11:59 Club Email

11:59 Club Email

Posted on January 27, 2023 at 11:59 pm by Brian Hollywood

I assure you there is nothing more frustrating than getting kicked in the fucking dick.  But there is something more frustrating than getting kicked in the dick.  You lose because you got kicked in the fucking dick! There is nothing dirtier in the fucking playbook than that!  I had Great Scott BEAT!  I took him to a place he was very much uncomfortable in our HOTv Championship match and he resorted to, literally, the lowest of lows, by yes…you guessed it…kicking me in the fucking dick.  There was no doubt in my mind that I had him backed into the fucking wall so he took the cheap way out to keep a championship that no longer belonged to him.  I had become deadlier, more dangerous in the ring and Great Scott took the only way out he could literally take.  So you see, he is indeed a hypocrite because he realized he no longer could keep up with the threat that was growing against him….ME!  He knew it…so he did the only thing he knew he could do in order to keep his championship.  Of course, the referee never actually saw the hit..which is why he got away with it in the first place.  Even if the referee did see it, a DQ finish still would have bailed out a man who has been nothing more than a fucking fraud with a championship that is coveted more from a man who’s won it in the past and at least has the standards to defend it honorably.  Would I have done the same thing?  Perhaps…but we’re not talking about what I would have done to keep that championship but at least I would have defended it the way it should have been defended.  But I digress…I guess it’s not an insult to know that I was the better man in that match.  No harm in admitting that truth when I know that our paper champion would deny the obvious case in which there was video evidence to show the contrary, even if he would deny it up and down that it even happened.  At least I would have been more discrete about it..I mean, for fuck sakes…he practically advertised his intentions that he was going to do it.  So wouldn’t we call that premeditated dick kicking?  That should be a law in all fifty fucking states for fucks sake.  But I suppose complaining about it won’t get me anywhere.  We’ve all seen what the results about complaining about something gets people.  So I guess the only reasonable way forward is to take what happened to me and use that as fuel moving forward…and boy are there stakes on the line in which case I can use them….


Man, getting kicked in the dick really has a weird way of motivating ones self, doesn’t it?  I suppose something like this will be viewed as comical, but I assure you, there is nothing comical about what I’m going to do this Sunday at Chaos.  It’s just unfortunate for a guy like the supposed number one dad, Steve Solex.

Tell me Solex, do you know what it’s like to be kicked in the dick?  I don’t mean that literally, because I know just like you, everyone else in HOW has felt what its like to get kicked in the fucking dick.  But try approaching it metaphorically.  Of course, metaphorically speaking, a guy like you would be ready for such measures.  I don’t need to kick you in the fucking dick to get my point across.  No, I am talking about the longing affects of getting kicked in the dick.

Let me be more forward with you.  I am highly pissed about how getting kicked in the dick cost me the HOTv Championship.  I am livid, angry about that and that should worry you greatly, Solex.  But I don’t need to carry that anger with me in our match, Solex, because I’ve beaten you without having to respond to being kicked in the GOD of HOW damn fucking dick!  But your problem now is that not only do you have to worry about a focused Hollywood, you’re going to have to worry about a Hollywood who now has a proven track record of using hatred to win matches.

It’s no secret why I’m involved in this LSD Championship tournament match, the semi-finals, as it were.  I didn’t have to have a match to qualify for the semi-finals match.  I wonder why that is?  Surely it’s not because others recognize that I should be HOTv Champion right now, not Great Scott.  Others realize that if it hadn’t been for that kick to the dick, I WOULD fucking be the the new HOW HOTv Champion for the second time!  Great Scott is a fucking plague for HOW, and I’ve taken it upon myself to rid the world, and HOW, of plagues like Great Scott.  With the PWA growing as a stronger competitor against HOW, the GOD of HOW, and the machine itself, are going to need strong players to be ready on the front lines to take on PWA head on.  I thrive in challenges and there has never been any question that I have been an ally to HOW and the machine to rid HOW of all of its ailments.

Everyone else is afraid to admit it, but I’m not, Solex, on the real threat that PWA poses to HOW.  I fucking recognize that this is a plague that must be dealt with quickly before it grows to be out of control.  I must be one of the only ones who recognizes what must be addressed.  I made a proposal a couple months ago about aligning my services to be used to keep HOW strengthened in numbers because I saw what was on the horizon.  I still haven’t heard word back yet about using my services and taking me up on my proposal…but perhaps I have to once again prove myself to be trusted upon.


