High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Noah Hanson

On the plane ride back to Kansas City following his win at WWH Dystopia….

Noah is shown once again sitting in one of his chairs, alone as usual, making his way back home and hopefully getting some time with his family but at this point there are no guarantees. His constant trips to High Octane Wrestling is now starting to get on his nerves and Darin Zion even more so. He looks at his cellphone and sees that Zion is blowing it up with tweet after tweet and dumb fuckin’ tweet. He tosses his phone down in disgust and sighs loudly and then runs his left hand through his blonde and these days a lot more grayer hair. Is it because of Zion that he has collected a few more of the older variety of hair color? Possibly but that also is not something he can one hundred percent control. See Lee Best loves to fuck with people, he loves to be in control. And he loves it when he can do shit just like what he is doin’ right now. See Noah was just fine losing at the pay per view, let the dipshit egg whites have the belts Jiles sounds like an absolute tool the way he talks and how could anyone take anything that comes outta that cesspool of a mouth seriously. He is no better than that “herald” of Max Kael, you know  that he sounds increasingly like Ebony Maw from Infinity War.

World Wrestling Headquarters hero looks exhausted, almost defeated, he dreads going anywhere near HOW but he has to, he has to get that all behind him by any means at his disposal and if that means he has to continue to team with that walking diaper stain Darin Zion then so be it but this needs to be time stamped he is doin’ so under protest.

Noah reaches over and grabs his laptop outta his bag and fires it up. He looks over the HOW website and his head drops as the main page fires up and Noah simply shakes his head. “Bobby Dean under two hundred and sixty pounds? Really? There isn’t a liposuction machine on this planet that can handle the sheer volume of mayonnaise and liquid cheese that is going to get sucked outta that lard ass. And there is going to be witnesses to the event? Really?”

Noah runs both of his hands through his hair, now even more irritated by that news bit. “I mean how are they goin’ to get someone to verify that fucking fat bastard is not someone north of a yeti? I mean I just don’t get it, is Stevie Wonder gonna show and vouch for this big, steaming pile of dogshit?”

Noah seems to be trying to calm down as the stewardess delivers his drink a bottle of Mountain Dew Livewire and a class of crushed ice, she pours it into his glass, bending over enough just so that Noah can get a peak of her cleavage again, just like last time and normally Noah would have his eyes fixated on the red and yellow bra but this time his mind is strictly on one thing…HOW..well two after he sees the next HOW news flash come up…

PWX Library Added to HoTV”

Noah looked like he was about to throw up all over himself but he pushed himself to read the entire article and then his face turned various shades of red all within a few minutes. “I don’t get it. I don’t get why Zion and probably Hollywood get off doin’ this? I mean I can see Scrooge McHollywood doin’ it, cashin’ in his chips to make a little bit more money to store in his vault, but Zion I can’t wrap my head around all that. I just don’t understand. And then the little quotes where Lee talks about PWX and Pariah, who let me make this clear me and Pariah were never best friends or anything and we sure were not gonna wear matching t-shirts either, hell when we did work together there was days I wanted to kick him square in the balls. But to talk about PWX, the legacy of the company and then “honoring” it all on their network. Come on Lee just another cash grab, hopin’ to get those last few PWX lifers, the ones that can’t let that shit go, the ones that still carry a torch for that place and no I am NOT one of them. PWX is dead should have stayed their too. But Zion can’t help himself, doin’ whatever he can to please the boss that he Soooooo claims he hates but then he turns around and does something to try and please him AGAIN. It’s pathetic, it’s….it’s so expected of you to go there and do something like this. Mr “I’m gonna revolutionize the tag team division” and then he goes and throws down a pillow and waits for Lee to unzip his pants and you have the balls to call others pets. Hell at least I will nip at his hand, Lee has a choker collar on you pal and when you get a little outta line all he has to do is give it a little tug. And then the long lost tribute show is gonna kinda sorta finally be aired in pieces or something.” Noah shakes his head in disgust and takes a long drink of his orangery liquid in his glass and then continues, “Darin, you still don’t get it, you are still looking at Lee and even though you come out here and you talk tough and claim that you have a backbone and then you do something like this. These were the same people that called the place that me, you and Hollywood help build along with people like Mike Norcia, John Ojeda, Tyler Boyd, Adam “Crazed” James, Kostoff, John Sektor, Lars and Willow Numan, Dazz, Violent K, Skylar Kelly. I mean I could go on and on about the history of the company and what it means to me. I mean the first couple runs in PWX were the best for me, having fun, busting my ass for the fans and working with people that loved this company and the fans.”

