High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Noah Hanson

Don’t ever fuck with my family again….

Roxy had a glazed look on her face as he leans back but she slowly gave a smile to him and starts to laugh. She was still out of it but that didn’t matter as to what Noah did next, he didn’t hesitate as he hits her with the Mirakuru and she’s sent to the cage and..


Crowd: OHHHH!!!!

She slowly falls forward as smoke rose from her body. Noah goes down to his knees as she was motionless and he slowly turns her over for the cover.





The match is over…Thank god….

Get the medical crew out there.

Here is your winner…The WWH WORLD CHAMPION…NOAH HANSON!!!

Noah’s theme plays but it took a little while for Noah to get to his feet. He was in pain still from everything while the medical crew and ring crew were starting to take down the cage wall letting the medical team enter and check on Roxy. Noah finally moves away and grabs one of the ring crew and helps himself up while grabbing the world title. He looks at Roxy who was still motionless but the medical crew member said she has a pulse and her breathing’s ok. The other medical crew member quickly wrapped her arm with a bandage as they were basically doing an operation on her minus opening her up. Noah looks at the crowd as he slowly walks toward the opened side of the ring and walks down the steps as he sees the carnage from the ring exploding earlier. his arm still had the barbwire so he started to unwind it but doing so started to cut his arm leaving small gashes and blood starting to drip out. He looks at the cage while the medical team helps Roxy roll to the opened side of the ring while the ring crew continue to take apart the cage itself. Noah checks his open wound and shakes his head a little as he starts heading to the exit aisle.

I hope Roxy’s ok. I know she’s from Sanatorium and she’s pretty chaotic but she’s still a human being and seeing her right now. You gotta be worried for her.

She definitely earned the respect from everyone that’s for sure regardless of losing tonight. At the same time, Noah said he was going to beat her ass after what she did. She got what she deserved in the end.

Roxy was slowly helped to the back as she had a bandage wrapped around her head to cover up the cuts and to stop the bleeding. What a match.

****End Video Playback****

“I’ve watched the video a few times and ya know what I am lucky that crazy bitch didn’t get us both killed. She could have easily finished what she started but by some dumb luck and some god given talent I was able to come out on top. Survive, that is all I did, she hit me with everything she had but in the end she just didn’t have enough in the tank. Maybe she was just plain out of gas, maybe she should have hit the stair-master just a little more and gotten her cardio in a little better shape. Whatever the reason I was able to outlast her. Now that doesn’t mean I came out unscathed, quite the opposite I am still recovering from the injuries that I received during the match. I have a match at the next Refueled against someone named named Crash Rodriguez. I have heard rumors that the man was part of HOW in the old days and I have no idea. Don’t know a thing about the man and have no clue what he has really done. Does it really matter what the man has done anywhere at anytime? No. Is it going to change my approach to the match? No. I am opening the show with this man, we are going to get the place warmed up, we are going more than likely be done with our match BEFORE people have actually found their fucking seats. I mean it is what it is, I could give a shit how long the match lasts, I don’t know what is going to happen.”

“Now granted I am pretty busted up after the electrified barbed wire cage match but then you get this Crash dude coming in and he just starts making these bold claims on Twitter about how he has a new toy to bust up and how he is thanking the HOW management for giving him someone to play with. Now for one thing Crash make sure you get your public relations team a heads up. I want you to pay real close attention, get a note pad out and take down a few notes. You wanna make sure that you think real hard and long about coming out here and making these bold claims, keep it calm and collected. You don’t need to come out here, your first match and you think you are gonna tear me up and to be completely honest maybe you do BUT that doesn’t always translate into a win. You wanna fight, you wanna bleed, rewind the fucking video I provided and re-think what you are asking for. You want blood, you wanna get hurt, you are probably going to get more than you expected. I just wrapped barbed wire around MY arm to help me get a win and that was the main event of a pay per view. This is the show opener what the hell is wrong with you? You want people throwing up and heading to the bathroom before the show gets a full head of steam. I mean come on bro really think things through will ya?”

