750 Words: White Font/Black BG

750 Words: White Font/Black BG

Posted on May 28, 2022 at 10:19 pm by Lee Best

Bobbinette Carey.

You 5’6” 235 pound BLACK BITCH.

Ya…you made me type that.

I mean what else has been drilled into the fans minds since your return?

The one constant I keep hearing is that fact that for some reason you have been held back by the color of skin…..

By society

By me?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I should not have had to start my blog with any mention of your fucking skin color………the only color that matters in High Octane Wrestling is the color we all BLEED.


But nah.

You go for the low hanging fruit and use the race card.

Once again just an example of just how soft you have become.

You used to have a bigger dick than most of the roster.


You all have synced up your periods.

Aunt Flow has nothing on you fucking assholes.

But back to the race card you been playing Carey.

I have been quiet about this topic since your return…..partly because I was busy rolling my eyes….and thankfully the rest of the time I was in a fucking coma.

Now that I am fully awake I have recently seen that you have decided to talk about mental health.


Are you going to go thru every fucking crutch you can find and get all the excuses lined up before War Games even happens?



Come on. Grow the fuck up.

Man the fuck up.

You literally are leaning on any dramatic, and traumatic, term you can find via google and you are running with it.

You think people are buying this?

You think people are finding your words profound?





Instead folks continue to roll their eyes at you instead of taking you for what you SHOULD be.

A member of the original High Octane Wrestling Hall of Fame class.

You got inducted because each and every week you brought toughness and resiliency into a business filled with males.

You did not stand out because you were a female wrestler.

You did not stand out because you were a black female wrestler.


Instead you stood out because you were a GREAT wrestler.


You are a walking billboard for all the pussified wrestling fans out there. You jump on social media and blame the old white man running the company for the reason for you not being at the top.

Excuse me?

Who gave you a chance to win the LSD Championship and head into War Games to compete for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVEN AFTER YOU FUCKING LOSS YOUR QUALIFYING MATCH??

This old ass white guy.

That is who.


That is who.

Grow the fuck up and quit using words you cannot spell. The reason it takes you so long to cut promos nowadays is because you have to google every fucking other word.

Bobbinette Carey you used to be dangerous in the ring.

The only dangerous thing about you is the words that come out of your mouth that try to enrage the online masses with your bullshit rhetoric.

Quit using your pussy as an excuse for why you cannot win.

Quit using your #be856b colored skin for the reason you do not get any opportunities.

But even if you do quit doing all that and finally remember what made you a Hall of Famer in the first place….it will not matter.

You will not win at War Games.

You will not walk out as the World Champion.

You will only walk to the backstage area and sit down in the stall next to Scottywood and complain about the Best Family once again winning everything.

You see…..that hasn’t changed since the last time you were relevant.

I win.

You lose.

It is not because I am white.

It is not because I am a male.

It is because I am a Best.

You are not.

Google it.

Fucking black bitch.