High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Scott Stevens

Location: San Francisco, California: Alcatraz Island
November 2, 2019, 3:30 AM

It is calm, but extremely cold in the wee morning hours on Alcatraz Island as the only thing breaking the abyss is the sound of waves as they splash against the rocks all alongside the former prison and home to Rumble at The Rock 9. However, silence wasn’t golden earlier in the night as the sound of hammers, chainsaws, and voices polluted the air as they prepped the Island for battle. One voice in particular that was the loudest of all was that of the forty-nine percent owner of High Octane Wrestling, Scott Woodson.

Scotty as the new owner of HOW and this being the first pay-per-view under his regime had to promote and address some things and what better way to do that than with a good old press conference. Scotty stood behind a wooden podium looking like a corporate stooge in his pinstripe suit and 97 red colored tie with his stupid Anarchy pin to top it off as he addressed certain things that had come up like…..Will the ICON title be defended? Who was Lindsay Troy’s partner after Eric Dane realized he didn’t have nuts and quit? What does the two percent by Mike Best entail? And of course, trying to sale everyone on the fact that he respects Scott Stevens, but he’s still going to maim and conquer the Texan when they step foot on the island. Scotty spewing his self-hype train that he always does and because of this didn’t notice the most important thing at this press conference of his.

What was that important thing?

The fact that his opponent was right under his nose watching and listening the whole time. I’m sure when you rewind the video on the replay of HOTv you will see a man wearing a HOW ball cap and Aviator sunglasses in the back of the press conference taking notes trying to blend in within the sea of piranhas known as the San Francisco Press.

If Scott Stevens can get this close to Scottywood hiding in plain sight and the Hardcore Artist didn’t know this shows you how observant the owner of HOW is and prepared for his upcoming match. Some are probably asking themselves if Stevens was at this press conference where else was he been when Scotty has been out and about throughout San Francisco?

A valid question, but not the most important one.

The most important question is where is Scott Stevens now?

As we head towards a building located next to the Sally Port and Dock and the Building 64 residential apartments we come to the outside of the Alcatraz Chapel. The chapel shows it’s been through hell as the outside stone is weathered and scorched from years of abuse throughout the decades. As we climb up the concrete steps towards the two wooden doors as a deathly breeze blows them open. Moonlight fills the inside of the chapel as the faded and chipped turquoise paint comes into view. In the distance we see rows of black folding chairs lined up atop of wooden planks with an individual sitting by themselves in the front row in the middle chair. As we get closer towards the person we see that they haven’t moved an inch and they continue to stare at the…..CROSS.

The giant wooden cross that is a staple of Scott Woodson and all of Christianity across the globe leans against the tarnished brick wall. The identity of the individual sitting in the front row of the chapel is Scott Stevens and we are sure the Texan is not here to confess his sins or is he???

“Forgive me ChristPlow for I will sin.”

Stevens says as he stares at a cross dangling from the wall bearing Jesus Christ signifying what is to come in a few short days. The former World Champion adjusts himself in his chair by leaning forward a bit and places both hands on knob of the bat as he continues to look at the cross sitting in front of him because it will dictate his or Scottywood’s future.

“They say be careful of what you wish for because you may actually get it, and you got what you wanted Scotty, or did you?”

Stevens asks as steam comes out of his mouth.

“You say you wanted the return of  “The Scorpion” Scott Stevens.”

Stevens says with a smirk.

“The Scorpion” who at his best can beat anyone and everyone. The same one who will do anything and everything to make sure he walks out the victor.”

Stevens states before his emerald eyes turn their gaze from the cross towards the camera.

“Because I don’t think you’re taking this match too seriously Scotty.”

Stevens says as a steam cloud hides his face.

“You went all out to get my attention and force my hand to accept this match on this fucking island of yours by being the sadistic son of a bitch I heard about coming into HOW and the bloody wars we had since 2012.”

Stevens says sternly before his demeanor changes.

“However, since you got your wish you’ve been occupied with other things instead of the prize you so much covet.”

Stevens says with a shake of his head as rises from his seat as he begins to pace back and forth while dragging his barbed wire baseball slowly across the concrete.

“You brought me to Alcatraz for your final match taking place in your specialty match so you can argue with Eric fucking Dane and Chris Diamond on Twitter?”

Stevens asks with a shrug.

“You brought me here so you can get drunk and go on rants and think you can make matches and stipulations without Lee or Mike’s approval?”

Stevens lets out a sigh.

“This is why every time you’ve been in a position of power you’ve failed, but for some reason you keep getting it.”

The Texan says with disgust in his tone and he places the bat across his shoulders.

“You failed as a General Manager. You failed as the Commissioner. Hell, you massively shit the bed when you became Mike Best’s corporate stooge when you took out the piercings, cut the dreadlocks off, and threw on a Men’s Warehouse suit.”