Noah sighs and seems to be a little bit bothered by the announcement and then pushes forward. “See this is where PWX and HOW have started to mirror each other companies that didn’t know what it means to leave things dead and buried. They should know better, they should be able to look at the bottom line and see that it just isn’t there. But you have two men that have to much pride and really big sets of balls and just don’t care and are going to do what they want and fuck the consequences. See my last run in PWX mirrored my first run in HOW at the end of each I would have rather put a gun in my mouth than work for them another day. I plugged along, towed the company line and just watched as my soul shrink smaller and smaller and my desire to live got just as small. I have said it before death would have been welcomed, would have been embraced like a lost friend, if I even have any of them these days but you get the picture.”

Honoring John Pariah and the legacy of Pro Wrestling X? Really this the same place that for years called us and probably every other company out there “Fisher Price”. I mean this place thinks so highly of themselves that every one else was or is garbage and now I am just supposed to thank the “MIGHTY GOD OF HOW” for letting little PWX grace it’s network? Noah shakes his head in disgust and then scoffs at the remark he just made. “I don’t know what you think this is gonna accomplish but maybe your boys will pat you on the back maybe stroke your wiener a few times for you. Hell they might just carry you around on their shoulders, the conquering hero that you are right Lee? And then god damn Darin Zion actually letting this happen, I don’t know what pisses me off more the fact that you sold yer damn soul AGAIN to the man or the fact that Lee once again proved he is the greatest god damn salesman in this history of this business.”

Noah cracks his head from side to side, visibly frustrated by the news.

So was that why you kept buzzing my tower dude? Is that why you kept bothering me on Twitter and on Facebook messenger? Is that why I kept getting text messages and fucking voice mails. Were you trying to get my approval? Dude I don’t know what is wrong with you, I really wish I had an answer or even a clue but I don’t. None of this makes sense, you want to get a backbone and stand up for yourself and the one you should be standing up to you continue to go out of your fuckin’ way to try and please him. You are just hoping I think that Lee maybe makes you an honorary Best kid, maybe lose an eye and that might tip the scales in your favor.” Noah explained his frustration over Darin Zion and the deal he made earlier. “I want this to all work out for you, I hope that whatever it is that you have mapped out in the maze you call a brain is really worth but I hope you have really thought this all out I really do. I don’t hate you man I really don’t. I just don’t want anything to do with you, I want to be as far away from you as I can possibly be. But for this match, I’ll be there, just like I’ve always been for my partners. My partner doesn’t have to like me, my partner doesn’t have to care about me and to be honest I don’t need him to be. Hell considering that we are fighting a gimp and Tits McGee I think we might actually have this shit locked down. But then again this is HOW and I can’t go into this match with any confidence because even when I have put out my best work out there it has faltered in the end and well the way I see things this is just another chance for the people here to shove something else up my ass.” Noah looks down, looks defeated almost as he reaches into his bag and pulls out the #PariahGuy PWX shirt, smiles and then folds it up neatly and then puts it away. “And Darin do me a favor man, I know that might be asking a lot of you these days but don’t do this documentary about the failed tribute show. Let it go man, see Missouri Valley Wrestling did the best tribute at the time and I just think it is time to bury it once and for all. Let it die Darin, give everyone, myself included the chance to finally move on. Maybe Lee is trying to draw some sympathy from this, maybe he thinks that some of the fans and the internet trolls will see him a bit differently, maybe they should but then again I see this as a just a way to manipulate people all over again to HIS agenda. You actually think he is going to give us respect? It’s cute that you blindly let that drive you every day like a lost puppy just wanting to be taken home that is how I see you when you see Lee, you’re that lost little puppy ever since PWX closed. You’ve been looking at Lee like that for years and he just keeps shushin’ you away, he has better things to do with his time then to sit around and cuddle with you.”

