4th of July fireworks CD RP

4th of July fireworks CD RP

Posted on July 13, 2022 at 2:14 am by Jace Parker Davidson

It was a late night outside of the Madison Square Garden arena here in New York City. The latest edition of OCW Massacre had just ended about an hour ago. The parking lot was mostly empty, but it was far from quiet. The sound of fireworks going off sounded like we were back in Ukraine during all the fighting for War Games. However, the night sky was lit up with varying colors at different moments depending on which firework was shot into the sky at the given time.

Madison stepped outside of the back entrance of the building and just stood there for a moment. She took a deep breath of the fresh night air as her eyes fixated on the sky. The fireworks reminded her of her days as a child where her parents would take her out every 4th of July to see the fireworks go off. They would huddle together on a small hill and enjoy the display. She remembers how her Father would point up to the sky and ask her which of the fireworks she liked the most. Her Mother would snap pictures of the fireworks with a disposable camera. She would later get the pictures developed and hang them from various spots throughout the house.

She remembers how her parents would hold hands and kiss each other while she stayed mesmerized on the colors in the sky. Those were simpler times, things she wished she would have appreciated more when she was little. Now little adventures sitting on a small hill and enjoying fireworks was not a luxury that she had time for in her life. Being attached at the hip with Jace Parker Davidson meant a lot of time traveling. Being that the man was in both HOW and OCW. It was only a stroke of luck that both companies were having events in New York on the 3rd and the 4th. But now that the extended holiday weekend was over, she knew that she’d be either back on the road or spending a majority of her time inside packed airports.

It’s not like her adult life wasn’t rewarding in its own ways, but there was something about the closeness of her family and the things they’d do together that she longed for at times. She shook those thoughts out of her head at the moment and let out a deep exhale. She focused her sight back to the parking lot as she marched her way towards the rental car that her and Jace had procured the moment they landed in New York last week. It was nice to stay in one place for an extended amount of time while Jace did what he does best in both HOW and OCW. Madison makes it to the driver’s side door of the rental vehicle then pauses to dig her hand into her pocket for the keys.

Madison manages to recover the keys from her pocket then leans down to insert the car key and unlock the door. However, a hand reaches out and touches Madison on the shoulder. Madison nearly jumps out of her skin and screams bloody murder. This causes Madison to drop the keys down to the pavement and spin around quickly ready for a fight. She locks eyes with the source of the hand to her shoulder then softens her stance and places a hand over her racing heart.

“Jesus Christ, Maria, is that you?” Madison asks while trying not to fall over from a sudden cardiac attack.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” The woman says in an apologetic tone.

“Nowadays you can never be too safe. A parking lot at night isn’t exactly the safest place to be alone. Maybe next time I’ll listen to my own advice.” Madison reaches up and slaps her palm against her forehead while trying to take slow deep breaths.

“I guess we’re both hardheaded in that aspect.” The woman said as her voice trailed off a bit.

Madison lowers her hand from her head and then looks the woman up and down. She was wearing a large jacket which enveloped her. She had on a pair of tennis shoes that were barely tied at the laces. The most curious thing of all were the sunglasses that she had on at this hour of the night. Even with all of that it wasn’t hard for Madison to recognize her as Maria Davidson Brown aka the Mother of Jace Parker Davidson.

“What are you doing here this time of night? The show ended already, so clearly you weren’t here to get a seat.” Madison took a moment to try to connect the dots in her head.

“I didn’t come here to see the show. I just… I wanted to see Jace while you both were still here in New York. I know after our last encounter that he wouldn’t willingly come and visit even if I asked him to do so. He is still here, right?” Maria lowered her head in shame a bit over having to go to these lengths just to see her own flesh and blood.

“Yeah, he’s just still inside of the building. He got into a bit of a tussle with another wrestler tonight and had a small cut on his head from being hit with a microphone. They are just cleaning it up before we head back to the hotel room. I was just out here to start the car and keep it running so that we could leave as soon as he got out here.” Madison explains as she bends down and picks up the keys off of the pavement.

“Oh good, so I got here just in time.” Maria says then breathes a sigh of relief.

“I can unlock the doors and let you wait inside of the vehicle while I go and get him for you.” Madison offered.

“No, I don’t want to ambush him again like before. Me just being here now is already going to upset him but I had no other choice.” Maria admits while turning down Madison’s kind gesture.

“No other choice? What is going on Maria?” Madison tilts her head with concern for the woman she had become close to ever since you first met Jace.

