Jace Parker Davidson

Jace Parker Davidson
usaUnited States
All Around
253 lbs
Miami Florida
King of Everything
February 20, 1988

The Entrance

Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold

The lights in the arena go pitch black as the audience is lit up by thousands of lights from phones being held in the air. The HOV lights up as a large skull with a crown on its head appears on screen.


The sound of “HAIL TO THE KING” by Avenged Sevenfold blasts from the speaker system. The crowd begins a chorus of boo’s as smoke begins to build up on stage. Abdullah Choi makes his way out through the smoke first followed by STRONKETTE. They stand on either side of the stage as HOW Hall of Famer Jace Parker Davidson makes his way out through the smoke. Jace soaks in the hatred from the fans while covered in gold. The HOW LSD Championship belt displayed around his waist. The HOW ICON Championship on his left shoulder and his half of the HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts on his right shoulder.

Hail to the King
Hail to the one
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
(Hail, hail, hail)
(The King)

Bryan McVay: From Denver, Colorado, weighing in tonight at 253 lbs. He is a HOW Hall of Famer. He is the greatest LSD Champion in HOW history. He is the King of Everything. Here is HOW’s Triple Champion JACE! PARKER! DAVIDSON!

There’s a taste of fear (hail, hail, hail)
When the henchmen call (hail, hail, hail)
Iron fist to tame them (hail, hail, hail)
Iron fist to claim it all

Choi and STRONKETTE begin making their way down either side of the ramp to shield the fans away from Jace as he begins his walk to the ring. Once at ringside STRONKETTE makes her way up the steel ring steps as Choi argues with some fans in the front row. Jace slowly makes his way up the steel ring steps then slowly walks along the ring apron. Jace leans back against the ropes facing the crowd then lifts his Championship belts into the air as pyro explodes from high above the ring.

Hail to the King
Hail to the one
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
Hail to the one
Kneel to the crown
Stand in the sun
Hail to the King
(Hail, hail, hail)

Jace lowers the titles then enters the ring while STRONKETTE holds the ropes open for him. He makes his way to the nearest corner then climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans as STRONKETTE hops down off of the ring apron. Jace hops down off of the turnbuckle and begins to prepare himself for the match ahead.

King of Everything's


Finisher: Bend the Knee
Description: Curbstomp
Signature: Unscripted Violence
Description: Elevated Double Arm DDT

  • Suicide dive
  • Spear
  • Super kick
  • Lung blower
  • All the neckbreakers
  • All the suplexes
  • Enziguri kick
  • Powerbomb
  • Dropkicks from all positions
  • Brutalizer submission
  • Spanish fly from the top rope
  • V trigger knee – used repeatedly
  • Springboard cutter off the ropes
  • Canadian destroyer
  • Dead eye driver
  • Hurricanrana from all positions
  • Double foot stomp from the top, standing, or grounded
  • Ripcord clothesline
  • Gringo Killer
  • Penta El Zero M style arm breaking maneuver
  • Off With His Head – Powerbomb while Jace bounces the back of the opponents head off of the top turnbuckle.
    Backslide Driver
    Sitout Muscle Buster
    Long Live The King – Belly to back suplex into a DDT
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