Our hero pauses and seems to lose himself in his own thoughts, he seems to really be thinking about something really dark and troubling.

You know that day at the gym, when I was just trying to get some work in, just trying to drown everything out and you come in with your sixties mobster outfit, you know the gold chain, the leather pants that seemed to almost chant your stupid name as the squeaked across the wood…I swear I can still here it “LOOOOSSSERR” in a high pitched tone. Oh and let’s not forget the Partidge Family shirt that you called nostalgia. See I know what you’re trying to do. I have seen how you do this bullshit and how you try to get me to let my guard down so that you can get some more jabs in. Well buddy boy you can go shove a rusty metal dildo up yer ass. I have fucking had it with you, I have reached my limit. I thought I could just push through all this but you know what I am done. After this match, after all this, I am done with you and maybe even HOW but you know what I am gonna simmer down and think things through a little more clearly later. I don’t want anything to do with you man. How hard is that to get through that cement fucking filled head of yours. I have tired of all yer lame ass jabs just like at the gym, you know “The best part of Sex and Money” and “you eclipsed my glory” does any of that ring a fuckin’ bell dude?” Noah explains and then shakes his head.

You really have an over inflated value of yourself dude. You sit there and you talk about everything you did in HOW and bark at me about being jealous.” Noah said with a scoff. “Dude I have never…..NEVER been jealous of what you’ve done in HOW, proud if anything, truth be told this is what I’ve always wanted you to do but you sitting there spewing all that hate and all that venom towards me and you think that this old dog is just gonna sit there and just take it, like a good boy. Ha, if anyone should know it would be you that this “old man” doesn’t back down, he doesn’t take a step back and he does it with no regrets. I mean if you compare our careers in HOW of course you’re worlds past me but you see that is where the similarities end pal. See while you were busy pushing paperwork and refilling the staples and copying your ass at the company Christmas party I was out there in the world busting my ass all over the place. So pardon me if I don’t bow to his majesty Lee Best and wait for his triumphant return to wresting but I had a legacy to build outside this place. See it’s like two different timelines, one is HOW where I can’t do shit right apparently or even get an ounce of respect and then there is the mainstream time line where Noah Hanson the name is known for good and bad reasons but he is known and in most places he has earned peoples respect. I wish I could explain that shit but it is just some weird shit that happens in HOW. I have never been looked at as one of the boys, never appeared on any of the internet shows, I am the one that just shows up and everyone forgets all about me. And you know what Darin that is the way it has to be. You wanna win the titles by yourself, have at it man. Turn HOW on its ass and show everyone just how much you’ve changed, be ruthless, be cold but let me give you one last little bit of advice. And maybe you’ll use it, maybe it will be something that you can put to use someday and then again maybe not. But Lee will never care about you the way you always dreams he will, you have been living in a fantasy world for way to long buddy.”

And it was with that Noah turned off the camera for a while, he had enough of the web blog for all his fans. He was just trying to figure things out, he doesn’t hate Darin, he still loves him like a brother but sometimes you have to distance yourself from the crazy and that is exactly what he is trying to do distance himself from the crazy. And don’t read this the wrong way, he doesn’t think Zion is crazy, maybe delusional and maybe even a bit paranoid but the man is NOT crazy. If anything he is laser focused and aimed at what he wants. His cell buzzes and he sees a text from Darin.

Darin Zion: Hey buddy I know I’m the last person you wanna talk to but I am thinking we need to hash some stuff out and I have the perfect solution….BOWLING. I am thinking of a place in Tampa called ‘Pin Setters’ let me know when you get in town tomorrow and we’ll get this all settled.

His head dropped as he read the message and then sighed loudly as the flight attendant brought him a warm soft pretzel and some melted liquid cheese to dip it in. Noah smiled and nodded at the snack, tossed his phone down. He grabbed the pretzel and tore a piece off and dipped in the warm, golden liquid and watched as it ran down the golden brown dough and then took a bite and seemed incredibly content.

