750 Words: I have the edge

750 Words: I have the edge

Posted on August 9, 2022 at 4:35 pm by Lee Best

Now sitting in the back of his limo Lee looks across at his assistant as she finishes reading out loud the latest Kostoff promo.

As she finishes up Lee can only smile as he wipes the sweat from his eyes with the towel draped around his neck.

“Finally, some fire from the old man. It has been a LONG time since I have seen that. There is literally no one left in this world that can get that old man to react like I can. NO ONE.”

Assistant: Do you think it is the best course of action to…..

She stops herself before she can even finish as she sees the look Lee is giving her.

“Good girl. You almost forgot rule number one didn’t you?”

The assistant drops her head slowly and looks at the floor of the limo….showing complete shame.

Lee smirks as he rolls down the window of the limo and looks out at the Chicago skyline as the limo plods along the rush hour traffic.

“I am going to miss this fucking smell. The smell of the traffic….the industry….the lake…..the smells of the poors spending their money they cannot afford to lose on High Octane tickets and merchandise. I am going to miss it all…..”

The assistant looks up briefly but quickly drops her head as she sees Lee motioning with a single finger pointing downward…..signaling she is not released from her pseudo punishment yet.

Lee then looks to his right and to the cameraman that has been traveling and documenting everything leading up to the big match.

“You know if you would have told me that when I got Barbi Kostoff to BETRAY her own husband at the first ever War Games to enable The Best Alliance’s own Mark O’Neal to win back in 2002 that twenty years later I would still be fucking with this dude………oof…..that is a LONG FUCKING TIME.”

Lee continues to talk as the limo continues to creep thru the rush hour traffic.

“For twenty years I have been waging a literal and figurative war with Kostoff. Over the years that guy has earned the respect of everyone that has ever come thru the locker room. Everyone wants at least one match with the big man….and it is NOT due to respect. Maybe in 2002 or even 2008. But now? These assholes are lining up to face off with Kostoff because they KNOW they can win….its an easy title defense and because they can say they beat the HOW Hall of Famer. It is quite pathetic.”

Lee wipes his head one more time and tosses the used towel on the seat in front of him.

“I have always been physically outmatched by Kostoff and everyone else. I am a small guy…..even though I am bigger than some of those assholes you see on TBS and USA networks…….but I have always gotten my ass handed to me when it comes to physical altercations. Why does the roster think I am so sharp mentally and always looking for the edge?? Its because I have to. I will never beat anyone in the middle of the ring or in some HOFC Bout or in some street fight. I am self-aware to know my strengths and where the shit is at in my yard……but that is all changing with this match.”

Lee smiles as he leans forward in his seat and motions for his assistant to finally raise her head. She quickly jumps into action and reaches her the black travel bag in the seat with her, and she pulls out a syringe that is already filled up with some liquid.

“Papa Best needs his vitamins and these vitamins coupled with the STRONKUMMS meals I have been getting from STRONK…….shiiiiiit……your boy is going to be a fucking menace come Dead or Alive.”

His assistant leans forward and pushes the syringe directly into the vein on Lee’s right arm.

Finished, Lee leans back and smiles, and once again watches as the Chicago traffic creeps along outside his window.

“Kostoff I am getting bigger…..I am getting STRONKER…….I can do this. I can negate the advantage you have over me physically as much as possible…..that is the edge I have on you. I can close the gap. You? How are you going to close the gap on the edge I have over you mentally? There isn’t enough Adderall in the world to help you there……fucking idiot”.

Lee laughs to himself as he feels the vitamins running thru his body as the video fades to black.