A Cold Day in Hell for Hannibal Frost.

A Cold Day in Hell for Hannibal Frost.

Posted on January 6, 2021 at 11:54 pm by Xander Azula

When you step into a cage, you step into a completely different world. You step into a dreadful, frightening environment surrounded by cold, unforgiving steel as you stand face to face with your opponent.

In an environment such as this, it’s easy to distinguish those who can survive and those who can’t. If you survive, you escape the cage…if you don’t, the cage consumes you.

Some are born to withstand such circumstances, others have adapted to the climate and overcome it. Not everyone is so lucky, however…some are destined to crack under pressure.

For a man whose name is synonymous with freezing temperatures, it doesn’t surprise me that Hannibal Frost has been unable to acclimate to High Octane Wrestling. Two consecutive losses since your debut tells me all I need to know about you, Hannibal…you didn’t have what it takes to defeat Darin Matthews in your debut, and you couldn’t handle the pressure of competing in the battle royal at ICONIC.


I think I’ve spoken enough about you, Hannibal, your track record speaks for itself…so instead, allow me to introduce myself, and explain why someone brand new to the company is putting your aspirations on ice.

I am an agent of chaos…a disciple, in fact. I have learned to accept the sweet embrace of disarray in my life, to acknowledge that I have been blessed with a series of random events that has made me who I am today.

I have been in just about every type of environment imaginable, Hannibal. I’ve been through the ringer of extreme combat…I’ve dealt with the cold reality of the business world. I know what it takes to succeed, and I will share with you now the key ingredient…mayhem.

Everywhere I go, mayhem follows. I have slain monsters, heroes, and champions in the name of my goddess…and you, Hannibal Frost, are next on that list.

Shawn Warstein knows what I’m capable of, Clay Byrd knows what I can do…hell, even Dan Ryan knows my name. What kind of stake do you have here?

Oh, I’m sure you have a reputation that proves you belong in this tournament…but you could’ve fooled me. No, I think this first step will be a breeze compared to the rest of the field.

You can spend all the time you want in that little gym of yours, Hannibal…I’ve been training for a moment like this in the harshest atmosphere imaginable. I have fought battles in the frozen hellscape of a Siberian prison, so a match in the octagon with you will be a walk in the park.

I have suffered through barbed wire, flaming tables, thumbtacks, and many other weapons in my pursuit of bringing glory to the beautiful name of my goddess. She has smiled upon me many times since I accepted her sweet embrace…but Eris is hungry for a sacrifice.

Surround yourself with whatever friends and family you have left, Hannibal…none of it will matter when coming up against the tide of chaos that awaits. My fellow disciples and the hand of Eris herself will guide me to a decisive victory, and you will be forced to bend the knee to your superior.

I can offer you a spot at my right hand, Hannibal, but I cannot promise you mercy. Eris is hungry for a sacrifice, and you will do just fine. You will experience the chaos firsthand, and you will learn to accept it as I have…as a matter of fact, you’ll come to embrace it.