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OOC: Notes On The World/ICON Title Match Change

As announced just moments ago, the ICON Championship will be the first fall of the main event at Rumble at the Rock, with the World Championship being the final fall.

For the participants in the match, here’s what you need to know:

  1. It is possible for one person to walk out of the match with BOTH titles, though not a given.
  2. The ICON Championship will be decided by the highest scoring FIRST ROLEPLAY.
  3. The World Championship will be decided by the highest OVERALL SCORE.
  4. If you have already posted your first roleplay, you ARE permitted to take it down and repost, if this affects your already posted roleplay. You will still be subject to the usual deadline rules surrounding the 24 hour rule.

While there may be one last surprise announcement about this match, it will NOT AFFECT your ability to roleplay, and will purposely be announced last minute (still pending some decisions).

Roleplay Countdown