up the phone.

She grabs her room key and exits the hotel room slipping her phone into her pocket. She walks down the stairs jogging down them in silence her feet echo through the stairs as she finally gets to the bottom of steps and walks outside. There is a slight breeze in the night air that causes her to smile a little. She walks around her head up and is actively aware. She walks through a park ignoring people as she walks the park finally reaching her destination of the gateway Arch. She looks over towards the calm river with a smirk. She crosses her arms in front of her as a chill spreads across her body.

She hears footsteps near her. She spots a male late teens early 20s sandy blonde hair, failed attempting  at a goatee, with a bootlegged iron on wrestling t-Shirt. He has on a pair of baggy basketball shorts and looks as if he weighs 125 soaking wet  Bobbinette smiles kindly while getting her teeth.

Fanboy: I thought that was you! Queen of Epicness all alone. Huh?

He says almost in a mocking tone. Bobbinette looks confused and sighs. It’s one of “those” fans. 

Bobbinette: There’s a reason for that.

Bobbinette says with her smile obviously forced at this point.

Fanboy: I can’t wait to see the Man King of Everything JPD kick your ass and show you a woman’s place!

He says laughing. Her eye twitches as she takes a few deep breaths reminding herself mentally this is a fan.

Bobbinette: You bought tickets to the show?

Fanboy: Hell yeah I did. Hey, can I ask you a question?

Bobbinette sighs the annoyance building up.

Bobbinette: Sure…

Bobbinette says attempting to sound polite but hears her own tone.

Fanboy: You think men can handle big women?

Bobbinette scoffs.

Bobbinette: Excuse me? That seems more like a them problem if they can’t.

Fanboy: I know right? I like Thick girls… 

He says smiling. Bobbinette shakes her head from side to side.

Bobbinette: Good for you.

Fanboy: My friend aren’t gonna believe this! I got to go live.

He says grabbing his phone out. Bobbinette sighs rolling her eyes.

Fanboy: What up twitchy glitchers it’s your boy Spankandtank! With Queen Bobbinette from HOW. Say something!

He says turning the camera towards her. Her eyebrows twitch as annoyance is plain as day on her face.

Bobbinette: Hope you all show up for Chaos 3 St. Louis where I Humble JPD in front of all of you.  He has been humiliated before by other women. But he’s about to get an epic beat down and you can only see that live on HOTv!

She smiles walking away. He follows after her.

Fanboy: Wait! That can’t be it!! Don’t you want to say something else?

Bobbinette: Not really.

Fanboy: Cause you can’t.

He taunts her. She slowly turns around and takes a swift step towards him causing him to startle backwards.

Bobbinette: see boys like you, are quite similar to ones like jace. You feel free to run your mouth without repercussions. Because you know I won’t lay a hand on you because you’re a fan. Because you think that that means you’re untouchable. But the fact of the matter is you’re paying to come see me. Whether you hate me, whether you love me, money is going into my pocket. 

She smirks

Bobbinette: Your feelings that I have drawn out of you. So yeah you can run your mouth all you want to me. That’s fine you can have all your followers watch as you try to act like a grown man to me. The truth of the matter is you need to remember your place, little boy. Just like JPD does.

She gets close to his face.

Bobbinette: He has been embarrassed before he is still here, perhaps it’s some weird kink that he has that gets him excited about being humiliated by all of the women on the roster. Perhaps it’s some other issue, but he’s just like the rest of you boys.

Her voice calms her eyes glaring with annoyance as her fists relax. It is an eerie tone from her voice.

Bobbinette: When a strong powerful woman is in front of them they don’t know how to act right. They don’t know how to handle that and therefore say the most ridiculous things thinking it’s going to work. 

She chuckles.

Bobbinette: It is all the same shit dribbling from your mouth. You don’t know how to conduct yourself in a manner that doesn’t make you look ridiculous. 

She starts finger wagging at him.

Bobbinette: I’ve dealt with every type of male there is out there from Fanboys to disgusting toxic masculine trash human beings. And the one thing I’ve learned over all of my years is that, sometimes words aren’t enough. Sometimes they force your hand and you are left with no other option; but to use the brute force and unleash the rage and pent up anger on a person for them to comprehend: that you don’t suffer fools, you expose them and dispose of them.

She takes the boy’s phone and ends the live stream and tosses his phone back to him. The boy looks terrified as he catches his phone. She walks away leaving the park headed back to her hotel.