High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Noah Hanson

Itami Airport

Kobe, Japan

7:50 local time, don’t ask me to try and figure out what time zone this actually is.

Mood: Getting tired of all the jet lag

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Noah Fun Fact #6: He has twenty-seven uncredited appearances on ‘Supernatural’

Noah is shown walking through the Kobe Airport, not sure if it is an international type of airport but Noah is just walking to his private plane to head back to the states and wait for the impending doom that everyone surely expects Eric Dane and Dan Ryan to put forth on the tag team champs. Everyone has already written off the champs, dysfunctional, goofs, hell Noah has seen the Twitter barrage. He might as well not even bother showing up, maybe he should just air mail the belt back to HOW in care of Eric Dane or Dan Ryan and just save himself a beating. But you know what Noah has never worked like that, he is going to show up and work his ass off. Hell maybe he even get a little lucky and maybe the two of them and by two he means himself and Darin Zion, maybe they get just a little lucky and they survive and are able to clutch the tag titles for just a little bit longer.

Noah walks up to some sorta information booth and is fumbling through the magazines and seems to be looking for something. The longer he stands there, flipping through magazines, the more he looks irritated until a man in broken English comes up to Noah.

What are you looking for?” the man asked.

Noah looked at the man, a rather smallish man, olive colored skin, wearing to Noah’s shock a Beastie Boys shirt. Noah must’ve looked like a giant to the people in the area, most look like they might have trouble breaking five foot seven. “Looking for anything on Defiance Wrestling…”

The man looked confused. “Did you say Defecation Wrestling?”

Noah chuckled at the comment, smiled and shook his head. “No Defiance…Wrestling…One of the stars was or is it is, whatever his name is Eric Dane? Do you have anything about them?”

“Why you want to know about Defecation, you not eat enough cabbage?” The man said as he sized up Noah and then pulled up his shirt, revealing years of scars from years of brutal fights and near death experiences. Noah grabbed the mans hand and slowly moved it away.

“What?” Noah asked, looking even more confused than before. “Defiance….”

Noah acted like slowing down the pronunciation was going to make it easier for the local to understand him but the man just stood there growing even more perplexed by the second. “You have trouble, pooping? You have good bowel movement?”

The skin on the forehead of Noah, crumbled up like a piece of discarded paper and he shook his face in disbelief as the way this conversation was going. “No…I do not have any problems taking a shit…why so you keep circling the drain with that , I have said Defiance….Defiance…do I need to spell it out for you?”

“Well…” the man said scratching his head, trying to make sense of what Noah is asking.”…did you say shit?”

Noah shook his head, confirming it for once. “Yes I do not have problems in that particular area.”

“No….no…” the man said waving his arms in the air frantically. “…you say you look for Defecation for shit…”

The man walks back around the counter and fumbles through a stack of magazines and then smiles as if he literally struck gold. He pulls out one magazine and then hands it over to Noah. Noah grabs it and there is Eric Dane on the cover of some wrestling dirt sheet and Defiance Wrestling in bold black lettering. “You say Defecation Wrestling…”

Noah sighs at the comment but then shrugs his shoulders, Defecation, Defiance, Shit Wrestling….sounds about right as far as he is concerned. Noah handed the man a few yen and to pay for the magazine and then continued walking through the terminal. Noah would soon make his way into his jet and then walk up the stairs and would slump down in a seat, tossing his bag in the seat next to him. He felt like he had already done this but maybe the trips are all starting to feel the same, maybe this is like some sorta wrestling version of ‘Groundhog Day’ you know he keeps doing the same thing over and over again. The flights are almost mind numbing now. He hates getting on the plane time and time again and just never feeling like he matters in HOW. He comes to the shows and is basically just there. He starts to question everything that he is doing now in HOW. He runs his hands through his blonde and now grayish hair and shakes his head as he looks at his phone and sees a text from Zion.

“Hey buddy can’t wait for you to get back here so we can start planning out the strategy for the match against Dane and Ryan.”

