Dan Ryan

Dan Ryan
usaUnited States
295 lbs
Houston TX
November 11, 1980

The Entrance

Dan Ryan

The camera pans over the Best Arena. There’s a buzz in the air as the High Octane faithful wait. Slowly, the lights in the arena start to dim, almost to black, but not quite.

A lightning effect flashes in the arena, followed by a thundering sound, and music begins to play.

“Daddy’s Home” by JT Music.

Somewhere beyond the sea
Something slumbers underneath
When she wakes up from her dreams
We’ll be reborn from the deep

The strobe lightning effect continues, and as the opening lines of the first verse start to play, a large figure steps out onto the stage. His appearance is met with another thundering sound, this time the sound of boos from all over the building.

Dan Ryan stands center stage, soaking it in. He’s been booed most of his career. This time, for a unique reason. But he soaks it all in, then starts to walk down the ramp.

Hold your noses cuz we’re going for another long dive
Some call me Father, others call me Johnny Topside
Long forgotten, I was swept up by the wrong tide
Thought my bed was made but I just woke up on the wrong side

Halfway down the ramp, someone throws something in his direction, but he sidesteps it, and glances over as EPU rush in to subdue the fan responsible. Ryan makes it to the ring, then stops and looks out into the crowd once again, soaking in the reaction with no expression.

I’m the heavyweight champ, you won’t even last a round
Too long you brutes abused the juice, now you get smacked around
Delta’s held the belt so many years here in Rapture now
Baddest motherfucker in the building, who’s your daddy now?
I’ll ask you nicely, would you kindly put your weapon down?
And cut the cameras cuz I’d rather not be ratted out
I’m on the path to power, I would’ve made Atlas proud
Hit you with the one two punch, zap and whack you out

Ryan cracks his neck, then climbs up onto the apron and climbs through the ropes. He dashes into the ropes, bounces off and sprints to a turnbuckle, step-climbing up and then roaring into the crowd and settling into a snarling stare out at the masses.

Ryan hops down, then circles the ring for a moment, letting the boos continue to rain down all over him, then finally backs into a corner and waits for the bell.



Finisher: Headliner
Description: Burning Hammer
Signature: Hammer of God
Description: Sprinting Rolling Elbow Smash

  • Screwdriver
    Full Nelson Slam
    Jumping DDT
    Overhead belly to belly suplex
    Knee drops
    Elbow drops
    Big boot (running OR opponent running)
    Running clothesline
    Corner clothesline
    Corner repeated shoulder to the midsection
    Top rope flying clothesline
    Top rope shoulder block
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About the Wrestler

A 25-year veteran of the squared circle. Established himself as one of the top stars in the sport over the first 22 years, then came to HOW and competed under the influence of PEDs, winning two ICON Championships and two Tag Team championships, but failing to win the big one in multiple shots at the World Title. Tested positive for multiple performance-enhancing drugs in 2021 and thereafter suspended, until being reinstated by Lee Best in December 2021. Looking to re-establish and re-prove himself, while holding a newfound allegiance to the Best family.

Short Bio including Personality: Born in Texas but raised in Osaka from the age of five, the son of a wrestling trainer and promoter. Returned to the states after high school to try and break into the wrestling business after the death of his father. Spent many years competing around the world in various promotions, attaining a reputation for aggression, violence and ring psychology. Arrogant, self-involved and generally sociopathic traits. Cares deeply for family and those close to him. Does not forgive betrayal. Overcompetitiveness led to a dependence on performance enhancing drugs after first signing with HOW. Got clean during a six month suspension as a result of a failed test. Humbled somewhat, at least outwardly, he seeks to reprove his legacy, both to himself and others.

Notable HOW Accomplishments: 

ICON Championship (x2)
HOW Tag Team Championship (x2)
HOTv Championship (1)

Extra Info:

High Octane Wrestling

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