The two women begin talking but we shift to the inside of the Madison Square Garden arena. Jace can be seen leaving his locker room while dragging a wheeled suitcase along with him. He has a small bandage on his head from the altercation with Amick Dogeron earlier in the evening. His OCW Savage Championship belt packed securely inside of the suitcase, but he is far from happy. The fact that the same person that has been unable to pin him or submit him for both of his matches won’t just go away is annoying to say the least. Getting his airtime interrupted and being assaulted when said nuisance doesn’t get what he wants is a whole other story.

It’s not the way Jace wanted to end the 4th of July holiday, but he was still THE Savage Champion and revenge would be swift and deadly. For now, the only thing he wanted to do is get the hell out of the building and back to the hotel room. In the morning he and Madison would fly back home to Miami for a few days of rest and relaxation before hitting Chicago to fulfill his duties at TEN-X and attend Chaos 002 from the Best Arena. Jace pushed the door to the back entrance open and walked out into the parking lot. He didn’t stop and take in the fresh night air nor did he look up at the fireworks that were still being shot into the sky. He made a beeline towards his rental vehicle, but his anger increased when he neared the vehicle and didn’t hear it running.

“What the fuck, Madison? What have you been doing out here if you weren’t getting the car running like I told you?!” Jace hisses but when he turns the corner to the driver’s side of the vehicle it causes him to freeze in place.

Madison and Maria go quiet the moment Jace is heard yelling. Maria slowly turns around and looks at her son while remaining silent.

“Who the hell is this?” Jace inquired as he looked the woman in front of him up and down.

“That’s your Mother, Jace.” Madison replied in a somber tone.

“What the–” Jace cut himself off as he narrowed his eyes towards the woman.

Sure, after further inspection he could indeed tell that the woman was Maria Davidson Brown. He lowered his brow and stiffened his back from the presence of the woman that seemed to just pop up from out of nowhere any time he was in New York recently.

“So, what is it now?” Jace asked sternly.

“I’m just happy to see you. I was so worried about what might happen to you when you went over to Ukraine.” Maria admitted completely ignoring his cold demeanor.

Jace’s Mother steps forward and wraps her arms around her son for a tight embrace. She rests her head on his chest, but Jace doesn’t move an inch. He doesn’t return the hug, he doesn’t soften his posture from her embrace, and he certainly doesn’t look down at her to acknowledge her affection or concern.

“I told you before even leaving for Ukraine that I would be fine.” Jace said matter-of-factly.

“But that horrible military man dropped you on your throat across a barbed wire rope! There was blood everywhere, I almost had a heart attack!” Maria continues to bury her head into her son’s chest.

“As you can obviously see that injury was not career or life threatening. I’ve been through worse, done by better.” Jace gestures up to his neck.

Maria pulls her head up to look at Jace’s neck. She lets one arm of the embrace go and slowly reaches up to touch his neck. Jace immediately smacks her hand away and takes a few steps back before narrowing his eyes.

“Okay, cut the crap. You don’t get to pop up out of nowhere acting like you give a shit about what happens in my wrestling career.” Jace’s nostrils flare.

“I am still your Mother!” Maria fires back.

“Really, are you? Are you sure? I remember you letting that asshole you married pretty much treat me like shit, beat me up, and then kick me out of the house at 14 years old. All because of the fact that I wanted to be a professional wrestler. So, spare me this caring Mother act bullshit.” Jace points an accusing finger at Maria.

Jace’s Mother lowers her head in shame over the mention of her current husband along with the guilt of everything just said to her. Madison walks up behind Jace then reaches up to grab his arm and lowers it from pointing at Maria.

“Don’t be so hard on her.” Madison says softly.

Jace looks down at Madison like she’s lost her mind. He pulls his arm away from Madison violently as she stumbles back a bit.

“The fuck is with you always defending her?!” Jace bellows as he turns to face Madison.

“You don’t know the whole story!” Madison says with desperation in her tone.

Jace pauses then turns around to face his Mother again. He looks her up and down for a moment while she still has her head lowered.

“What is she going on about?” Jace points at Madison. “And what’s with the get up? You’re wearing sunglasses at night? Just what are you up to?”

Maria keeps her head down and doesn’t respond to Jace which only angers him further. He lets go of his luggage and marches towards his Mother. Jace reaches out and grabs a hold of Maria’s sunglasses and pulls them off. Maria raises her head a bit and Jace’s eyes widen a bit in shock. Madison sighs as it is revealed that Maria is sporting a black eye that she was trying to hide with the sunglasses.

“It’s nothing really, I just tripped and fell but I am–” Maria stumbles through her words, but Madison interrupts her.

“Don’t do that Maria. It’s not going to work this time.” Madison shook her head slowly.

