High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Noah Hanson

HOW officials were able to catch Noah Hanson just outside the HOW headquarters and this is what he had to say…

On being back in  HOW: “Mixed feelings to be honest, loved working with Zion and Hollywood but wasn’t exactly the kinda run I had hoped for. I mean was I planning on winning the World title? I think that was never in my plan but just to put on as good as show as possible and at times I felt like I cheated the fans and they deserve better than that.”

On finding out his first match back is against former HOW World Champ Scott Stevens: “Seriously? That is who I am facing right outta the gate is the former World Champ? Facing Stevens will be an honor and a pleasure, the Lonesome Loser and the Hollywood Icon in the ring tearing it up, sounds like fun.”

On possibly meeting Darin Zion or Brian Hollywood: “Zion has a lot of issues, seems to still be trying to impress the brass around here. I mean he is like that kid you see in the lunch room, looks around wants to sit with the cool kids but they shun him, not athletic enough for the jock table and the nerds don’t want nothing to do with him either. So he ends up sitting at a table all by himself. As for Hollywood, the dude is to busy counting his money like fucking Scrooge McDuck in his vault to worry bout his old teammates.”

On His HOW goals moving forward: “Don’t really have any to be honest. The last run was bad for me personally and it has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since. Now am I going in guns blazing or something like that? No, this is just about going out there and having good matches and whatever happens, happens, no regrets, no bullshit and hopefully no cinder blocks to the head this time ’round…”

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