Posted on June 6, 2023 at 8:43 pm by Raziel Reynolds

Most people would be nervous or extremely excited for what the future held but he had been accustomed to a certain lifestyle so at the moment this was nothing more than mere side project status for Raziel. His sister liked to pretend and give off the picture that she controlled the narative that was his life but he felt that the both of them knew the complete truth and yet he found that he was only slightly interested in this wrestling promotion. Even as he had received the notification of the match, it had yet to put excitement or even a whisper of a fire in his belly. Traditionally he knew that his parents would have chided his ass for knowing just how much he was lacking for it but everyone had to live on their own terms and right now he was choosing to sit pool side while the reporters that had managed to find him continued to harass him with questions about High Octane Wrestling.

“Come back later,” was the familiar brush off call that he had tried to use to get them to go away but they simply refused for they were like a dog without a bone. Hungry for more than they could say they bargained for and still not satisfied with the fact that the single greatest thing to hit social media since that old and burden Clinton news scandal was still in their presence.

“Or not, it’s your skin that you are risking exposing to cancer, speaking of which,” it was at this moment that he picked up his phone and got on the socials and went live as he spoke. “Hey to all my fans out there I know you are wondering about High Octane Wrestling and how I am feeling. I am cooler than the other side of the pillow baby and that aside, well your boy is only here for the likes and the subscribers and not to mention, If you find that you are out this time of year where it is getting warmer please do me and yourself a favor and do not forget to apply that sunscreen,” he said as he gave them a thumbs up and the comments and emoji faces begin to flow in like a great river of why and how and still it was a great life. “Now you could come close to the amazingness that is yours truly and use the new and Improved Coppertone 450, endorsed by yours truly or you could use some other brand that will leave you redder than the ripest strawberry on a farm pickin’ day you hear me?” He laughed something he always did when he went live because it was good for business. “Try it and let me know what you think, Raz out!”

As he cut his live he got up and finally made his way over to where the people were. “Look because I do not want to be harassed I am going to answer your questions but on my time and so please leave. You each have about seven minutes to turn, gather your things, and exit kindly before I have security put you out harshly or better yet make you food for the dogs.” It did not matter to him, people being gone was the same result in the end as he turned and made his way into the house. He knew that going to wrestle for a place such as High Octane Wrestling was going to put his name out there again. He was only using it straighten up his reputation, not that he cared about it. If the world did not like him for how he was who was he to care. “I remember what they called me all too well,” he said. “Spoiled, entitled, better than most and those were all things that I felt were good and true to the masses so it was not like I needed to stop the people from speaking the truth. I come with an ego that I have well worked towards earning since it has been handed to me and so you see at the end of the day it’s not that I care to change it I am just going to explore and expand not only my social media world but everything else because I deserve that too. Going into this so called wrestling organization is me bringing my social media following and HOW as I will now refer to them all should thank me for that immediately. I get it you guys already have fans but you do not have ones like I will bring.”

It was him being cocky to an edge of extreme that had yet to be defined but he did not mind it in the end. Everyone had to find something to live for and this was his even if he did not know quite how to express it quite well just yet. The fact that he believed it was enough reason at least in his head for it be true and that was all that he needed.”Now on to Bobbinette,” he shook his head at even the slightest mention of the name because he had no idea how he truly wanted to address this he simply felt he needed too. “You know what I am so graciously going to give you the advantage in this match but even with that, it will not stop me from smacking the shit out of you when the time comes and please when it is over and I have defeated you, I need you to know that it is with great and much reserve that I did it. I do not want to but in order to prove who I am and how serious I can be when it comes to wrestling the people above me that want me to make a name for myself are leaving me absolutely no choice.”

Still the thoughts of having to lock up with someone that he did not know for the sake of cheers this was not a first but hopefully would be the last new start. He was tired of moving from place to place and he needed a stable home at least at the moment. “Now I do not think that you are the archaic type to think that I will go easy on you and that already makes me know that our match will be good, could be great but let’s be honest even I am not going to carry you to that level because while I am worthy at least you are not.” It was a harsh reality but one in the truth none the less. At the bottom he had to start and he respected it because it was not going to be long before he was able to rise to the top. “If you do get anything out of our little match exchange may it be the pleasure of knowing that all of my followers will know your name and even though it’s ugly at least you will be able to catch yourself in my mentions.”

The kid was drunk on the juice and he could not help it. What had once started off as a way to help him vent and get his thoughts out there to the world was now a full blown addicition that he did not plan to give up on anytime soon. “Most people chase fame but I say why? Why chase something that makes people go crazy.” He did not truly have much room to talk but at least at the moment he had all he needed in the world to make it go away. Money. Still he took a seat in his living room and placed his feet up almost appearing as if he were in deep thought though he had never met a deep thought that he did not scurry away from as fast as he could and wanted to. “I guess all in all it, the match that is will not work out bad for me either.”

His theory was even if you did not like where you were or where you had started you had to put in the work to make sure that it got changed. He had applied this to his life but it mostly worked with locations but even as a man who had traveled around the world it was not hard to know that something was missing. He needed to get with Scott and teach him how to make use of the platforms so that they could push their arrival together but with Scott being brought on to watch him, he did not know if he could trust him. That did bother him and it put such a twisting feeling into his stomach that he ignored it which was also yet another thing he was good at. None the less the excitement of a first match, the undying feeling of being a rookie had been something that had captured him not once or twice but three times now. “I guess I am a bit of a bad luck bunny,” he said. “It seems everywhere that I go they do not know what to do with me. I do not know if it’s the glitz and glamour that I bring or if it is simply them being awakened by the new age of wrestling style that I do plan to bring to everywhere that I am.”

It was as if he had been soaked in a charisma juice and that no one could outdo him but he had not yet been able to fix that in business. People who met him in business often said that he was too much and thought far to into what he wanted to do without thinking about the consequences. “I find that if I think about what happens and it does not go that way then that is bad for me.” Bad for him was a place that he had never been too lately and he still did not plan to stay there long. “None the less let’s be honest. This match will be good for me and everyone and that is what matters at the end of the day,” he said as he chuckled. He had already kind of checked it out and he knew that her accolades spoke for themselves but that was okay too. If he had ever been graced with intimidation then it would not be the first time but he did take the rest of the night to relax for in the morning he was going to make the greatest live ever known to man by him, at least so far.

As the next day rolled around, he had finally took the moment to step outside of his house and it was the constant sound of the clicking shutters and clicks of the phones for him as he held his hands up. “Guys guys relax, I told you all to leave me alone,” he said as he still turned around and gave them a smile. You had to work the crowd that was something that not only applied in real life but he was sure it would come handy during his wrestling career too. “I like to think of talking to you guys as killing two birds with one stone. You see,” he said as he was still turned towards them. “I do not respect anyone that does not have my best interest at the heart of what they like and that is the truth. So no disrespect to the woman who has made all of this excitement of a name around herself but at the end of the day she simply is not me. I have nothing to lose in this match you see while she has everything and in that, should I win which I do plan to do it is her that will see everything that she had worked for crumble. That is not a good thing by the way but you know it is not the end of the world.”

He refused to believe that the bad things would keep coming and even if they somehow did Raziel was in the mind that you had to work through them. If you were going to cry then you needed and should do it somewhere, where no one could see for people did not need to be privy to what one did in the dark or else why would the dark simply exist. Still for the moment, match thoughts and training for next time the story continues.