Maria kept her mouth shut as Jace tossed away the sunglasses. He reaches out and takes the large jacket off of his mother. Jace tossed it over the trunk of the vehicle then looked her over. Maria turned her head in shame as Jace grabbed her arm. He rolled up the sleeve on her shirt and found multiple bruises up and down her arm.

“It’s not what you think.” Maria explained while trying to fight back tears. “It’s just that it’s the holiday and he’s been drinking heavily. It’s not who he really is when he’s sober. He just gets under a lot of stress.”

Maria can’t fight it anymore and begins to cry as Jace rolls her sleeve back down and lets go of her arm. He picks up the sunglasses and the jacket and hands them to Madison. He snatches the keys to the vehicle from her then opens the driver’s side door.

“What are you doing?” Madison seems confused as she holds Maria’s items.

“Get an uber and take her back to the hotel with you. Don’t wait up.” Jace slips into the vehicle and slams the door shut.

Within moments Jace starts the vehicle and backs out of the parking spot. Madison walks over towards Maria and both women step out of the way while Jace forcefully turns the steering wheel and peels out of the parking lot.


Sometime later that night we open up to a pretty fancy looking suburban New York neighborhood. Across the street sits the rental vehicle of Jace Parker Davidson. He sits behind the wheel quietly while glaring over at the home of his Mother and her current husband Dennis Brown. There is visibly still a light on inside of the home as memories of the past flood Jace’s mind. His hands stay gripped to the steering wheel as he considers what he wants to do.

He has never liked Dennis Brown and his only real attachment to the man was that he was the biological Father of his sister Bailey. Then again, he still blames his Mother for her poor decisions and lack of backbone to stand against this man, especially when it came to her children. She didn’t protest at all when Dennis kicked him out of the house at 14-year-old. She didn’t even bother to try and see how he was doing. It was like she didn’t care if he was alive or dead. In his mind he thought for a long time that the two of them belonged together.

No matter how mad he was and believe me that he is, at the end of the day Maria was still his mother and the only one that he had. He grinded his teeth together then slammed his hands against the steering wheel in anger. Jace opened the driver’s side door of the vehicle then stepped out of it and onto the street. He slammed the door shut then stalked his way towards the house that he never wanted to lay eyes on again. He stepped up onto the sidewalk and then slowly made his way up the familiar path to the front porch. His hands were balled tightly into fists as his knuckles began to turn white. Once on the porch he stopped in front of the front door and just stared at it for a moment.

The options cycled through his head until he finally reached out and pressed the button for the doorbell. He heard it chime from within the house and waited patiently as he felt the rage burn inside of him. After a bit he heard footsteps begin to approach the door. The lock on the door was being fiddled with as Jace took in a deep breath.

“Fucks sake Maria! What the fuck did your stupid ass do? Forget your keys? I work too goddamn fucking hard to be getting up and letting your sorry ass back into my house.” The words were slurred but it was the unmistakable voice of Dennis Brown.

After messing with the lock, the door opens, and Dennis Brown stands there with glassed over eyes as a beer can in his hand. He steps back a bit and narrows his eyes to try and focus his vision. After a moment a look of disgust forms on his face as he recognizes his own stepson.

“The hell do you want?” Dennis grumbled.

“Where is my Mother?” Jace’s voice was low and flat.

Dennis raises his beer up to his lips and takes a drink of it. He lowers the can and thinks for a moment before shaking his head.

“What the fuck you asking me for? You think I care what that woman is at the moment? Other than fixing my dinner and washing my clothes she’s pretty fucking useless. Now get the hell off of my property and go look for your Mommy elsewhere you little fucker.” Dennis grabbed the door and tried to slam it shut.

Jace saw this coming and managed to stick his foot in the small opening between the door and the frame preventing it from closing. Dennis, confused and more than a little drunk, continues to try and force the door closed unaware that Jace’s foot is the reason it won’t shut. Jace reaches out and shoves the door open with both hands causing it to swing back and hit Dennis in the head. Dennis lets go of the door and stumbles backwards into the living room. Jace steps into the house as Dennis is bent over holding his head with his free hand.

“Where is my Mother?” Jace asked again but this time his voice was a little bit louder.

Dennis straightens up and continues to hold his head as Jace slowly walks towards him. He turns around to face his stepson and points his finger at him.

“Get the fuck out of my house! I threw you out of here years ago and I told you to never fucking come back! Trash like you isn’t welcome here!” Dennis shouts as he tries to remain upright on his unsteady legs.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, where is my Mother?” Jace’s tone was far more threatening this time.

