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Published: Written by: Darin Zion

Last night, HOWrestling.com caught up with Darin Zion post-match after the grueling, hard-fought Tag Team Championship match.  HOW’s longest tenured backstage interviewer:  Brian Bare caught up with Order members Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood after the Order’s loss last night:


Darin Zion walks backstage with a towel over his head.  The veins in his head are budging out of his forehead.  No smile graces Zion’s face.  Sweat drenches down his body as exhaustion and anger paint the emotions running through Zion’s being.  As Zion continues to head towards the locker room, Brian Bare rushes up to Zion quickly following him around.  One word comes to mind when backstage officially catch up to Zion:  annoyance.  Zion grits his teeth as Bare awkwardly walks into his personal bubble.  Hairs stand up on Zion’s back as Bare begins to probe Zion as Bare simply conducts the interview.


Brian Bare:  You and the Industry had a chaotic battle for the HOW Tag Team Championships throughout the show.  It’s no secret you two hate each other’s guts after watching the countless hours of battles over both Social Media and in the arena.  But tonight, you, Hanson, and the Order came up short again.   You lost your coveted HOW World Tag Team Championships after Dane destroyed you with a Starbreaker.  How are you feeling after that loss in your chaotic battle for those tag team titles, former champion?


Zion’s jaw completely drops in shock.  He rolls his eyes at Bare.  He clinches his fists ready to beat Bare within an inch of his life.  He hesitates knowing Mike Best would suspend him.  Instead, he yanks the microphone straight out of Bare’s hands.  He slowly raises the microphone up to his lips.


Darin Zion:  I feel…




With full force, Zion chucks the microphone across the backstage area and storms off without finishing the thought.  Meanwhile in tow, Hollywood comes strolling in with his red suit, sunglasses, looking bewildered at what he just witnessed.  His hands raise up to his head pulling back his long hair as his eyes widen.   Concerns paints his face as he watches Zion open the locker room door from down the way and slams it hard it echoes through the interview.  Bare comes running back on screen after chasing the microphone and Hollywood rips it from his hands.


Brian Hollywood:  In knowing Zion for 20 years:  I’ve never seen him at a loss for words.  He never stops talking let alone can’t stop bragging.  I’ve never seen him so pissed after what happened tonight.  He’s going to blow up and what he decides to say or do next:  I would fucking stay out of his way.  Mark my words; shit just got real.


Hollywood rushes off to attend to Zion as Bare looks rather lost at what just happened before his eyes.

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