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Published: Written by: Scottywood

It’s a dark and cold night in San Francisco, but under massive light trees, HOW crew members continue to work in transforming Alcatraz Island into the stage for HOW’s most brutal PPV of the year, Rumble at the Rock.  This year, the ninth edition of this show has a new twist. That is the new 49% Owner of HOW, Mister Scott Woodson.

He stands at one of two HOW podiums on the loading docks as the crew unloads equipment from large shipping containers that were dropped off earlier today.  Dressed in a black pinstripe suit with an Anarchy symbol on the beast pocket and a #97Red tie, he adjusts his dreadlocks which are pulled back.

Scott Woodson: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Alcatraz… welcome to The Rock.  In just one short week, Alcatraz will host Rumble at the Rock 9, HOW’s 2nd Pay Per View of the Refueled era.  It has been a… rocky… road to get here, but HOW is the most resilient wrestling company in the world and nothing, not even some fat hacker in his parent’s basement will stop us.  But with that month hiatus, came many questions. Some were answered on Chaos. Even more were posed.

Pausing, Scott reach for his pint glass that is sitting on the podium and takes a drink… of water before continuing.

Scott Woodson: One of these questions was will the ICON title officially be on the line in the main event?  It is a title that Cecilworth Farthington will have held for 187 days come Alcatraz. Putting him just 26 days away from John Sektor’s record of 213 days for a single reign.  It’s a title with great prestige and the honor of fighting for it should not be passed out lightly.

We can see a man wheeling a hospital bed as Scotty follows the bed and smiles knowing it is headed to the Infirmary.

Scott Woodson: Me and Lee both discussed this, together at great length… and while he had hoped to be here in person to help me announce this, he unfortunately was not able to make it.  But we, together, decided that the ICON Title WILL in fact be on the line in the Infirmary Match between World Champion Halitosis, Dan Ryan and Cecilworth Farthington. One fall for the ICON Title… one fall for the World Title.  But since Farthington has proved that the ICON title may very well be worth more than the World Title at this time… the World Title will be decided in the first fall… and the ICON title will be decided in the second and final fall.

Announces Scott as he picks up a piece of paper which seems to be a HOW match contract with what seems to be two signatures that can’t be made out.  He quickly then puts it back down out of view on the podium as he continues.

Scott Woodson: Now moving on to the Tag Team title match featuring The Industry’s Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan defending their belts against The Order’s Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood.  Last week on The HOR I revealed what this match will entail to appease Lindsay Troy’s insatiable need to know every detail. The Guard Tower match will entail the title being placed atop the tower and the competitors will have to climb it to retrieve them.  But that is just the start to this hellacious match… oh it is just the start… It will also…

Scott’s eye is caught by the wooden cross that three men are now carrying towards the Alcatraz chapel.

Scott Woodson: Scott Stevens… seems like we sparked quite the discussion among our fellow HOW wrestlers on the ole Twitters last night.  So many people seem to have a comment about our match. But what everyone seems to misunderstand is that I am not trying to tear Scott Stevens down as we head into Alcatraz.  I don’t want to make the same old, tired, recycled jokes about Scott Stevens that everyone in HOW seems to enjoy making. I respect Scott Stevens for the great wrestler he is… when he is focused… that is not a debate.  But he wasn’t focused before Chaos… and that is what I wanted to draw out of him for our match. The Scorpion. Baal and especially Frankie paid quite the price for that… but it will all be worth 

Taking his left palm, Scotty rubs it with his right thumb, feeling some of the scar tissue that remains from when Shane Reynolds crucified him at Rumble at the Rock 4.

Scott Woodson: Because despite my respect for Stevens, despite me wanting bring The Scorpion back, I will still maim him in this match.  Cause I have been on both the winning… and losing side of this match before… and I plan on never feeling the pain of spikes being driven through my hands again.  Plus I have no intention of my last match in HOW being a loss in one of my signature matches… fuck no is that fucking shit happening!

Scott takes a deep breath as he pulls back one of his dreads that’s come loose. 

Scott Woodson: But lastly, the 2%…. as those of you can perform simple math know, Mike Best sold me 49% of HOW… and Lee Best still owns 49% of HOW.  That remaining 2% was retained by Mike Best. He will be the tie breaker between me and Lee if we can not agree on a decision. People, including myself, sacrificed a lot to win Mike his 1%, so it’s only fair the Son of GOD hold onto some of his birthright as he transitions back into… and excuse my language… fucking up the wrestling world.

Scott pauses to again put his hand up in apology for his language as he takes a drink of water. 

Scott Woodson: So let the countdown continue, to my favorite show of the year.  It’s Alcatraz season and if you thought a corpse match was bad… ya might wanna skip Rumble at the Rock 9 live on HOTv November 9th.  See you all in seven days… at The Rock!

Fade to the HOTv logo.

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