Honestly I thrive in these conditions.  I’m not so easily threatened about my surroundings as others are.  There are plenty of motherfuckers here who would be threatened out of pure fear about what an existential threat to HOW poses by forces on the outside.  I mean, for fucks sake there are members of this own fucking HOW roster who tout about being happier in PWA and openly threaten HOW’s status as the number one wrestling promotion on the planet…yet most of the motherfuckers here in HOW are blinded by their own misconceptions and safety nets than worrying about the actual big threat of HOW imploding from within in order to strengthen the numbers from the outside and proclaiming them as self prophets.

Wake the fuck up, already!  We are already at WAR but most of the motherfuckers here chose to deny that fact and let me tell you…by the time they realize the threat is fucking real, it will be too late.  Am I really the only fucker here who sees that?

Perhaps it’s because my rage blinds me of what is literally laid out right in front of me.  I have experience in these situations..and yet, my experience and my expertise are NOT being used the way they should be…and that’s another thing that’s pissing me the fuck off!

My eyes are wide the fuck open…but I also won’t take my eyes off the prize that is right in front of me.  In this case, it’s fighting Steve Solex for a chance to advance to the LSD Championship Tournament Finals.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had a chance to advance in a tournament and move onto the finals.  I certainly take pride in my work and how hard I bust my fucking ass in this company to make it better.  Perhaps that’s why I’m feeling this hatred inside me…because I know what it feels like to fight for what you believe in.  I’ve always believed in fighting for HOW.  My methods in my past in HOW and my credentials may have been in question at times, but I’ve ALWAYS have done it for the betterment of HOW and the machine.  Perhaps that’s why I believe that the way I approach each match and how I wrestle, is always being questioned in the lime light.  That’s okay….really it is…because at least I’ve always gotten the job done when it comes to fighting for the machine.  My loyalties have never been in question because I’ve always fought for what’s best for HOW.  All you motherfuckers can debate that until the cows come home but I’ve proven time and time again that the only wrestling federation on this planet has always been HOW and that has never been debated.

I know where my loyalties lie.  Do you, Solex?  Because it’s painfully obvious that your loyalties are what’s best for Steve Solex.  I can respect that…but for HOW’s number one “dad” you sure have had a reason or several to doubt what’s really important.

Perhaps that’s why I can see what’s really at stake here.  You have flipped a couple different times and your time in the “Best Alliance” or whatever the GOD of HOW has had in terms of alignment are questionable at best.  Don’t think anyone has forgotten your history with The Highwaymen.  Sure, The Highwaymen are all but extinct now…but at one point you were fighting for a cause that was AGAINST the machine and what’s against the machine is fucking toxic.  So that makes YOU toxic, Solex, whether you chose to believe that or not.  You were never worthy to be apart of the Best Alliance and it fucking shows!  Here we are once again…me seeing right through the bullshit….but here I stand, not affiliated with HOW’s best defense mechanism, yet I have the formula to bring it down.  Wouldn’t it be much easier to be apart of HOW’s best defense mechanism rather than against it?  Well, the obvious answer is yes…but if that defense fights me, I have no choice but to fight against it…at least I know what side I’m on.  With the implosion of The Highwaymen, there is a gigantic void left in the wake.  You had you chance in the spotlight, Solex, but you chose to piss it all away with a gamble that proved to be a fatal flaw in your execution.

Now I’m pitted with the opportunity to bring it all down upon you.  And you have Great Scott to thank for that.  I may not be HOTv Champion right now…but you can sure bet your fucking ass that I’m going to get myself another shot at the title and I won’t allow myself to get kicked in the dick again for my efforts.  But my efforts this week will be to take you down and get myself one step closer to a HOW LSD Championship shot.

It’s well documented that I ended the last era with every single HOW singles Championship HOW had to offer so starting with the LSD Championship seems like a reasonable start in obtaining the other ones.  But I can assure you, Solex, that becoming a three time LSD Champion won’t be an easy task, but rather, an opportunity to prove that I am still one of the best that HOW has to offer.  No one in this fucking company wants to acknowledge that what I have done is unprecedented.  HOW may have been absent a lot of its stars that are around today, but winning every championship still wasn’t an easy task.  I’m not one to boast about accolades…but I’ve done something that not a lot of HOW superstars that are here today, have been able to do.  They all can fucking crucify me if they wish to, but the truth of the matter is…I’m fucking hungry and I long to be the best in this company once again.

It all starts this weekend at Chaos 20 and I can assure you that not only will I NOT be kicked in the dick, but I will send a message what happens when someone robs me of something I should have won in the first place!  I’m going to expose you like the motherfucking fraud you are, Solex, I can promise you that.