Stevens says as he shakes his head with contempt.

“I mean what did you think cutting your hair and removing your piercing would do? Make you more aerodynamic in the ring?”

Stevens asks with a shrug.

“I’m sure you thought you were getting brownie points with Mike, but instead he used you to protect himself from an injured Evan Ward and Professor Keller, but we both know how that ended when Embosser rolled up in his Humvee.”

The Texan says with a nod.

“And your worst failure came when you became an owner for the first time….what? You forgot you were a previous HOW owner?”

Stevens says with a look of shock on his face.

“Don’t worry Scotty, most people forgot to because it was a forgettable run.”

The Texan says as he reaches into his jacket pocket and tosses something towards the cross. The object hits the wood and slides down revealing itself in the pale moonlight to be a golden watch.

“I guess since I took your watch I own seven percent of your forty-nine percent?”

Stevens asks before shrugging.

“The problem with you Scotty is that you are highly intelligent despite what people may think, but you do some of the most idiotic things and make stupid decisions especially when you are in a position of power. You’re fine when you have manageable control, but when you have “GOD-Like” control you get drunk on power…..literally.”

Stevens says as he continues to pace in front of the cross.

“Being a member of Team Corporate is not you and has never been you because when you are not having ownership responsibilities you are at your best and most dangerous. Don’t believe me? Than how else could you have beaten Mike Best for the ICON championship when Mike was running through the entire roster?”

Stevens waits for an answer that doesn’t come and continues.

“How else have you become the greatest LSD champion in the history of HOW history? Forget about the Silent Witness supporters because you did over one era as he had to do it over multiple ones. You dominated an entire era. You made people whimper when they heard the name The Hardcore Artist……..until now.”

Stevens says as his holds his index finger up.

“Scotty, when you are focused you can beat anyone. Your level of pain and savagery knows no limits because I know better than anyone.”

Stevens says as he pulls down his shirt to reveal an old puncture scar near his heart from the syringe needle Scottywood forcefully stabbed into his chest and released black tar heroin into his body.

“You say you want “The Scorpion” but I need the Hardcore Artist!”

Stevens shouts as he stares straight into the camera.

“These bobbles and trinkets you get for being in a position of power does not concern me.”

Stevens says as smashes the gold watch with the baseball bat.

“Do I look like Eric Dane, Dan Ryan, or any other member of the Industry that you continue to get pissed off at and have drunken Twitter fights with?”

Stevens asks as he slowly shakes his head no.

“I’m Scott fucking Stevens.”

Stevens says methodically as he slowly points to himself.

“I’m the man you are facing in a crucifixion match at Rumble at the Rock and you’re only focus should be me and me only. The only thing on your mind should be how much are to going to break me, how much are you going to bleed me before you drive these metal spikes through my hands and feet.”

Stevens says as he picks up a steel spike off of the wooden desk next to the cross.


Stevens yells as he tosses the spike onto the cold, concrete floor.

“I’ve been focused on you since you threatened my wife. I’ve done nothing but stalk you and harass you!”

Stevens says as he extends his bat towards the camera.

“I took out that big for nothing, Ba’al, with ease. I made a statement of my own to just give you a sample of what I have in store with you when I opened your son’s jugular with this baseball bat.”

Stevens says as he rests the bat against his shoulder.

“There are rivalries in HOW and then there are RIVALRIES.”

Stevens says as he looks at his bat.

“We’ve been at each other’s throats since I came into High Octane Wrestling when in our first match against one another was for the ICON championship and I defeated you and won my first championship. However, you got your revenge a few weeks later when you defeated me in a non-title. Some people may get tired of facing the same person again and again, but I love facing you because you bring out the very best in me. I have to plan differently with you because even though you are known brawling and hardcore style you can actually wrestle when you have to.”

Stevens says with a nod of respect.

“Scotty, you need to ditch the suit and put the nipple rings and jeans shorts back on. You need to let those dreadlocks fly and I need the man who has sliced me open with a barbed wire wrapped hockey stick. I need you to fade Twitter until after Rumble at the Rock and load up on as much beer as possible so you can use those empty bottles to smash against my face just like you did to my father.”

Stevens says as he wraps his hands tight around the handle of the bat.

“Because I want no excuses when I nail your ass to this cross and end your career for good.”

Stevens says sternly.

“GOD and ChristPlow won’t be able to save you when I get through with you my friend.”

Stevens says with a shake of his head.

“And when I am done with you, you will complete the Unholy Trinity in HOW by becoming the Holy Spirit of Hardcore.”

Stevens says as he smashes his bat against the cross and drives the barbs into the wood leaving the baseball bat stuck to send a message as the Texan walks off.

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