Later after his plane arrives in KC…

It was just going to be a quick stop back in KC, pick up a few sets of clothes, meet Zion in Tampa at the bowling alley, get shit squared or at least as close as possible and then Refueled. He has instructed the pilot to have the plane ready to leave ASAP after the show as he wants to get outta dodge fast.

But at the moment we see Noah walking to his car, gear bag in hand and he is nearly dragging it on the ground as he makes it to his car and pops the trunk and tosses it in. He shakes his head as he fumbles for the key-less entry and finally hits the right button and opens his door and just pours himself into the seat and closes the door and starts the car and turns on Sirius and “Buried Alive” by Avenged Sevenfold blares and Noah just seems to just slide deeper into the seat as the lyrics seem to really hit him harder than normal. Noah seems to be taking things a lot harder than normal and seems to struggle to get the car to move but he finally does and he finally manages to get the car to get out of the airport parking garage and heading to the house. He knew he didn’t have much time so he needed to be focused and after what seems like an eternity at least to him he finally arrives at his place and sees a strange car already parked in the driveway. He looks at the Buick Enclave and seems to be confused as to who could be parked in his driveway and even more so it seems to look like they are already in the house. Noah opens the door slowly and hears someone in the bedroom, he tosses his gear bag down on the couch and walks to the bedroom and just as he is about to come out Cassandra greets him as she is coming out, wrapping her arms around her man and giving him a long warm hug and then passionate kiss that seems to change his whole demeanor. He face is a combination of confusion and happiness.

What are you doing here?” Noah asked as he got extra kisses in between words. “I thought you wanted to take a break while the baby was in the hospital and after everything that happened have been so worried, not replying…”

Cassandra pressed a single finger over her mans mouth and shook her head. “It doesn’t matter baby, Alex is fine, I’m fine and WE are fine and now we need to fix everything else and you need to fix this with Darin and you need to put all this nonsense with HOW and PWX to bed once and for all. You’ve been living in the past for to long and you need to look to your future, OUR future together.”

But he started…” Noah complained almost sounding like a five year old that didn’t get his way.

Well you are gonna end it…” Cassandra warned. “….life is to short to be holdin’ grudges like that.”

Noah knew she was right but the look on his face a mixture of glee but a slight hint of anger was there and he knew what he was being pushed to do and he hated every moment of it. The more he thought about, the more it made sense and he needs to get all this behind him somehow. It is going to be a chore no doubt but it needs to be done.

Noah would spend a few hours with Cassandra, having dinner, talking, laughing and Noah just getting a chance to be himself with the woman he loves and no distractions. After that he grabbed his bag, now with fresh clothes and headed out the door. He looked at Cassandra and kissed her goodbye and walked towards the door to head out.

Oh I called yer uncle to give you some company on the flight to Tampa.” Cassandra said, she could see that the travel was wearing on Noah, the long flights, the loneliness of being on the road without her and this was something to try and soften the blow. Mark is a little on the rough side, tells it like it is, much like Noah but even colder usually. I guess that is why Noah hates talking to him cause it is a lot like talking to himself and he does that enough without the voice answering sarcastically back.

Later on the flight….

Noah and his Uncle Mark are heading to Tampa, Cassandra thought it might be nice for Noah to have some company. Noah slept most of the time and well his Uncle was busy joining the mile high club so that worked out great for Mark, he always did like redheads.

Even later at Pin Setters Bowling Alley….

Noah walked in the building and walked straight to the bar and sat down at the first stool that was open. He scanned the alleys and spotted Darin. He can smell the contempt and arrogance from the bar, some would say that was Noah himself but this time he was sure it was Darin. He motioned for the bartender and he made his way down to Noah.

What can I get ya buddy?” the bartender asked.

Is there a running tab for a Darin Zion?” Noah asked curiously to see if the free beer and food was true or not. The bartender grabbed his ledger and ran his finger down the paper and stopped at a certain spot.