I can decree so and I’ll show you and the whole world that there is always a way in overcoming your strength but exposing your greatest weakness.  These days are no longer treating you the way the “Board” or the “Best Alliance” would treat you.  I’m out for absolute blood and I’m going to pick up where I left off in the last moments of 2022.

2023 is MY fucking year and I will no longer stay on the sidelines and watch my opportunities be shredded to oblivion.  You’ve had your moment in the sun and you fucking blew it.  I absolutely refuse to sit on the sidelines and continue to allow everyone in HOW to treat me as a laughing stock when I was a two time HOW World Champion and HOW Hall of Fame nominee.  I’m going to pick up where I left off and prove that my services are much more valuable than how most of the field in HOW have seen me.

So I hope you show up this Sunday on Chaos ready for a fight…because I can assure you I won’t let a kick in the dick end my hopes of once again doing great things in the land of High Octane Wrestling.  I can assure you…I will see it coming this time and I’ll be damned if I let a kick to the dick dictate my fate of my future in HOW.  And if you’re not careful…I would hate for you to get into a skirmish with my TSA brethren.

I’m almost sorry for what I’m going to do to you this weekend, Solex.

But keyword…almost.

Every bit of what’s coming to you you’re going to fucking deserve, Solex, along with everyone after you who chose to not keep their guard up and who have absolutely failed to acknowledge what is going on in HOW and the impending threat of what PWA poses.  But just not the threat of what PWA is capable of doing, but what I’M capable of doing as well.

All it takes is one Executive Decree for me to move on and face Jace Parker Davidson at March to Glory for the HOW LSD Championship.

That is the third reason to give me the momentum and motivation to beat you, Solex.  I was wrongly left off the ICONIC Pay Per View Card and that pissed me off enough as it was.  I had all the momentum and the only loss I suffered during that time period was Mr. I can’t beat Brian Hollywood so I’ll kick him in the dick so I can keep the HOTv Championship safe in my clutches, Great Scott.  So know that I won’t be defeated by some underlining move that foreshadows what I’m capable of doing in that ring when properly motivated.  I’d like to think I’ve earned my place in that respect.

So bring me your best, Solex, because I don’t want anything less.  I may continue to channel my hatred to win matches, but don’t mistaken my lust for feeling some pain in our match at the expense of moving on to fight for the HOW LSD Championship.  I’ve been left off enough Pay Per View shows and I will be damned if I am kept off another one.

So just know that I will pull out all the stops in securing my victory once again over you.  I’ve beaten you once, I hope you’re prepared for a second time because this time I will not only hurt you, but I’ll be sending you and everyone else on the HOW roster a fucking message.  And that is when Brian Fucking Hollywood is properly motivated, there’s no stopping him and I hope the powers that be pay real fucking close attention to our match.  Why?  Because it will be one of the last times I play nice and send the powers that be that I’m suitable much more as an ally than an enemy.

This is MY time Solex!

This is MY opportunity to prove I still belong in this company.

At the end of the day, just remember I warned you what was coming but you chose to ignore it because you’re just like everyone in HOW and undertake me as a non threat and I promise you that’s the last mistake you will ever make, Solex.

See you Sunday, daddy-o.

Oh and one more thing…

Don’t even try to hit me in the dick.  I’ve already prepared myself for that contingency…and I’ll be damned if it costs me another shot at HOW gold.  One thing you can always guarantee with yours truly, Mr. Executive himself, Brian Hollywood, is that I always learn from my mistakes quickly and adapt to changing up what I need to change up in order to win.  So you can bet that that trick will not work on me…and if you even dare attempt to try it when I become too much for you to handle like Great Scott couldn’t handle me, I will make it my personal fucking mission to make your life a living fucking hell in our match.  You have my word on that, Steve.

Again, I’ll see you Sunday and this time, nothing is going to stop me from getting to March to Glory so that I may chase MY fucking glory!  A glory that has been too long dormant and passed up for the last and final time!  I’m getting my dues…one way or another.  I could give a fuck less if people like me or hate me in HOW.  As long as I’m winning and making a difference, that’s all that matters to me, Solex.  You chose to put your trust in people who said they’d have your back.  Look where that got you.  In the end, you have to learn, sometimes the hard way, that the only person you can rely on is yourself.  You may think you’ve already learned the hard way, Solex, but I assure you that you haven’t learned hard enough.  That part will come this Sunday as I look to take my rightful place in the finals of the LSD Championship tournament and one more step closer to my march to glory.



