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HOWrestling.com can confirm that tonights show will be the last full show before War Games. Next week’s go home show will not be the customary two hour program on HOTv, but instead be a one hour show that will focus on hyping the first (last?) PPV of the Refueled Era. There potentially will be one to two matches on the show but the show will be focused heavily on building last minute momentum for the August 3rd PPV.

Look for more details to be revealed tonight on Refueled VI as Lee and Michael Best make the final pushes for their War Games teams and we see who will step up to the plate to take on The Egg Bandits for the Tag Team Titles at War Games.

Will we also see John Sektor make a decision on what team he will be on at War Games tonight? Will either team even welcome him in with open arms after a month long courtship?

The Main Event tonight will see Best Alliance member Dan Ryan taking on the ICON Champion Cecilworth Farthington in a steel cage match for the ICON Championship. How far will both men go knowing that whoever wins will have to defend the title at War Games remains to be seen. But seeing how bitter this rivalry has turned over the last few weeks there will be no doubt someone very pissed off at the end of the night tonight.

HOWrestling.com was able to capture a live shot of the steel cage being set up for tonight’s Main Event, courtesy of Lee Best, who is said to be in a pretty foul mood heading into the show tonight. Hopefully we will get some finished images later as everyone is on high alert heading into tonight’s contests.






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