The Clown Prince vs. Zach’s Legacy

The Clown Prince vs. Zach’s Legacy

Posted on November 9, 2023 at 6:26 pm by Malakai DeLirio

The scene is set atop a stopped but towering ferris wheel, its creaking metal structure casting eerie shadows against the darkened sky. The night is filled with a carnival atmosphere as the neon lights of the spectacle glimmer, glow and twinkle below. Malakai “The Clown Prince” DeLirio is perched precariously in one of the rusted, swaying ferris wheel gondolas, a malevolent grin etched across his painted face. The camera focuses on him as he begins his twisted promo.

Malakai DeLirio: (Chuckling ominously) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and all you little Kostoff admirers out there, welcome! (He dramatically sweeps his hand towards the carnival below.) Ah, the carnival, a place where laughter and chaos reign supreme! And speaking of laughter and chaos, allow me to introduce my dear opponent for Chaos 49, my first opponent in HOW, young Zach Kostoff.

Malakai pulls out a Zach Kostoff plush toy in one hand and clown horn in his other. He honks the horn loudly, the sound echoing eerily in the night.

Malakai DeLirio: (Turning his attention to the toy) Zach, my boy, I must say, it’s quite the honor to face you in the squared circle. But let’s address the elephant – or should I say, the bear – in the room. You’re not just any wrestler, are you? (In a mocking tone) No, you’re the son of the legendary Chris Kostoff, a man whose name echoes through the annals of High Octane Wrestling history.

Malakai feigns a dramatic gasp, placing a hand over his heart and takes a quick glance at the camera before turning back to the stuffed Kostoff toy.

Malakai DeLirio: (Again, mockingly) Oh, the expectations, the pressure! How do you live up to the legacy of a Hall of Famer, a man who bathed in the blood and sweat of his opponents? How does it feel to live in the shadow of your father? The fans, they look at you with those hopeful eyes, yearning for you to measure up to his legendary status. But alas, you’re like a clown trying to fit into the shoes of a giant!

Malakai lets out a sinister laugh, his painted lips curling into a wicked grin. He gives the clown horn one last honk before tossing it over his shoulder letting it fall to the ground below.

Malakai DeLirio: (Pensively) You see, Zach, you’re not just fighting for victory. No, you’re fighting for your family’s honor, for your father’s legacy. It’s a heavy burden to bear, my boy, but I’m here to lighten the load. After all, what’s a carnival without a little levity?

He twirls the Kostoff toy around in his fingers as he speaks into the camera with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Malakai DeLirio: (Tauntingly) Tell me, Zach, do you ever wonder if you’ll ever be as fearsome as your old man? Do you lie awake at night, haunted by the specter of his success? Well, let me put your mind at ease – you won’t. You can never truly live up to the legend of Chris Kostoff.

Malakai leans in closer to the camera, his voice dripping with mockery.

Malakai DeLirio: (Whispering) But here’s the twist in this twisted tale, Zach. Does it really matter if you ever surpass your father’s legacy? Or is it enough to carve your own path, to leave your own mark on the world of High Octane Wrestling? Perhaps the true legacy isn’t measured by comparison, but by the chaos you sow, the laughter you inspire, and the fear you instill.

He suddenly brandishes a wicked-looking jester’s dagger, twirling it skillfully in his empty hand.

Malakai DeLirio: (Grinning manically) And speaking of legacy, let’s not forget about the enigmatic legacy of The Clown Prince! You see, Zach, I’ve been wrestling in the shadows as well. Not the shadows of legends but within the shadows of the carnival tents. I’ve mastered the art of malevolence while you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye. I’ve tangled with the most grotesque and the most ghoulish, and I’ve emerged victorious, time and time again!

Malakai points the dagger toward the camera, his eyes locked in a sinister gaze.

Malakai DeLirio: (Dramatically) So, Zach, my young adversary, as we step into the ring at Chaos 49, remember this – I am the embodiment of chaos, the purveyor of pandemonium, and the master of mayhem! Can you survive the whirlwind of The Clown Prince?

He cackles with delight causing the ferris wheel gondola to sway abruptly.

Malakai DeLirio: (Leaning in closer to the camera, his voice low) When the final curtain falls and the laughter fades, will you emerge from this carnival of chaos as a legend in your own right, or will you be just another footnote in the history of High Octane Wrestling? When you are standing across from this sinister smile, will you expel the best you have to offer the Kostoff family down the side of your leg?

Malakai twirls the dagger one last time before driving it through the chest of the Kostoff plush toy and into the side of the gondola. His malevolent grin never wavering.

Malakai DeLirio: (Mockingly) Zach Kostoff, prepare yourself for a night of beatings and twisted torment, for Chaos 49 will be a night you’ll never forget! And when the dust settles, when the lights dim, and the echoes of our battle fade into the night, you’ll realize that you’ve faced the one and only The Clown Prince. Ha ha ha!

The camera zooms out, leaving Malakai perched atop the swaying ferris wheel, a chilling silhouette against the darkened sky. A crowd of people gathered on the ground look up in bewilderment. DeLirio rolls out a large sign that hangs from the front of the gondola. It reads…

In the darkest depths, I silently creep,
Beneath your dreams, I rarely sleep.
A shadow’s whisper, a devil’s delight,
In the absence of day, I rule the night.

The camera fades to darkness.