Noah shakes his head at the message and tosses his phone down on the empty seat next to him and again a redheaded stewardess comes out from behind the front of the plane and stands in front of Noah. Her lapel button says “Angela” and Noah smirks slightly and is almost entranced by the scent of her perfume, lavender or is it jasmine but there is a slight hint of vanilla that he is sure of and she leans into Noah slightly placing a chilled bottle of Mountain Dew and a glass with crushed ice in and then pours some of the green nectar into his glass. Noah looks at Angela and then at the green liquid and then back at Angela.

“Is everything of Mr. Hanson?” Angela asked curiously.

Noah nodded and a smile started to come across his face. “Is my uncle Mark here yet? I would love to get under way and get back to the states.”

Angela seemed to be amused as she walked a few steps to the next set of seats and slowly turned one around and there was Mark sitting there with a bottle of beer Bud Ice still in his hand and he is snoring like he has been tucked in for the night. “He got here a couple hours ago. Said something about he couldn’t eat raw fish and said the whole country smells funny. We made him a steak and baked potato and then after three beers he was out.”

“Three beers?” Noah moaned his displeasure. “Good lord he is done for the flight probably. Good thing he is only here because of Cass and doesn’t actually have anything to do with my in ring business or I’d never get anything done.”

“Is there anything we can get for you?” Angela asked, and boy if Noah was not attached to someone he might make her eat those words but he has a fine lady taking care of their daughter. He is grateful for a strong woman who is willing to give him the time to put all this to bed one last time. “Do you have nachos back there?”

Angela nodded. “Yes sir Mr. Overseer has given us a list of your favorites and we keep the pantry stocked and ready for whatever you may want.”

Noah smiled, he knew that at least in WWH he was treated like someone that they cared about, someone that the management actually checks on from time to time to make sure they are content. Then you have HOW who doesn’t seem to give two shits about their talent, hell someone could drop off the face of the Earth and they’d never miss a beat. And no he is only thinking about himself as far as that goes, he knows his place, has for a while. Hell fire up the HOW website look at the tag team listing for all the proof you need that Noah Hanson doesn’t mean one fucking bit in this place. You look and who is listed as a tag team champion? The Dying Breed? Our name? No….just Darin Zion, not Zion and Hanson or Hanson and Zion just….fucking….Zion. So yeah if anyone has ever had his place etched in stone and dropped off on his front lawn it is Noah Hanson. And Dan Ryan is right, might as well wait until they beat us and then they will both get their names on the marquee and that is the way it will ALWAYS be. Noah has sat there and watched it happen time and time again, this weird parallel universe that is called everything outside of HOW. In HOW Noah is the raggedy looking little street kid that is standing there with his hand out, looking for something anything to be thrown his way. Outside of HOW Noah is treated like a king wherever he goes, accolades, titles, trophies, you name he has done it.

Noah cell buzzes to life, Darin is calling, Noah doesn’t even look at it, after a few seconds the call goes to voice-mail and Noah just sighs, He rubs the temple of his head and seems to be bothered by the fact that his partner continues to call him even though he knows his schedule. “Why does he keep fucking bothering me?”

“Maybe he actually cares about you?” Angela replied as she returned with the nachos. “Sorry couldn’t help but overhear you talking. Maybe this Darin cares about your friendship.”

Noah takes a chip and slides it through the liquid, cold that is melted nacho cheese and then deposits the chip in his mouth and he gleefully crunches the chip and then another and points it at Angela before he tosses it in his mouth. “Now you know…” Noah started and then wiped his mouth off with a napkin. “…years ago in PWX I would have believed that, hell during the beginning of the first run in HOW I might’ve believed that but these days, considering everything that has happened I find that hard to swallow. If anything Darin is just moving his agenda along just the way he wants. That is the Darin Zion I have learned to deal with these days, a manipulator, a deceiver, someone that has a plan and is willing to advance at whatever the cost. Even a friendship that has lasted for as long as ours has it is nothing to him now.”