Yep.” the bartender said with a reassuring smile. “So what it’ll be?”

Killians.” Noah said coldly. A few moments passed and the bartender returned with a bottle.

Need a glass?” he asked as he sat the bottle down in front of Noah.

Sure.” Noah nodded.

The bartender poured the most of the bottle in the glass and set what was left next to the bottle. “There ya go, oh and I am supposed to give you this when you get here.” the bartender walked to the kitchen and returned with two slices of meat lovers pizza. Noah smiled, first time he had done that when it had anything to do with Zion. In fact it had been a long time since Zion made Noah smile at all, lately it was anger and frowns that were etched across his face.

Do you know who I am or who Darin Zion is?” Noah asked the bartender curiously.

The bartender eyed Noah for a few moments and then looked at the squirrely looking runt out on the lanes looking like he tried out for the LPGA and then he looked at Noah again and shrugged. “You, you look like you might have done a thing two, maybe even some not so good things, him though, he looks like a fruit.”

Noah finished off one slice and then started on the second and started talking with his mouth full. “See me and the kid we used to be the best of friends woulda done anything for the kid but things have went all south and now we ain’t the friends we used to be.” Noah polished off the glass of Killians and then went right after the bottle and finished that as well. “Hit me again sir and a shot of gold schlauger.”

The bartender looked shocked at the request but grabbed a shot glass and poured it and then went and retrieved another bottle from the end of the bar and then poured the second bottle for Noah. Noah was hurriedly scarfing down the pizza and then snatched the shot glass and tossed that down and the bartender smiled as Noah got up , reached into his pocket and handed the bartender a twenty. Noah grabbed the little that was in the bottle and drank it down and then finished the second piece of pizza as he stood and grabbed the glass of beer and made his way to where Darin was. His eyes were already starting to look hazy because he doesn’t drink like that anymore even more so the hard stuff so Darin has really hit a high mark for Noah this time. He is nearly where Darin is and Darin seems to be having a bit of spider-sense or something cause he turns and looks at Noah like he just shit his pants even though that usually doesn’t come till MUCH later if he drinks like this and the way things are going THAT is very possible.

Darin Zion:  Really?  Killians?  You had to buy beer right in front of me after you know I’m a recovering alcoholic and junkie?  It’s killing me inside right now.

Noah looks at Darin almost befuddled at the comment, for one why would he be buying anything when it was on his dime and two he needed something to get over the initial shock of going through with bowling again.

(to see what happens at the bowling alley see Darin Zions roleplay…)

The next day at Noah’s hotel room…

Uhhhhhhh…” Noah moaned from somewhere under his covers in his bed. “My head is fucking killin’ me…”

Why do you drink that kid?” his uncle Mark said across the room eating breakfast. “Oh and thanks for breakfast kid.”

Noah slowly pulls the covers down revealing a very weathered looking Noah. Eyes bloodshot, his stomach is in knots and for some reason he is nude under the blanket. “Uh a little help…underwear anywhere in the area?”

Mark uses his fork and points to the window sill and the bunched up boxers sitting there. Noah looks confused. “Why are they there?”

Cause ya mooned the people down on the street kid, opened the window and pissed out it too.” Mark beamed proudly. “That is old school there kid. Good thing I told he owners you were mentally challenged.”

What’s in the box?” Noah said as he pointed to a blue a black square box sitting on the table.

Came with you last night after bowling…” Mark explained. “Although by the shape you came to the hotel I don’t think you were on point.”

Noah got up, no blanket and walked over and grabbed his boxers and slid them on, not graceful mind you, needed to steady himself to get it down but he managed none the less. He grabbed a pair of shorts and Mountain Dew shirt and sat down, leaning over and snatching two pieces of toast from Mark and then reached and grabbed the box and slowly opened it, squinting with one eye closed because he wasn’t sure what was inside. It was the ring gear that Darin got him, that moment he remembers and it was then at that moment he realized that everything needed to change…Noah looked at the gear, smiled and kinda frowned at the same time. He shook his head, things are starting to come to him now. He has to fix this….

No matter what…”


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