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Published: Written by: Michael Best

Good evening Octanites, some quick news and notes for you for tonight’s edition of Chaos and Chaos going forward.

Obviously Lee Best has stepped away from the business end of things, in the midst of a mini-fit over my 51% control of the company. We disagree about the way a lot of things should run, and his ability to veto me or deadlock me has always been the thing that kept him riding high. But now that I’m running the ship and Lee has taken more of a “behind the scenes” role in the day-to-day, we’re got some changes to all Friday Night Chaos episodes going forward.

  1. All matches will be contested under strict time limits. Title matches and special main events will carry a 25 minute time limit, while non-title matches will carry a 15 minute time limit.
  2. Referees will be given a little bit more discretion going forward regarding calling the rules in the ring. Our senior officials have been doing this long enough to know when a DQ should be called or a count out should begin, and we have so few of the damned things that it’s silly that the referee’s are held to such rigid standards.
  3. We’re travelling. This week’s show is obviously in Atlanta, but we aren’t stopping there– next show is in Memphis, and we’re headed to Detroit after that. I think you all know where we’re heading, and I’m fucking excited for it.
  4. All in-ring promos will be approved by management. No more godawful 45 minute in-ring promos from stables, tag teams or singles wrestlers. If it doesn’t need to take place in the ring, keep the shit backstage, and management will hold the final call over who is allowed to walk down that ramp with a hot microphone. I can already hear you bitching about favoritism, but I promise you that no one is going to get special treatment on that. Always been that way in HOW.
  5. I don’t give a fuck if you Tweet, don’t Tweet, or have a fucking MySpace account. It doesn’t earn you any points and you might kill your own fucking heat, but keep it off my show. No more talking about fucking Twitter drama in your promos. It makes you sound like a 17 year old asshole.

As always, keep to the rules and you’re on even ground in the New HOW. Even those who seem to think Hitler 2.0 has emerged.

Peace and Love,

Mike Best

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