“Probably out working the corner somewhere if she’s smart. I’m not going to tell you again, leave my goddamn house or I’m going to call the police.” Dennis threatens as he reaches into his pocket for his cellphone.

Dennis pulls the cell phone out of the pocket and holds it up for Jace to see. The HOW Hall of Famer continues marching forward as Dennis tries unlocking his phone while holding his beer. Jace reaches out and slaps the phone out Dennis’ hand sending it falling to the floor.

“You think I’m scared of you calling the cops? You don’t know my Mother is? Well then let me enlighten you. See, I was just at Madison Square Garden for an OCW Massacre show when she suddenly showed up in the parking lot just when I was about to leave. For some reason in this heat, she had on a large jacket and a pair of sunglasses on her face in the middle of the night.” Dennis’ eyes widen a bit as he listens.

Dennis tries to bend down and grab his phone off of the floor quickly, but Jace stomps his foot down on the screen of the phone preventing him from picking it up.

“It all seemed a little odd but I thought she was just being clingy or needed. You can imagine the shock when I pulled off those sunglasses and saw what was there.” Dennis tries to back away slowly.

Jace reaches out and grabs a hold of Dennis but his shirt collar. Jace jerks Dennis back into the wall spine first. Jace grabs a hold of the collar of Dennis’ shirt and gets up in his face.

“Turns out it was a black eye and I always found bruises up and down her arms. She claims she just fell down but she’s not that clumsy, is she Dennis? So, do you care to tell me what exactly did happen? Better yet let me put it to you simply, what did you do to my Mother?” Jace snarls as Dennis refuses to make eye contact.

“What she told you was the truth. She tripped on some laundry that was left lying around, nothing more.” Dennis pleaded his case.

“That’s funny.” Jace pulled Dennis away from the wall a bit then slammed him back against it with force. “Because she couldn’t keep her Poker face on when she said that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Dennis shouted hoping someone in the neighborhood heard him.

“She broke down into tears and mentioned how your drinking seemed to be the cause of the problem we have here.” Jace tilts his head as he tightens his grip on Dennis’ collar.

“You know what?” Dennis stuttered. “You’re absolutely right, I do drink too much, and I’ve just been afraid to admit that I have a problem.”

“Is that so?” Jace asks sarcastically.

“You see this beer? Gone!” Dennis raises the beer in his hand and tosses it to the floor haphazardly. “I’m done with the stuff. I will check myself into rehab and even do the AA meetings. So, are we good?”

“Sounds…. reasonable.” Jace shrugs his shoulders then let’s go of Dennis’ collar.

Dennis breathes a sigh of relief before reaching up and dusting off his shoulders while fixing the collar on his shirt.

“Glad you could see things my way.” Dennis states with a shit eating grin.

The ‘my way’ echo throughout Jace’s head. His memories flashback to when he was younger living in this very house under the tyranny of Dennis Brown. Those words were a favorite for Dennis to utter and if you didn’t comply with his ridiculous demands? That’s when he would make a fist and start the physical abuse. Obviously when he was drunk it happened frequently but when he was sober? It would still happen quite often.

“It’s just…” Jace pauses for a moment lowering his head. “…I’m not a reasonable person.”

Dennis smiles but it quickly fades as he raises his eyebrow a bit. Jace shrugs his shoulders then hits Dennis across the face with a right hand. The drunken man staggers backwards and falls flat on his back. Jace takes a mount position and grabs the collar of Dennis’ shirt again.

“You must take me for some kind of fool, huh? You think I drove all the way out here to and entered this God forsaken house just to be fine with your empty promises of rehab and AA meetings?” Jace growls down at his Mother’s husband.

“I’m going to press charges against you! Finally, that bullshit wrestling career of yours will be over!” Dennis screams while holding the side of his face with one hand.

“You really are a delusional motherfucker.” Jace hits Dennis with another right hand. “Press all the charges you want but right now? My Mother is safe and having pictures taken of the black eye and all of the bruises you gave her. So, press all the charges you want. I have a feeling you have more to lose than I do.”

For the first time Dennis’ eyes show real fear. He thought he had Maria Davidson Brown under his thumb. He figured she wouldn’t dare go to anyone about his abuse of her, especially not her own son. Dennis worked in New York politics under former Governor Andrew Cuomo. Dennis was in no way, shape, or form a Democrat but he weaseled his way into the job and had aspirations of one day becoming Governor of New York and then maybe even taking a run at the White House. Having this get out would absolutely murder his chances of ever holding office.

“I changed my mind; no charges will be pressed at all. Let’s just settle this like civilized adults.” Dennis flashed a weak smile.