“One thing ya need to learn kid is that being all crazy and shit and wanting to get busted open is one thing. Doin’ it and then getting bused outta the arena and missing the rest of the show is just plain dumb. I want to be able to take in the rest of the show and here you are wanting the both of us to be spending the night in the ER. I don’t wanna spend the night in another hospital bed. Dude I just spent a few nights there already and I just got the fuck out can you give it a rest.

I get it, I really do, you wanna make a good first impression, you want the management to look at the match and see what you did to Noah Hanson and go “Oh shit this guys for real!” But lemme give ya a little dose of reality and how they will really react IF you beat me. They will simply look at the monitor, shrug their shoulders and then go back to beating off to old videos of Mike Best and the Best Alliance. That is what they do, that is what they have always done. Believe me when I tell you this man, they won’t give a shit no matter how much you bust your ass, I know all to well how they can turn a blind eye to how hard someone works for them and just never sees it. See that is what I dealt with during my run, I busted my ass, bled for the company and you know how they re-payed me? They made jokes about me, they laughed at me, I became the running fool that whole fed liked to dump on and you know what I took it. I picked myself up off the mat time and time again. I got a few wins David Black Rhys Townsend I think but to be honest most of my “success” was through the Sex and Money group but even then I was an even bigger joke but it was all my fault. I let it happen, I never was able to see that the way I was doing things was a mistake, that my attitude, me pushing back every time they pushed me just made me an easier target. But you know what if they needed a target I was more than happy to draw the circle on my back so they knew where to put their vile, hateful comments and I just hoped that they drove the words deep and true so I could feel each and every burning word. In the end I hated Lee, I was so tired of everything, I was tired of Lee, Mike, Jason all of them I just wanted out so bad. But I wasn’t a quitter, instead I pulled myself up and did the only thing I knew how to do and that was fight. I fought has hard as I could, pushed back harder and put one fucking foot in front of the other. I didn’t give a shit what they thought of me after a while, it became lost on me, I buried it deep inside me, pushed it down as far as I could. I mean it couldn’t hurt me if it was buried far enough right? I mean that is what I kept telling myself anyway. I would come to each show, put on a good company face and do what needed to be done. I knew no matter how hard I worked, no matter how much I put HOW out there it was never going to matter because I was a joke in the minds and eyes of every one in HOW that really did matter.”

A picture of Noah sitting alone in the HOW locker room is flashed on the screen. He looks like a man that just didn’t care anymore, a man that was just doing just enough to move forward and not let everything pull him under.

“One thing that you need to learn kid is this. Be careful working for this company, this group can flip on how they feel about you in a matter of moments. Ya know I talked the last time about the history of some of the companies I’ve worked for, more importantly the ones that have had an issue with staying dead and buried like a fucking zombie. I mean I get it, I know sometimes it’s hard to let something go, you want to hold onto something and never let it go but sometimes, sometimes you have to just walk away, sometimes it is the only thing that will give you the true freedom you need, no the freedom you crave and back then I craved to be done. I wanted to be done with everything, most of you don’t know just how badly I wanted it to end. I had begged for the ending to come so many times and to be honest when the cinder block hit me part of me said “thank you”. I was really hoping that it was going to be the end, I was in the ER for days after, I couldn’t see straight for weeks, the headaches were some of the worst I had every went through. And you know what I had a lot of time to stew about all that, I was mad as hell in the beginning. I was barely able to complete a full sentence but in my head I had already yelled at the HOW staff for an hour. I was shocked that they let it all go the way they did, I was pissed that John betrayed me the way he did and I was hurt because Darin and Brian didn’t have my back.”

We are shown a photo of his days in the hospital after the cinder block. His face looks a bit swollen and to be honest the man looks beaten but not in the body type but more in the head.

“See and that is where the problems really started, I didn’t know how to deal with it all. I was never on the sidelines for as long as I was after HOW. I licked my wounds and basically pouted about how everything went down even to the point that my lawyer went to Lee Best himself and had words with the man but it never really mattered. I was broken, mind and body, it took what seemed like forever to get myself back out there. But in the back of my mind there was this festering like scratch one that was going to have to be itched at some point. And I believe I was contacted by a company in the Boston area, they reached out to me, the place was new, fresh and I was just getting done witrh rehab. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get back into things. I mean I saw some old faces in North Atlantic Wrestling from feds that I had worked in the past. I saw Ed Houston, Mac Bane and I was suddenly brought back to reality. I have always spent my life looking back in the rear view mirror, hoping that what is behind me stays behind me and never catches up with me. See once the past catches up with me, once everything I have pushed down and buried, once that comes back to the surface I won’t be me anymore. It will bring something different to the top and that is not something people want to see. The match against Sweet Roxy that match was in my wheelhouse, played right into what the old me used to love. The blood-lust, the pain was a rush to me, I felt alive again that is why I welcomed what she did, that is why I embraced it. I held the pain like an old friend that was gone for far to long and I missed dearly.”