“You ever think that maybe you’re being to hard on your friend?” Angela asked, she pointed to a seat. “May I?”

Noah moved his phone and tossed it on top of his bag and shrugged his shoulders. “Help yerself.”

Angela sat down next to Noah and then snatched a chip off his plate and dipped in the nachos. Noah smiled, he liked her bravado, it was almost intoxicating…alluring to a degree. “See maybe he is trying to show you growth a person and as a competitor. See I have watched some of your old stuff and I know you are an incredibly talented and driven person, you done stuff before, you’ve mad sacrifices that you probably have never told your partner.”

Noah’s temple crinkled like an french fry in a freezer bag and then his eyes narrowed. He wasn’t sure who Angela was, and he wasn’t sure if he liked where she was going with this line of questioning. “What do you mean?”

“Jackson Dre?” Angela replied coldly. “Have you ever talked to Darin about that, have you ever told him about how you have ended careers for gold, for power, for prestige. See Mr. Hanson I do my homework, I know a lot about you. Hell I might know more about you than your so called partner. But if you wanna beat people like Dane and Ryan you might wanna listen to your partner and start going back to those places, dig deep, go dark if you have to cause Dane I am going to guess he is not in this to play games. People like him and Ryan they are all business and that can be used to YOUR advantage because they want to show the world their dominance at YOUR expense.”

“Look Jackson Dre was a LONG time ago, that Noah Hanson is not the one that is sitting here, eating nachos on a private jet with an attractive redhead.” Noah explained. “See the Noah that is sitting here, NOW, he evolved from the one that used to run in Global Wrestling, in Wrestling Midwest in Pro Wrestling X, that happened so that this Noah wouldn’t have to do things that some might see as questionable motives.”

“Questionable or not, people knew who you were then and a lot of them feared you because you were willing to throw caution to the wind. You were willing to do whatever it took to become elite and now you play it safe, you’re the Jim Tressel of wrestling. You fight to not lose, you don’t push the envelope anymore, you don’t do what the blood thirsty star back then would have done in a moments notice. Hell you never even gave it a second thought when you cut Bryan Garvins’ brake line. Hell you smiled and showed it off like a damn trophy.” She explained, showing off her ability to do a lot of homework on the person she is working for. Noah was impressed, she had did a lot research and he was glad to see someone that knew their stuff.

“Yeah but those days were a different time, you look at some of the so called “legends” in this business more importantly the ones in HOW and I see men that never would have even looked at me and Zion but now that we have the belts all of sudden they wanna rub another man’s rhubarb.” Noah explained as he threw out a classic Batman reference. She looked a bit puzzled but then snatched another nacho and gently crunched down on the chip.

“I am sure your friend has a lot up his sleeves, I am sure that he knows what he is doing and how all of this is going to play out. Maybe you should try trusting the man a little I know that can be hard sometimes but Darin seems to be trusting you to have his back.” Angela explained, she leaned back a little more as Mark moved around in his chair and mumbled something in sleep something about penguins and not stealing his beer. “What does that mean?”

“Long story, maybe we’ll talk about that on the next flight.” Noah said as he shook his head and smiled. “I know Darin wants me to be completely on the same page, I know that he wants the “old Noah” but that person doesn’t exist anymore and I really wish he would just let it all go. I don’t wanna be remembered as the man that would do just about anything to win. I have been that person before and I did a lot of things that now I look back and I regret doing some of that stuff. Not all of it mind you because there was times where I needed to go dark, when I needed to be in a bad spot for what was coming. Dane and Ryan they’re not a bad spot just two tough dudes that love to fight and hell I love to fight so why not just go out there and bust some people up and see who walks out with the belts in the end? I don’t get Zion sometimes, the kid has all this passion, this drive but he also seems like the dog that’s chasing his tail sometimes. I don’t think he would know what to do if he got praised like he so badly desires.”

“What do you think this all means to Zion?” Angela asked as she seemed to really be intrigued with what insight Noah might have.

