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RATR 9 Preview

With HOW’s 9th visit to Alcatraz coming up in just under 2 weeks away, we here at HOWrestling.com have gotten the final card and preview after new 49% Owner of HOW, Scott Woodson met with Lee Best today.

General Population Match
Crash Rodriguez vs. Brenton Cross

Two rookies to HOW have earned themselves a match at RATR in a traditional General Population Match.  A ring will be set up inside the middle of the cell house and these two will do battle in a No Disqualification Match.  Crash comes off a big win at Chaos 4 against the Egg Bandits where he scored the winning pinfall.  Cross had his debut match on Chaos 4 where he defeated the corpse of Austin Bishop.

Guard Tower Match for the Tag Team Championships
The Industry (Lindsay Troy & Dan Ryan)© vs. The Order(Darin Zion & Brian Hollywood)

The Industry has seemed to have The Orders number since winning the HOW Tag Team Titles from them, but Zion and Hollywood look for retribution and to reclaim their titles.  But it will be a tall challenge as they will face off against Lindsay Troy and a man who will pull double duty at RATR9, the number one of the number one contenders for the HOW World Title, Dan Ryan.  This match will be a Guard Tower match… which has been quite the mystery to everyone in HOW.  Well it has been announced by Scott Woodson that the HOW Tag Team Titles will be places up atop the 60′ Guard Tower and the first person to retrieve them will be declared the winner.  

Crucifixion Match inside Prison Church
Scottywood vs. Scott Stevens

Ever since Scottywood annoucned his retirement, he has been obsessed with facing Scott Stevens at Alcatraz.  Stevens said No.  So Scotty attacked Stevens family to try and get Stevens to say yes.  He said no again.  Scotty attacked Stevens wife Lisa at their home… and that finally got The Scorpion to say yes.  Fast forward to Scottywood costing Lisa the MVW Women’s Title at a MVW house show and that lead to Stevens snapping and brutalizing Frankie and Baal at Chaos 4.  Not to be up staged… Scottywood used his at that time unknown power as 49% Owner of HOW to make the match a crucifixion match.  Where one man will be nailed to a cross before the fight ends.

Prison Yard Match for the LSD Championship
MJ Flair© vs. High Flyer vs. Maximillian Kael vs. Evan Ward

What was supposed to be a five way match has turned into a fatal four way as MJ Flair defends her LSD Title against High Flyer, Evan Ward and the returning Max Kael who took the title shot that MAXXXKAEL Jr. was due to have.  These four will fight in the concrete wasteland that is the prison “yard” at Alcatraz.  Anything goes and the first pinfall will secure the LSD Title for one of these four competitors. 

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

Christopher America has been in solitary confinement since August 16th… it will be 85 by the time he is released for his match with Mike Best… if someone didn’t forget to feed him during the month long hiatus.  But these two Hall of Famers will do battle in what was supposed to be Mike Best’s retirement match…. but now will be his welcome back match as a full time wrestler.  HOW will Christopher America fare after two and a half months in solitary while Mike Best has yet to spend a minute in it.  This match will be fought outside the solitary confinement cells and could take us anywhere in the jailhouse or the island.

Infirmary Match for the World Championship
Halitosis© vs. Dan Ryan vs. Cecilworth Farthington

Just when you think things are set… HOW changes everything.  Well not everything, but at the last minute of Chaos, in his first act as 49% Owner of HOW, Scottywood inserts HOW ICON Champion Cecilworth Farthington into the World Title match at RATR 9.  Dan Ryan has held an upper hand on the 2 time HOW World Champion Halitosis heading into RATR 9… and was looking good.  But now he must also contend against a man who seems unstoppable in HOW’s Refueled Era.  Though has ring rust bite Farthington after not wrestling for so long?  Will Halitosis find a way to retain his title and not fall victim to his first defense like last time.  Can Dan Ryan pull double duty and still win the World Title?  We will seein this Infirmary Match which will take place inside… fuck you guessed it… the fucking Infirmary at Alcatraz.  Falls count anywhere and anything goes until we get a pinfall or submission in this World Title match.

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