We are shown a still photo of Noah’s arm wrapped in barbed wire, there are many cuts and blood has covered his arm but he is also smiling in the pic.

“Crash I don’t know a damn thing about you and to be be honest I could give two shits about you. But if you wanna fight, you wanna bleed? I think I might be able to help you on that part. I mean I’d rather not send the fans running outta of the arena before the popcorn has even popped but if you really wanna bust me up or “mutilate” me as you put it then go ahead bring it. I mean if you think the “God” of HOW was gifting you anything than you are in for a rude awakening to how the workings of this place goes and as for him giving me a way to end my misery….he tried that already….it didn’t work that well for me….didn’t stick…”

Noah is shown giving Sweet Roxy the middle finger during their match after being busted open.

“That is the only way I can go into the match, that is only way I do things period. I don’t take steps back, I don’t go backwards. In the old days I might have taken a few steps back if it meant I might be able to exploit an opening later but these days I don’t have that kinda time to plot and scheme and wonder if I can make it through unscathed. See the longer I stay in this business, the more damage I take, the worse it is gonna be for me in the end. I don’t wanna be Ol’ Man Hanson sitting in his rocking chair in the corner of his retirement home room. Just not able to do anything, not able to enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine on my face. I want to be able to things that I can do now. And to be honest I really don’t know how much longer I wanna do this. I know I’ve said that before but this time it is starting to feel more real then it ever has before. I used to be able to relax for a day or two, take some ibuprofen, put an icepack on the injured spot, maybe drink a couple beers and after that everything would be right some days even my fucking balls hurt. I mean is this really what you want to do Crash? Is this what you want your future to be? I mean I used to be like you man. I used to just dream about carnage, I loved destruction, I loved seeing people bleed. I used to get this rush when I would bust someone open, hell if you watch the match with Roxy you’ll see just how pleasurable it was for me. It was a call back to the old days for me, the hands of time turned back for me for one night and it was Cleveland Ohio all over again and I was young, crazy and willing to do anything to win a match even if it was to myself.”

We are finally shown Noah in his home, his head still heavily bandaged, his left eye is still swollen and he is favoring his left side as he walks into view.

“I would love nothing more than to just through caution to the wind Crash. I have been watching your Twitter feed. God these days and social tech, I mean if this would have been around fifteen years ago things would have been so different. So much interaction with people, fans and feds that is almost don’t have to do a promo, you just banter back and forth on Twitter and the rest writes itself. I mean honestly I get tired of watching my Twitter feed, I see all the needless bullshit and I just wonder what the hell is wrong with these people. I see Crash just posting over and over and over. I see how he likes to talk in riddles and enigmas, I try to wrap my head around each one but what happened to the days of just coming out here and telling me “Imma kick yer ass!” and we knew exactly what was gonna happen. Now adays we get this…

Noah turns his phone around to the camera to show one of Twitter styling from Crash…

“Crooked Man” Crash Rodriguez‏ @RodriguezCrash

The masses have devolved into starving wraiths, walking zombified amongst us, their lives long past dwindled with their pledges long abandoned. To them, I offer my hand, and nothing more, as I lead them through my Crooked Mile.

7:07 PM – 9 Jul 2019

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Noah looks at his phone with a mixture of confusion and possibly constipation it really is hard to tell. But he looks at the phone and then looks at the camera and toss his phone down on the table in disgust.

“I mean come on who the fuck am I wrestling god damn Edgar Allen Poe, come on dude I don’t have time for bullshit like this, I don’t have time to sit here and try to sift through all your third eye bullshit. If you wanna fight say it, if you wanna blow, say that too but god damn this isn’t a god damn goth poetry class. “Walk Your Crooked Mile” my guess is you need to lay off the sauce bro.”

