Angel of Mercy on his way…

Angel of Mercy on his way…

Posted on January 9, 2021 at 8:43 am by Devin DeSean

Chicago, Illinois – Best Arena 5pm

Devin was picked up by a HOW crewmember, He sat there calm and collected on the outside like always, but the truth remained he was a rookie in the industry and felt the significance of the event. He had small success so far in Fed X capturing the Bloodsport Title, and he knew his path was a tough one. He figured if he gets through this event and wins, it will set his career on the fast track, but in reality the experience was just as beneficial to him.

Though he had no time to dwell on the jittery swirl of emotions a rookie in this situation was going through. 7am workout and running ropes, 12pm lunch and yoga. 1pm meeting with his bosses at Fed X, in the air by 3pm, landing at 5pm and now he was being lead back to a room where he was being barraged with information of how they work here and what is expected of him and it was only 6:45pm.

The hits keep coming though as before he has knows it, a beautiful women with Silver-ish blonde hair comes up to him, a bounce in her step and a smile. His obvious young nature has him focused more on how good she looks, but being in this big feel environment did not notice the camera crew right there with her.

Blaire Moise ” Blaire Moise here with unknown Pretty Boy Devin DeSean for the DeNucci Cup! We found out last night you will be in a stacked with Talent bracket, how do you feel knowing you will be in an event with established names, multi time champions, and simply being a rookie in an event like this?! “ She wasted no time in hitting him with questions to measure who he was exactly.

Devin ” Well…”

Small pause as he gained his composure inside of his head, luckily it could also be taken as him pausing for effect, since he wore a devilish smile as he was still checking out the smoking hot Blaire.

“At least HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING was smart enough to send an interviewer in the same class as me, PRETTY BOY Devin DeSean!  You see THERE is no hiding that I am a rookie killing myself working double time to build a name. So, this will be a challenge that PRETTY BOY is ready to face. I am not familier with my opponent, but I’m a wildcard in this, so hope you are ready, Stevens!…. “ Devin paused again but Blaire interrupted him before he could continue.

Blaire ” You sure have a lot of confidence,  hopefully your talent proves to be twice as much! AS always this was Blaire Moise with  Pretty Devin DeSean! Look for him in the first round as he starts his career off!” She finished up the interview without giving Devin more time to comment, as the camera man cut recording and started to walk away. 

Blaire ” You will need to bring more fire in your promo next week if you wish to survive around here! “ She said to him before heading off to following the cameraman.

Devin stood there watching her walk away, a look of disappointment at being cut short.

Devin ” It’s Pretty Boy Devin DeSean…Wait WHAT DO YOU MEAN NEXT WEEK!!!” He said is disbelief of her not even closing out with saying his moniker correctly, but didn’t have long to dwell on it as he realized the second part that she had said.

End of Refueled XLVIII

The broadcast was just about cut off when a force is heard off-screen.

Off-Camera Voice ” Hold up! Hold Up! HOW BABY…. The night is not…Over…Just…yet…I came here on short notice to give you all some of Pretty Boy Devin DeSean! Now I may of been cut short earlier, but not this time! I will be heard on tonight’s Refueled, it will be swift and clear… “ Devin finally moves into view of the camera.

Devin “Sweets, all of you….Look at all of these fine competitors here for the DeNucci Cup….I have to say… I have seen less cookie cutters while walking the holiday aisles at the end of halloween! So, never fear! I am not your Savior, I am the Adonis Angel of Mercy! I apologize that you must wait until next week to start the removal of the cookie cutters, but know I am coming! HOW JESUS, I will be with you swiftly…so survive!”

With that the feed for Refueled XLVIII cuts off.