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After three straight weeks of 12-16 hour days, I am finally able to sit behind my HOWrestling.com desk and get some shit done in the land of High Octane. Before I get to news that is tied to the title of this post, let me just say a big THANK YOU to all those that helped the last few weeks as I basically ran the company from my cell phone.

Big props to Mike and Scotty for running point and making sure show results went up in a timely manner. Thanks again to EVERYONE that helped these two deliver.

Now as I get caught up on all things High Octane I just wanted to put two things out there for everyone to digest tonight.

1. New card for Refueled 8 will be posted tonight by Scottywood. I will be helping Scottywood transition into a true number two role with the company and there is a ton that goes with that but lets be honest……I have complete faith in Scottywood and after over a decade of working together….this will be an easy thing to make happen…and smoothly.

2. The ICONIC PPV will be main evented in a #97Minute Iron Man match. Frankly I have a TON to say about the current Champions and now that I am back in full control I am going to make sure there are NO DOUBTS……so with that said Mr. Farthington will defend ALL his High Octane championship gold against Mr. Dan Ryan. Good luck gents.

More info will be released regarding ICONIC later tonight….till then…need me…..hit me up on the cell.

–Lee “Motherfuckin” Best

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