97RED Pacifiers

97RED Pacifiers

Posted on August 19, 2020 at 8:47 pm by Lee Best

The HOTv logo gives way and we see the GOD of HOW himself staring back at us as we the eyepatch in all its glory as the camera zooms in on a headshot only feed of Lee.

Lee Best: Good evening all you fucking assholes. I have been GRINDING for the last two weeks to make sure everything is good to go behind the scenes here in the land of High Octane, and what do I see when I plug back in………….nothing.  Nothing that is worth a fuck. I see new hires sitting with a thumb up their ass waiting for something to happen. I see vets not booked at No Remorse sitting with a thumb up their ass waiting on something to happen. I mean seriously…what the fuck happened to the HIGH OCTANE part of this company?

Lee shakes his head as he continues.

Lee Best: You see,  while you all sit idle….I am working day and night to improve not only myself but the company. What I have NOT been doing however……preparing to fight Kostoff. What is there to prepare for? He is a big piece of shit who will use his fists to pummel me into the earth. Nothing has changed in 20 fucking years for that asshole. This is why when he made the TOP 10 earlier this year it was big news. Think about that….just getting into the top 10 was a fucking feat for him. How pathetic is that shit? But you know what…I am NOT a wrestler. I am NOT a brawler. I am NOT ranked. I am NOT a Hall of Famer. Kostoff is all of those things. So why the fuck am I going to show up?

Lee smirks into the camera as he continues…

Lee Best: I am going to show up because like always I have a fucking plan. I know EXACTLY what Kostoff is going to do. He literally is the definition of insanity as he is doing the same shit he has been doing for two decades and the results are always the fucking same….he Loses. He fucking loses….he goes apeshit after he loses…..he powerbombs someone….and the world rejoices for their hero. I mean really? That is how soft all these assholes have become. People are soooo worried about what people think about them after they LOSE a match that they forget WHY they LOST…….you are not as good as you fucking think you are.

Lee looks down and then back up…seemingly looking at his watch..

Lee Best: I own this motherfucker of a network but even I got a limit to hold to….I got shit to do but before I go I gotta address this SOFT culture we have here in HOW at the moment. This woe is me mentality is fucking sad and pathetic and its so bad it has gotten to the point that we have to check on the mental well being of folks after they LOSE a match. Get the fuck out of here. You lost. Dust yourself off and go back to the fucking drawing board. No one gives a shit about your feelings post match. I am done fucking babysitting. I am done making sure everyone isnt going to quit after they lose. I am not just talking to Kostoff obviously……as that motherfucker has NEVER quit when hes lost….and he LOSES A LOT…….but if I am going to NOT return after No Remorse….some of you assholes have to be told the brutal truth……..

The GOD of HOW leans even closer into the camera…

Lee Best: You all might call yourselves the Queens, the Kings, the Hammers, the this, the that, and whatever other clever name you call yourselves, but at the end of the day you are just washed up versions of your big fish small pond former selves. Just cause you are the LOUDEST does not make you right. Your opinions of yourselves do not change the FACTS that you are nothing more than toddlers that I am tired of babysitting.  If Saturday is my last day with the company, and Kostoff finally finishes me off, then I am going to OWN it all. I am the man that created this company. I am the man that will kill this company. No one else. Anyone that thinks that things will go better for them when I am gone should go apply elsewhere…..cause your washed up asses are nothing but curtain jerkers in my eyes. But what do I know?