“I dunno he has to many things going at the same time.” Noah started to explain. “He wants to bring focus to the tag titles but then he bitches cause it brings attention in the form of Dane and Ryan. But then like a cat with a laser pointer he also got this whole deal with Crash and the insane asylum and I just don’t get it he think Crash needs to be more intense, that he needs to find that killer instinct. See Darin thinks that I need to find MY killer instinct, he thinks that I’ve lost a step I guess. I don’t know if he thinks I’m weak or something but sometimes you just have to take a few steps back and take a different approach to things and that is all I’ve for the last few years.”

“Maybe he just wants to see you fight back, maybe he wants to see that spark….” Angela added.

Noah nodded slightly, putting his thumb to his chin. “And maybe this is just the way Hollywood and Zion manipulate me into doing what they want to further their interests NOT mine. See that is where I have to draw the line, that is where I have to look out for myself and try not to concern myself with what the Order is doing. The Order is gonna get us all hung upside down again and I have no desire to get another cinder block smashed against my skull. I mean that would be sheer delight to Lee but not so much to my lovely family. I am sure Cass would rather not see my head busted open like that again.”

“Kid….” Mark grumbled as he finally started to come to. “….have you listened to yourself lately?”

Mark tossed the blanket off him, grabbed the half empty bottle of beer and downed it. He walked over and sat across from Noah.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Noah said sourly.

“It means what it means….” Mark again growled and then slapped Noah across the face. Noah face is turned away, the red palm print is almost seared into his cheek. “You know what I see?”

Noah slowly turned his face back to Mark. “Enlighten me old man.”

Mark scoffed at the old man remark. “Funny old man, but you know what I see. I see a man that is afraid to let go, I see a man that is afraid to embrace the darkness that made him famous back in the day. You’ve sat back, pushed the darkness down in the farthest part of your mind and locked it away. You don’t want people seeing THAT side of you anymore most of all Cass. Do you not realize how ridiculous that sounds. That girl loves you with all her heart, would die for you and you’re worried about perception….well boo fucking who kid. Grow a set of balls and make a fucking stand.”

“Do you actually think that the HOW staff gives a shit if I make a stand?” Noah barked back at his uncle.

“Does it really fucking matter what they think of you?” Angela just sat there almost perplexed at how Mark was just attacking Noah. The anger and venom just came out fast and furious and Noah really didn’t have any answer, no excuses either but he thinks so little of himself when he is in the HOW arena that it is all he knows. He has listened to the man that is now the OWNER of HOW belittle him at every turn, mocked him every chance he got and now just because he is finally sitting on the thrown of the fallen king that all of sudden the the vile Mike Best has turned over a new leaf and actually thinks positive thoughts about someone that came from one of those ‘Fischer Price’ feds that Zion so much loves to talk about how we all came from. The thing is there are so many of those so called Fischer Price feds that just about every one on the roster has been in one at one time or another. But Zion is Zion for a reason and the man is fascinated borderline obsessed with proving himself to anyone that has the name Best attached to them. So it really is very simple. Noah has never had the need or desire to “prove” himself to anyone. Ryan and Dane wanna fight, all they have to do is show up and guess what if Zion and can keep his mouth sh8ut for five minutes maybe that fight happens. Mark would slap the taste outta Noah’s mouth one more time and Noah simply punched the old man and finally Mark smiled. “See THAT is the fire we all need to see. You let that Lee fella in Japan basically run you outta town, you’re letting Zion and Hollywood pull yer strings. And you need to quit acting like a pussy every time someone says HOW and just own that shit!”

“You just need to own that shit….” Noah says mockingly as he rubs his cheek. “You need to own that shit. OK Wade fucking Garrett….”

“What?” Angela said looking more confused about the Roadhouse reference.

“Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliott, great movie…” Noah said with a little bit of squeakiness. “Roadhouse…”

“What about Zion?” Mark asked. “He keeps calling me, wants to talk to you….”

“He can wait..”


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