High Octane Wrestling
Published: Written by: Lindsay Troy

June 14, 2019
Yuengling Center: Tampa, Florida
Halitosis vs. Brian Hollywood Post-Match

When MJ Flair made her surprise appearance at Refueled IV, scaling the turnbuckle to stare down the Best Alliance in stoic judgment, two thoughts immediately ran through Lindsay Troy’s mind:

Please let her be in on this, because
I really don’t want to have to hurt her.

The brand of chicanery that is fast becoming part of the Dane-Ryan-Troy status quo in High Octane Wrestling isn’t uncharted territory for the Queen of the Ring, but it’s seas that she hasn’t navigated in quite some time. A long-standing fan favorite for over a decade, to turn around and align herself with two men whose rotten dispositions and bad reputations was highly unexpected.

Tampa’s Favorite Daughter had pulled yet another fast one on the wrestling world. And now, she’ll have to re-acquaint herself with reconciling the choices she makes with the actions that are sure to follow, beginning with a dirty chop-block from behind to newly-crowned HOW Champion Halitosis’ knee.

Putting the boots to the champ didn’t feel great, but it wasn’t personal. The only thing that did feel great in that moment, really, was being in the ring with Dan. The Queen’s excellent at masking these emotions and putting on a show, but she can’t hide her shock when the littlest Flair pops up out of nowhere.

Given the fact that Lindsay has known Mariella Jade for all of her short life, to be put in the position to stand her ground and defend herself against a white knight rescue by the 19 year old immediately made her uneasy. An attack on Halitosis was one thing; the possibility of having to hurt MJ was another.

Luckily, the look Flair and Dane share sees things turn in a different direction, with MJ’s boot connecting flush with the new World Champion’s jaw. No further crisis of morality needed on this night. With a smile, MJ runs to her “aunt” and gives her a hug, which Lindsay returns and exhales the breath she didn’t realize she was holding.

Add one more name to the Alliance.

Add even more fuel to the fire.


“You couldn’t have given me a heads-up?”

There’s a hint of amusement in the question posed by Lindsay to Mariella Jade as the two women, flanked by Adrian Evans, make their way through the Yuengling Center’s backstage to the parking lot. Eric Dane and Dan Ryan have gone on ahead, presumably to grab a post-show meal and drinks.

“Spoils the surprise,” replies MJ, “Dane thought there’d be more impact that way.”

Lindsay’s eyes shift from MJ to Adrian, who surreptitiously looks away.

“Don’t look at me,” says Adrian, “She’s the boss, I’m just along for the ride.”

“And don’t you give me that shit either, Adrian,” Lindsay quips. “You know better. You know I hate surprises.”

Adrian Evans, business manager to MJ and fixer for MJ’s aunt Ivy McGinnis, is also best friends and reluctant hetero-life partner with Lindsay Troy’s ex-husband, Joey Melton. To say that there is history with this trio is very much an understatement.

“You know the rules, Ms. Troy,” says Adrian, “You pay my salary, you can give me instructions.”

Despite the shock of the evening, Lindsay laughs. But she also subconsciously walks a little farther away from MJ: the energy coming off her is unreal, and in no small part unsettling.

“What’s up now, guys? What are we gonna do? Let’s get a drink.”

“No,” says Adrian to the nineteen year old.

“Let’s go dancing.”


“We need to do something, man!” MJ turns around, walking backwards, practically skipping. “We’re in Tampa, it’s Friday night, I got way too much energy to burn!”

“Well, I was gonna head home but….”

MJ whirls on her “aunt,” mouth agape.

“….I can call Ty, see if he’ll meet us. But, just us. Getting him anywhere near Eric is not a good idea.”

“And no Angus.”

MJ lightly slaps Adrian on the shoulder. “Angus is a sweet pile of dough, you two just don’t get along for some reason. Besides, the two old men aren’t gonna wanna do anything with us. They’re drinking their metamucil and watching Murder, She Wrote by now.”

This line cracks all three of them up.

“Need I remind you that you’re all supposed to be a team?” asks Adrian.

“Oh, we are,” replies MJ, “Any team that lacks sarcasm is a team I don’t wanna be on.”

“Good point,” concedes Adrian, “Ms. Troy, let’s go somewhere and get a drink. Ms. Flair can be our designated driver.”


“She’s not driving my car,” Lindsay laughs. She disengages the alarm on her Audi SUV, pops the trunk, and throws her gear bag in. “Get in. Shotgun gets radio.”

Adrian and MJ stand by the door. Surprisingly, Adrian opens the door and gestures for MJ to get in, while he climbs into the back. “As much as I give her shit, Ms. Troy – she’s got good taste when it comes to the classics. No Rod Stewart.”

“Who?” asked MJ.

“Thank the Lord for small miracles,” the Queen replies, slipping behind the wheel. She starts the car and the three roll off into the night.


June 26, 2019
Tampa, Florida
DP’s Dojo

“Woooowwww, Jace. That was …. a lot.”

A smirking Lindsay Troy wears a Best Alliance t-shirt.

“Look at you. A regular Murray Head you are. Sitting there, playing chess all by yourself. What’s the matter, was Brian too busy being a concussed lump of flesh to drag himself out to the Hills and play with you?”

“I know, I know. You two have this big elaborate scheme to take over HOW, or burn it to the ground just like Max Kael wants to do, or some other villainous nonsense that’s directly out of a Pinky and the Brain cartoon. ‘Hey Jace, are you pondering what I’m pondering? I think so, Brian, but how will we get three pink flamingos into one pair of capri pants?’



“Maybe while you’re at it, you can find yourself a better lawyer, and a better PR guy, because holy shit my guy do I so not give a fuck about your time in prison. You drew a bad first hand with this first stop on your image rehabilitation tour, because not only am I not interested in this woe-is-me sob story, but I’m of a mind and a manner to knock your teeth down your damn throat for wasting my time with it.”

“Buck the fuck up and handle your business, Jace. Don’t clog my airwaves with this nonsense. Guess I gotta thank you, though, for reminding me of my loss to Hollywood, since he was on a kick about flukes and all.”

“Since that’s what his duke over me was. A fluke.”

“It’s true, I went for the Raynes of Castamere, he dodged it, and that’s what led to his pin on me. But let’s not forget that I handled him soundly throughout the rest of that encounter. Let’s not forget that it was one desperation move that turned the tide for you, Brian. Could’ve happened to anyone. I saw the fear in your eyes as I beat the Kong shit out’ve you, since you wanted nothing more than to reclaim what you believed Lee Best wrested away from you when HOW reopened the doors.”

“The World Title.”

“And now, you don’t have it. You’ve got squat.

“But what I’ve got is a whole lotta motivation to get that duke back and tie this little affair between us up at 1 and 1. Helps that I’ve got a hungry, eager, galvanized partner in MJ Flair to help me do it. You’ve got a guy who hasn’t seen the inside of a ring in years. You’re at a disadvantage.”

“MJ and I? We’re primed and ready for you.”

“No power in the ‘Verse can stop us.”

Fade to black.

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