Los Angeles, California

There weren’t many places Hollywood could go without him being detected by either Buck Wringley’s entire Sheriff’s department or even Gerald Reeves CIA operatives, which is a bigger network web than Buck’s officers.  However, together, their web of surveillance was big enough that if Hollywood ever returned to Los Angeles, it wouldn’t take long before both of them knew Hollywood was back in town.  So Hollywood had to be careful, be precise if he wanted to leave the city out of cuffs or captivity and keep out of Gerald and Buck’s range of vision.  However, Hollywood had been with The Chair so long that he learned how to evade detection in ways he never would have imagined.  Hollywood was also, albeit, never afraid to show his face if the right cause presented itself for his immediate attention.  Still, Hollywood was cautious, as he should have been.  The scene opens up inside one of the so called abandoned warehouses in the city which was being operated by a shell company from overseas to mask one of The Chair’s secret hideaways.  One thing that was always apparent with The Chair and how he hid was that he would hide literally in plain sight, a strategy that Hollywood not only used, but chose to adapt to and it sure paid dividends.  The warehouse had a medical facility and this facility was housing comatose patient Audrey Renfrow, a long and sometimes lost lover of Brian Hollywood.  Yet here Hollywood was in this warehouse, where Audrey was being attended to.  Hollywood sat in a chair that was basically up close to where Audrey was hooked up but not conscious.  Hollywood let out a sigh as he not only studied where he was at, but he was able to be right at the side of Audrey…a place he hadn’t been accustomed to knowing about.  There were a lot of things that were running through Hollywood’s mind, but one of them was what happens if Audrey wakes up and witness just how much Hollywood had changed over the last several months.  Could she handle it?  What would happen if she found out that Hollywood and The Chair, a man who literally and figuratively put her in the place she was today, were in cahoots with each other?  These questions couldn’t help but to remain anything but void and dismissal as he speaks out loud.

Brian Hollywood: “I know what you’re probably thinking love…how could I possibly work with a man who put the love of my life in danger and willing to sacrifice everything just to find out something so small that it would effect my entire life moving forward?  I know what you’re going to say.  You would say why am I risking our very own livelihoods on such a single case that may not mean much to you but means much to me?  You see, love, that’s exactly what it is.  I would never put our own love and our lives in such jeopardy that I stand the possibility of losing you.  But that’s just it…how can I really explain it to you and be able to capitalize on my investigating without people getting caught up in the cross hairs?  I hope to have an answer for you someday on that question, my love.  But today, it just brings with it nothing but pain and uncertainty.”

For a man who hasn’t felt much of anything besides hate, has now been plagued by remorse and sorrowness.  Hollywood had hardened his heart, especially when it came to his HOW career.  His HOW career meant everything to him…including eliminating the weakness within him. In this case, it was compassion.  But if there was one thing Hollywood knew how to do was elaborate and come up with schemes on everyone that did wrong in his life.

The problem was, one of the issues was not knowing seemingly what was going to happen to Audrey.  The Chair was directly responsible for Audrey’s condition, yet Hollywood’s anger and hatred towards The Chair was fading with each passing day.  Was The Chair’s influence finally overpowering Hollywood so much that Hollywood was blatantly and slowly forgetting how Audrey landed in the hospital but by the actions of The Chair, himself?  It was looking that way as Hollywood couldn’t help but to slowly eliminate those feelings within him and in his mind.  He knew that teaming up The Chair was going to be dangerous…but no one exactly could predict just how much Hollywood and The Chair had come to rely on each other.  With each passing second…each passing hour and day, Hollywood and The Chair had gotten closer and at first this didn’t bother Hollywood at all.  Call it the intuition but Hollywood still had a job to do.  Ironically, the would be in the form of being a close and confidant partner of The Chair had its perks.

Brian Hollywood: “I know this isn’t what you wanted.”

Hollywood says as he struggles to find the right words to Audrey.

Brian Hollywood: “Everything I’ve done up to this point has been for a reason.  But what you might not know, Audrey, is that I can’t shake the feeling that even though I don’t know who the Chair is, I feel like I know him on a personal and emotional standpoint.  I just can’t figure out why yet…I just want you to know…that I haven’t given up on you and I never will.  I just hope you could find it in your heart to forgive me when you find out everything that has transpired between the time you went into your coma and the time we are at right now that you understand why I have done what I have done.  I’ve done some more digging and I’m afraid that the results of my findings are most disturbing and it’s something that has kept me up at night.  I just wish I could tell you straight up.  The Chair is closer to me than I could have ever known and if it’s what I think it is…it will change everything forever…I just wish you were conscious because I feel so alone right now…”

Hollywood sighs but tries to keep his motivation and spirits up as what he just had found out over the course of the last two weeks will forever change his life and those in it as the scene slowly fades to black.