“Crooked Man” Crash Rodriguez‏ @RodriguezCrash

Take my hand, and walk with me on my Crooked Mile. Walk with me. Follow me. I’ll guide you away from your pain. In a flash all the agony will end. With a crash I’ll end your torment. #FollowMeTowardsSalvation

4:03 PM – 8 Jul 2019

Noah is shown again looking at his phone and is simply rubbing his fingers on the part of his forehead that isn’t bandaged.

“Dude why do you sound like a dude that is sitting in a white windowless van and you are trying to lure little kids in with promises of free candy and PlayStation four games. I mean you just sound creepy bro seriously. Either that or you sound like one of those dudes that want you join a cult and then drink some poison so you can catch a ride on a comet. I mean try to tone down the weird shit. I mean I have been in a few feds that have had some weird characters but hey I can only hope that you’re not trying to be the next David Koresch or Marshall Applewhite. I can only hope that you’re not trying to get people to “Follow You To Salvation” and then have them all dress in matching dirty clothes and white shoes. I mean if you need people to like you that much you might be doing this all wrong pal.”

Noah looks increasingly frustrated and again tosses his phone on his desk and sighs loudly and then shakes his head.

“That is why I hate Twitter so much, people should be using it to promote the shows they have coming or maybe promoting the fed they are in. See I use my Twitter as a promotional tool, I use it to hype my upcoming matches, highlight shows and feds.”

“Ha…” a voice and be heard mockingly from the side. Noah turns and sees his uncle Mark standing there. “A lot of times I see you re-tweeting some damn contest, or some shit called a Funko.”

“Don’t be like that, I have been trying to win a Funko for a long fucking time, I just wanna win one.” Noah bitched and then scowled at his uncle. “What the hell are you doing here, I’m in the middle of something….important…”

“Dude you sound like an evil mastermind announcin’ his next big scheme….” His uncle said with a smirk as he walked around the room. “ Been a while since I’ve been here, how ya doin’ kid?”

Noah looked at his uncle, they used to be really close, would go to movies together, would even play video games together back in the day but those days have long since passed and his uncle is long in the tooth and Noah is not that far behind him anymore. His days of hitting the clubs, getting drunk and waking up next to some young hottie are long since passed. Not because he can’t but more because that itch has been scratched long enough and this old horse is ready to walk out in the field and maybe even call it a career. Now mind you it is not happening today, tomorrow or next week or not even after the match with Crash. I mean if you listened to this Branch Davidian drop out you’d see that Noah has dealt with these types time and time again. These guys are truly the lost souls that they all preach about saving but never having the courage to save the one person they should have saved in the beginning and that was themselves. Noah gets it. Crash thinks he is going to be doing the fans and Noah a service, ridding the place of someone that probably doesn’t deserve the spot in the first place. But Noah has seen this happen way to many times to remember, the “dark warrior” comes in promising to do all kinds of things to our hero but failing in just about every other important piece of life. I mean if you can’t save yourself why should anyone else want you to carry them to salvation. I mean SAVE YOURSELF first….save your own soul, reveal your own tortured past and it will set you free. “Uncle Mark why do you think I’ve been lucky enough to not have killed myself in the ring?”

Mark chuckles at the comment, rubs his grayish stubble on his chin and then traces his finger down a long scar on his forearm, the whole conversation must be bringing up memories of his days as a bare knuckle fighter in Brazil years ago. “Look kid…and I know you’re not a kid anymore but look sometimes it’s luck it has just a big a part to play in everything including life. I mean you have been blessed with all kinds of god given talents but sometimes, sometimes what makes it all pay off is just simply being in the right place at the right time.”

“Are you preaching to me about fate and destiny?” Noah asked almost like he was dumbfounded to hear his uncle talk to him about something he only thought about to himself. “I’ve lived my life on the motto that fate and destiny have guided me along the way…”

“Probably more than ya think kid.”

Ya know I’ve lived my life by a certain type of code bust yer ass, earn respect and let fate and destiny bring everything together. Maybe this is fate and destiny’s way of lining things up for me…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see now won’t we?


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