11:59 Is Dead

11:59 Is Dead

Posted on April 22, 2021 at 9:26 pm by Brian Hollywood

Who would have thought this would get easier before it got difficult.


Here I was thinking I would have been crucified.  The truth of it is, Mike, you ran out of material a long time ago that you had to dumb it down to bring in someone who is just an alter ego of yourself if you had been one of those stupid ass teenagers of today trying to impress by doing a tide pod challenge.


I know I’ll never be you, Mike.  And from where I’m standing that’s clearly not a problem for me.  I’ve been able to handle my own business and get the job done without run ins or interference from Daddy Best.  You know, the alliance with the Best in front of it that has nothing to do with you.  I was in the Best Alliance once.  It takes something of skill and getting the job done to be in that Alliance.  Hell, I’ve already beaten a couple of its current members so I must be doing something right.


You can tear me apart all you want.  The truth is I’m tapping at the very threshold of success once again.  I don’t have to cry foul to do it.  I took my loss to Dan Ryan on the chin and gave him the props he deserved for the win.  But does that make me down and out?  Fuck no it doesn’t.


From where I’m standing, I’m very capable of pulling off the upset of all upsets.  Anything goes in that cage and if anyone is quite capable of making something out of nothing in those scenarios, it’s myself.  You’re so beyond the point of dismissing me that you are getting in that complacent being of yours and talking to yourself with your imaginary friend, Durango. 


I had an imaginary friend too….when I was fucking four.  I suppose it fits the mold of your whining and crying foul. 


You may have gotten bored of me, Mike, but I’m bored of all the barriers you are throwing up.  I find it funny that everyone can laugh at your jokes of one person, but when turned against you, you try to justify something different.  I wonder what people will say if I beat the great HOFC legend himself.  Maybe they’ll say I got lucky but in this business things can change on a weekly basis.  You of all people should realize that.


That’s why I’m not going to bore you with the same old bullshit talk.  I’m fucking done with it like I’m fucking done with how many hall passes you seem to get.  You know, I’m starting to wonder if even your father himself is running out of ways to keep justifying your spot on the roster, even in the main event.  You’ve constantly stated you’re nearing the end for your run in HOW and I can’t help but wonder if that scares daddy Best.  Hell, I wonder if that’s why he made an appearance at the end of your match with you and Dan Ryan.


Life will go on in HOW without Mike Best around the way it did when I was on top of the mountain.  Lee will find a way to keep the cogs of HOW turning long after you’ve retired.  But what will it all be worth, Mike?  Perhaps you’ve been better as an MMA fighter than an actual wrestler as of late in the land of HOW.


I’m willing to take that gamble.  It’s like you blowing your whole wad in an actual HOFC match than an actual HOW wrestling match because your endurance clearly is not what it used to be.  You need to try and end things quickly because the longer a match or a fight goes without you putting someone away ups the risk of you losing.


That’s where I come in, Mike.  It may have taken me awhile to piece everything together but I realize the longer I make this match between us go, the higher the odds will become that I actually walk out the winner.


Don’t take anything too hard, though, Mike.  We all lose…it’s just how we take that loss that defines us and our legacies.


I’ve waited a long time in breaking you down, but the thrill and the pleasure of doing it methodically will be what gives me the strength in continuing until your knocked the fuck out.


You better do more than knock me out this time…


Because this time….I’m coming for EVERYTHING!