Posted on May 22, 2024 at 4:58 pm by Zach Kostoff

The picture comes in showing a clear sunny sky. Palm trees wave in the steady wind. He sits on his back porch sipping a glass of tea. As the camera moves in closer you can see he looks more rested. He looks almost at peace. Taking a sip from the glass he smiles as he sets the glass down on the table next to him.


Zach: Feeling better. It is a daily struggle.


Zach: See, I really can give a fuck what anyone thinks. The fact I am getting myself back together means more than anyone’s bullshit opinion here.


He sighs as he leans his head back and lets the sun beat down on his skin. Sweat drips down his chest.


Zach: Again, this week I have no idea who I am getting in the ring with much less do I care. The story is, as long as it is a fight that is all I care about.


Zach; We’ll fight, we’ll tear the building down, hell I may even get the win. I may not. Really the check clears the bank, at this point in my life that is all I give a fuck about.


A rustle is heard as his Maine Coon comes out onto the porch and looks up at him. He leans his head down and smiles as the cat rubs against his legs.


Zach: Love this cat, he has been my constant these last few years.


The large cat looks up at Zach and closes his eyes to the sun. You can hear the purring from the cat as he lays at the feet of Zach. Zach sighs and nods his head.


Zach: Well, regardless I’m ready for this fight. Let’s just get to it stop all the theater bullshit. I’m fucking ready, I sure as hell hope you are as well.


He leans down to pet the car some more as the scene backs away and begins to fade to darkness