750 Words: The Best Blog

750 Words: The Best Blog

Posted on August 8, 2022 at 9:38 am by Lee Best

Who knew Kostoff was a cat person?

I mean I will avoid all the low hanging pussy jokes and just let it resonate with everyone that Kostoff thinks petting a large, domesticated cat was somehow intimidating or relatable.

It was neither.

It just shows that the killer that I once knew and competed against for 20 years has just gotten old…

And sad.

In the past I would have booked Kostoff against the whole roster just to get a shot at me…….but the fact that I am not should be very telling….

I do not fear you anymore.

I will defeat you this Sunday at Dead or Alive. I am honestly very confident that I will in fact bash a shovel across that big ass head of yours and bury your ass six feet under.

You are a 6’5” 285 pound High Octane Wrestling Hall of Famer.  You still look the part…there is no doubt in that. You are a fucking jacked up 41 year old man who has competed in HOW for over 20 years…..so although on the outside you look the part….we all know your weakness.

You are a mental midget. You are soft.

Long gone are the days of you wanting to win matches and championships. Long gone is the confidence that you could and should win every match you are in. Long gone is the sheer force of will that you imposed on everyone for all those years.

They say time is undefeated and this Sunday you will suffer your next and final loss.

I will do WHATEVER it takes to bury your ass for the final time.

There is no rainbow colored story for folks to tune in for.

This will be violent.

We will bleed.

You will lose.

None of those sentences should surprise anyone to be quite honest.

I can sit here and write this blog and put it out to the masses knowing full well that although you are the sympathetic figure in this whole equation of Kostoff and Best……but there is not ONE PERSON that will read this or watch Dead or Alive that WANTS you to stay around OVER me.

No one.

Cause no matter what folks say about me behind my back, in their shitty trash talking interviews or even in their shitty discords……..they all know that without ME there is no HOW.

Without Kostoff? Well, HOW just continues on and the MACHINE gets better with age.

So even though fans across the world will be watching and waiting for the employee to defeat the BOSS on Sunday the ones that truly get what is going on and truly understand what High Octane Wrestling is….well they will be PRAYING that I win this weekend.

I am needed.

You are disposable.

You think I am scared of someone that literally has outlived his relevancy? I am not.

In fact, there is a very small part of me…lets call it 3%….that actually feels sorry for you.

But then there is a very large part of me…lets call it 97%….that is going to be relieved when you lose this Sunday.

We can all just move the fuck on.

You will be always remembered as a first ballot Hall of Famer who was just a fucking BEAST to compete with.

But each day that you are still breathing and competing you are literally hurting your legacy. You have become a parody of yourself. You have become another example of someone staying in the game too long just because they do not have the skill set to actually have a life outside the ring.

It is almost fitting for you that you will die at this PPV. Maybe just the imagery of you being buried six feet under will help erase some folk’s memories of what you have become here in recent years.

A man that loses more than he wins.

A man that everyone knows is well past his prime.

A man that is only relevant when the GOD of HOW speaks his name.

I will actually say THANK YOU for all you have done over the years. I’ve never once taken for granted the effort and sacrifices you put into this company.

But let’s be completely honest…..you lost my respect the minute you decided to come back to lay down on your back for this era’s talent.

So, sit there and pet your new cat while I will be out here GRINDING as the hardest working owner in the business preparing to END you.

–Lee “Motherfucking” Best