High Octane Wrestling
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The self proclaimed in ring general for the Best Alliance took the long way to the land of High Octane.  The creator of Defiance Wrestling has a long history with Lee Best and HOWrestling, mainly as a rival, which made it all that much more surprising when Dane signed on as not only as a member of High Octane Wrestling, but as a member of The Best Alliance.

The long winding road to today started when The World (fantasy) Wrestling Alliance was in its’ dying days. Eric Dane, the man who’d been a mainstay of the interfed since the year 2000, decided it needed to be put out of its’ misery. To achieve that end, he opened Defiance wrestling. Named after its intention to Defy the WfWA. He opened the promotion based in his home near Mobile, Alabama.

As Season 2 started in Defiance, Dane was determined to stomp out the remainder of the WfWA influence in DEF, and move Defiance away from its’ indy roots and into a national promotion. The former was more easily accomplished than the latter. The Cowboy Dragons managed to consolidate the WfWA World Tag Titles and Defiance World Tag Titles into one title, and when Vasquez’s reign as DEF Heavyweight Champ was cut short by Ronnie Long and a shovel, Dane unified the DEF Heavyweight and WfWA World into the DEF World Title.

Over the years Dane had plenty of run ins with members of the HOW roster and with Lee Best himself. Their war of words were a constant back and forth for a long extended period of time. But as is with most cases……time passed and the resentment slowly eroded away until the point that Lee and Dane, with help from the Son Michael Best, decided to work together for the final era of HOW.

Here is what Lee had to  say about Dane:

“Look the guy is passionate. No one can deny that this dude is a passionate motherfucker and to a fault. HOW our relationship and for HOW long it will last will be based on how Eric reacts to the idea that he is NOT the final say in HOW and for once in his life is not the BAWS. He is a vital member of the Best Alliance and without him we would not see Dan Ryan and MJ Flair here in the land of HOW. It is my hope that Eric harnesses the rage inside of him and continues to help move HOW forward. He has a great mind for the business, has more experience both behind and in front of the camera than most……but HOW is new for him. We have literally just touched the surface of his time here in HOW. There have been bumps outside the ring but I am confident in Dane every time he walks down that fucking ramp. Tonight is no different.”

Tonight Dane leads The Best Alliance into War Games where ironically he is wrestling to help Lee Best maintain control of High Octane Wrestling. With the looming concussion issues still in play, one has to wonder just how far Dane will go to plant his flag firmly in the ground of HOW.

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