750 MOAR Words (Special Gaming Edition)

750 MOAR Words (Special Gaming Edition)

Posted on May 28, 2022 at 9:14 pm by Lee Best

Conor Fuse.

High Octane Wrestling World Champion.

The face of the company.


Just typing that out make me fucking cringe.

I cannot explain the guttural reaction I have knowing that this MAN(?) is the one that represents High Octane Wrestling to the masses.

You are a joke.

You are the punchline.

Look at what you have done since winning the World Championship at ICONIC.

Please fucking look.

I have.

Thank you HOTv for being such an easy platform to find old shows by the way….big props to the monkeys in the back that keep that site up and running…..wait….are there any monkeys?

I digress.

So Conor ultimately defeats the one actual killer on the roster, JJR, at ICONIC and then does what?



What in the actual fuck is going on here.

Then about a month later he defends against Clay Byrd (who has taken up the role left vacant by Dan Ryan) and then his buddy David Noble?

That is it?

This is what the World Championship has become?

An afterthought?

That is why the moment I woke and the MOMENT I could literally put one foot in front of another……I made my way to Refueled and I got in the face of Conor Fuse and made it known….

This ain’t no place for a hero.

Never has been.

Never will be.

You will lose at War Games.

Folks will celebrate your great run with the championship while the real ones…..THE REAL ONES…..will only shake their heads in disgust.

You would rather be the joke AND the punchline than actually put forth any sort of effort. You will laugh off the loss at War Games no doubt and pivot and try to play it off as something that was needed to build your inner “character”.

Fuck off.

You are going to lose because you are a fucking loser.

You are meant to play in the small ponds with the rest of the small fishes where everyone is a winner and everyone gets their turn with the fucking championships.

There is a reason my Son was a 10 time champion.

He took it back.

He WON it back.

He KILLED to have it back.


You guys will gladly lose a championship in hopes that your buddy gets a good run with the championship and then you silently will talk about how great your careers have been.

IN reality?

You are small fish in a soft world and you took advantage of the situation.

Well the situation has changed.

But I haven’t.

I am still the same asshole that wants to see folks EARN it.

I am still the same asshole that wants to see absolute CHAOS.

I thrive on it.

When there is CHAOS I am at my LITERAL BEST.

Turn on HOTv and watch the first War Games.

I got the wife of future Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff to turn her back on him and HELP The Best Alliance win the World Championship.

That is Chaos.

Conor Fuse is nothing more than the next “buddy” in a line of “friends” that are rooting for each other and when they win they want to make sure they don’t have to work hard after that.

Let’s cut weekly promos instead of you know….defending the championships?

Do not even try to blame my dick sucking brother either.

He literally got TOLD what to do by all your assholes. I got the rundown from him. He told me about all the “special scheduling” he had to do to accommodate all you assholes and your so called schedules.

I do not give a fuck about what night you book yourself to wrestle in another company.

I do not give a fuck about when and how often you book yourself to wrestle in another company.

Those fisher price fucks have NOTHING to do with High Octane Wrestling and OUR schedule.

Gone are the days that of catering to the feelings and load management of these so called wrestlers.

Conor Fuse you call yourself the Locker Room Leader.

You are leading a bunch of soft fucks.

Your days as the World Champion and Locker Room Leader are numbered.

If we end War Games with literally only four people still breathing….I will not give one fuck.

Things are changing.

I am righting the wrongs.

But you better believe that I will NOT change.

Not for anyone.

Not for you.