• Once the Best

    Lindsay Troy A name synonymous with some of the largest promotions in history. A name that has been associated with many classic matches and feuds. A guaranteed future pro...
  • The Real McCoy

    Bright fluorescent lights kept beaming down from the halls of the waiting room straight into my eyes as I sat in the world’s most uncomfortable chairs  in the waiting...
  • Roleplay

    (He sits facing a teh camera. As the whole picture comes into view, you see him sitting on a pool deck with his feet hanging in a pool. The...
Roleplay Deadline
  • Refueled VII Results

    The screen is black, as the HOTv flashes over the screen, followed by the logo for High Octane Wrestling. The show opens with a quick pan of a Yuengling...
  • Refueled VI Results

    The show opens with a quick pan of a rabid arena. Many in the crowd hold signs, but most are illegible for some odd reason. The Official Theme Song...
About HOWrestling
RP based efed with 1-2 rp maxes and no word limits. Restarted in early 2019 after closing in 2016 after an 8+ yr run. Initially opened in 2002. Summarized weekly shows with full written PPV results
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