Jace saw Dennis’ teeth and decided to punch him right in the mouth. Dennis’ head rocks back from the punch to the mouth. Jace rains down repeatedly right hands to the face of Dennis. Not just for what he did to his Mother but also the years of abuse against him. For trying to derail his dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. Needless to say, the guy had this coming to him for a long, long time. Jace grits his teeth together as he continues to swing away at the face of Dennis. After a while Dennis’ eye is black and swollen shut and his nose is bleeding and most likely broken. Dennis’ one good eye as a cut above the eyebrow as blood begins to pour down his face. Jace lets go of Dennis then gets back up to his feet.

“The only reason I don’t kill you with my bare hands is because it would upset Bailey. However, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Get the fuck up!” Jace waves his hands motioning for Dennis to get up to his feet.

Dennis remains on the floor and is barely moving. Jace steps forward and plants a kick right into the side of Dennis that makes him groan loudly and roll onto his stomach. Jace continues to lay in repeated stiff kicks to the ribs of Dennis who tries curling into the fetal position. Jace leans down and grabs a hold of Dennis by the hair before pulling him up to his feet. Jace guides Dennis into the kitchen then slams him headfirst into the front of the refrigerator hard. Dennis’ head bounces off of it as he staggers awkwardly over towards the sink and holds himself up using the kitchen counter.

“I can only imagine all the time she’s spent in this house slaving away. Doing your laundry, cleaning the house, and fixing your meals only for you to be out doing fuck knows what. Then you’d march right through the damn door acting like your own shit doesn’t stink and dare put your hands on her? You’re lucky she didn’t cut off your dick with a butcher’s knife and feed it to you.” Jace stalks over towards the kitchen counter.

Dennis remains leaned over the kitchen counter trying to recover from the onslaught that he has suffered. His blood begins to drip and pool onto the kitchen counter while his legs feel like they could give out at any moment. Jace grabs a hold of one of the wooden chairs at the kitchen table then raises it into the air. Jace slams the chair down against Dennis’ spine hard with as much force as he can. The chair shatters into pieces as Dennis screams in agony. Dennis falls to his knees on the kitchen floor while clinging desperately to the hands on the kitchen cabinets under the sink.

“I hope you enjoyed the ride because it comes to an end now. Here, let’s go back into the living room and I will go over my terms with you.” Jace smirks then cracks his neck a bit.

Jace grabs Dennis by the back of the neck and walks him back into the living room area. Jace navigates him around the furniture then lets go of him as his body collapses down onto the couch. Jace shakes his head before taking a seat down on the large oak coffee table sitting in front of the couch.

“Here is what is going to happen. You’re going to leave this house and never come back. You’re going to live somewhere else, a fucking motel for all I care. You’re going to file divorce papers but you’re going to make sure that my Mother gets the house, her car, and a healthy alimony check every month. If I find out that you’ve put your hands on my Mother ever again. If you ever think about brushing a loose hair away from her eyes then I will go public with the pictures of your domestic abuse. And then you’ll disappear, and they will never find the body. Do you understand?” Jace asks in a serious tone.

Dennis doesn’t respond verbally since the only thing he can do at the moment is cough and hack from the beating. Slowly he manages to nod his head up and down slightly to confirm his acceptance of Jace’s terms.

“Good, I’m glad you could see things my way.” Jace says mockingly with a sadistic grin.

Jace gets up off of the coffee table then leans down and grabs a hold of Dennis. He tosses Dennis’ near lifeless body up onto the coffee table before stepping up on top of it. Jace grabs a handful of Dennis’ hair and pulls him up to his hands and knees. Jace tucks Dennis’ head between his own legs. He grabs a hold of Dennis by the waist before leaping into the air and planting him with a jumping piledriver onto the thick wooden coffee table. Dennis hits the table with a sickening thud then just rolls off onto the floor. Jace gets off of the coffee table then looks down and watches Dennis’ body twitch involuntarily.

Satisfied with all he’s done here, Jace turns and begins to make his way out of the house. He stops on the porch and looks around expecting to find police cars or concerned neighbors standing outside looking to see what kind of trainwreck happened inside. However, there are no cops or concerned neighbors. Seems like everyone in the neighborhood shared a mutual feeling for Dennis Brown that Jace did. He steps down off of the porch and makes his journey back to his vehicle before slamming the driver’s side door closed as he gets inside. Jace leans back in his seat and sinks back into the headrest at the top of the seat.

Jace closes his eyes and takes some slow, deep yoga breaths to try and calm his rage after what just happened. Finally, he opens his eyes and grabs the steering wheel before starting the vehicle. He pulls out of the parking spot and drives off into the distance away from Dennis and this neighborhood as the scene fades to black.