750 Words: Fat and Cartilage Edition

750 Words: Fat and Cartilage Edition

Posted on May 28, 2022 at 9:41 pm by Lee Best

Clay Byrd.

The biggest pussy in pro wrestling if you go by surface area.

The biggest simp in the fucking game.

Everyone knows that your 6’7” 295 pound frame is held up by the gristle and the fat of whatever 96 ounce Texas steak you just ate.

God knows its not a backbone.

No one will ever mistake you for the guy that is a Monster from Plainview.

Nah….we all know what you really are…and I said it in an earlier blog.

You are the next Dan Ryan.

Same deal.

Different name.

You are good enough just to find yourself in positions to have the spotlights and main events in your life.

But you are never good enough to actually you know…..win one.

Sure you are the current Tag Team Champion and that is all fine and dandy….but you relied on someone else to get you there.

On your own?

You are nothing but a second rate Dan Ryan.

Man…that has to be a hard pill to swallow.

You are the epitome of what the online generation wants to see……..a guy that wins some of the time….and loses some of the time.

50/50 booking.

Let’s check your record……

No surprise.


You are wasting the very literal GIFTS you have been given.

The gifts you were BORN with.

I would even wager that people forget that you are 6’7” until they get in the ring with you.

You wrestle small.

You act small.

You think small.

You are literally nothing without someone with you. You proved you were second fiddle when I gave you the world in the Best Alliance.

Branch out on your own……and you Dan Ryan every big match you have.

So what do you do? You find some other guys that have struggled on their own and now you think you are doing something.

All in the name of being comfortable.

Conflict makes you nervous.

Conflict is uncomfortable for you.

Guess what motherfucker?

I am going to make it my personal mission to make your life VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Either you are going to finally grow a backbone Clay or else you better start filling out your resume and see how you can float over in the McKenna blue sea.

By the way…my mountains are blue…so I am not even close to being done talking about you Clay.

I seen your last couple promos…the ol blame the Best family ahead of time for my impending failure.

I saw your last match where you “won” even though Scottywood split your fucking wig.

I see all this SOFTNESS and I QUESTION if your fucking head is really into actually competing in High Octane Wrestling.

Yes, I am calling out your manhood.

Yes, I am questioning your fucking heart.

Maybe you will read this blog and it will inspire you to put some piss and vinegar into your next promo or match but we will all see thru it.

You are good enough to get to the dance but you are not good enough to take the girl home and fuck.

You see that is the difference between you (again a second rate Dan Ryan) and someone like my Son…who you seem eager to please. I mean I have to assume that as each time you open your mouth you mention Mike.

But again the difference between you and Mike?

He always WANTS to win.

He always NEEDS to win.

You always WANT to be patted on the back for your effort.

You always NEED to have your feelings comforted.

This is why the Best Family wins.

This is why people like you……yes I typed that……always lose the big matches.

I don’t need 750 words in this blog to tell you and everyone else that reads this exactly what you are.

You are on the losing team.

You are the perennial loser.

You will should start working on your retirement plan from High Octane Wrestling.

Don’t worry.

No one will take it as you running with your tail between your legs.

We will take it as exactly what it means…

You have no backbone.

You are the true simp of HOW.

Now go kill a cow and enjoy your 96 ounce steak.

Fucking loser.