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I Left My Monster in San Fransisco

“It’s not about what we lose…it’s not about what we gain…it’s how we find it all.  Everything.  I’ve always believed that everything comes full circle…not about all the twists and turns and the many paths you take…but how, no matter all those paths and obstacles…they all lead to the same place.  That place being the very place you were always going to end up at to begin with.  That path you started…it ends at the very destination you were meant to end up at and the simple fact of the matter is…..all those paths led to the very same place…at the very end of it all….”


Los Angeles, California

November 6, 2019


The scene opens up on the streets of Los Angles.  Downtown LA.  Brian Hollywood can be seen looking out the window of his limo as he contemplates the next few days of his schedule.  Hollywood sighs as he continues to look out to the nighttime LA skies.  Finally, he looks across him as he stares at his best friend, Darin Zion…who wasn’t having a good time on his birthday like he should of.  All because of some stupid fucking tomatoes.  Hollywood sighs again as he shakes his head trying to, once again, reach Zion.


Brian Hollywood: “Look…I’m sorry your birthday had to be complete and utterly disastrous all because of some fucking tomatoes.  I mean…really brother?!  You need to get a fucking grip on yourself!  I know how you seem lost within your own mind…but if you’re getting all set off because of some fucking tomatoes then I will bluntly fucking say we are fucked!  I mean…just look at yourself!  You’ve become what everyone will undoubtedly turn you into a fucking internet meme and it’s just downright EMBARRASSING!  Is that what you REALLY want to become?!  A fucking internet meme?!  Because that’s exactly the way I see it….and you know I’m fucking right!”


Zion looks at Hollywood all flustered and pissed off as he can’t believe his best friend just said that.  Zion can’t seem to wrap his head around how Hollywood can’t seem to understand him.  In fact, it infuriates Zion even further.  However, Hollywood has studied Zion’s behavior and responses for weeks now since he decided to take a vow of silence…through, well, silence.  It wasn’t a formal declaration of taking a vow but rather that verbal agreement you make before signing a business contract or any contract for that matter.  Hollywood had plenty of time to figure Zion out.  Zion simply just scoffs at Hollywood as Hollywood resumes his sight seeing affairs out the window.


Brian Hollywood: “You can thank me later you fucking asshole!  Just so you know, we have a lot riding on this match.  I don’t care if you remain as mute as a mime or not…we are getting those fucking HOW Tag Team Championships back…one way or another.  I need to know you trust me going into this match.”


Was Hollywood serious?!  If there was one thing Zion found seemingly perplexing over everything was Hollywood’s words.  They have often times led to actions backed up from Hollywood’s talk.  However, they also led to deception as well.  Zion knew that all too well with him and Hollywood’s past.  They’ve been around the world doing battle together…and against each other.  They’ve been locked into a blood feud and they’ve fought as blood brothers spilling others blood in the name of loyalty.  And now here they were….about to go into an unknown match with no origins.  This would truly be a first for Hollywood and Zion and yet…that felt perfectly fine because the two men were no strangers to charting into unknown waters.  It’s what made them special.  It’s what bonded them since they were kids going off into that unknown together not knowing where the adventure would take them.  It was in that moment that Hollywood had a epiphany.


Brian Hollywood: “You know what this reminds me of?  It reminds me of the good ole days.  It was the good ole days that was filled with such light and promise.  The adrenaline rush of it all.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  It didn’t matter how dangerous the adventure was.  It didn’t matter where we were going or who we were facing…there was only one important factor that was clearly present as a case of damning forensic evidence..you want to know what that is Zion?”


Zion just looks at Hollywood with curious eyes.  For the first time in what seems like years, Zion had no idea what was about to come out of Hollywood’s mouth and yet, in that moment, Zion found some sobering solace in that unknown as he doesn’t mouth a word.


Darin Zion: …………


Hollywood smiles as he lets the pause consume Zion’s mind.  He really did enjoy that unpredictability and even he knew Zion couldn’t stand the itch of that urging, plaguing thought that popped into his head as the wheels in his brain started turning.  Hollywood nods his head at Zion’s response.  Hollywood knew exactly what was swirling deep beneath the conscious mind of Zion whether Zion knew that fact or not.  Hollywood knew his best friend better than Zion knew himself.  Finally, Hollywood let’s it all out as the plotline behind Hollywood’s thoughts is revealed.


Brian Hollywood: “You and I…together…and I mean actually fucking together again taking on another UNKNOWN fucking adventure!  You can’t deny it Zion and you don’t have to say a fucking thing for me to know that to be the absolute truth!  It’s that fucking ADRENALINE rush that was always the high of our life…that unknown adventure that adrenaline filled in place of a heroin like feeling that gave us the absolute best of highs.  It was in those highs that we had the high points of our lives!  We traveled around the fucking world, gone to promotion to promotion WINNING tag team gold!  There wasn’t a company we couldn’t dominate together!  The only important thing that was the only meaning of our lives was our success as a tag team…as brothers.”


Hollywood pauses once again as he can’t hesitate to smile.  Zion’s facial expression hasn’t changed that much since his mute gripping strike on High Octane Wrestling.  However…for the first time in awhile…Zion actually cracks a smile.  It was very short lived…but it EXISTED…even if it was a mere fraction of a second in this life.  It fucking existed and after Hollywood saw it…that’s all he needed to see to know that there was HOPE still for his best friend.  Hollywood always had his way with words…that’s what made him so god damn polarizing…but very rarely in Hollywood’s career does he actually show he has, in some form of fashion, a bigger heart than his mouth and his striking words that has crippled several of his opponents in his career.


Now we were fucking getting somewhere.  Was Hollywood finally understanding how Zion felt?  Was he actually fucking onto something?  It was in this moment….we were about to find out as Hollywood’s limo makes a right hand turn deeper into downtown Los Angeles as Hollywood continues.


Brian Hollywood: “You and I both know that it never mattered what anyone said about us.  Whether we were touted as one of the best tag teams to ever grip a wrestling ring, or mangled and mutilated verbally by people who didn’t truly know how great we were until it was all said and done…together and on opposite sides of the ring.  The truth is Darin…I know you’ve longed for the days of our past.  When everything was gold and riches…when we were sitting on top of the world like it was our fucking Iron Throne.  Before it all went dark for both of us.  I know we both lived very different, radical lives.  We had a very big difference by the lives we lived and from our parental and grand parental ancestral lines of history.  You had to fight and claw for everything you had while I was handed riches and fame from my Grandfather.  But the truth is Darin, I have never fought harder in my life for what I’ve achieved.  Sure I got handed my Grandfather’s company…but I truly turned it into the empire that it is today.  And like you fought to build your life from blood, sweat and tears…I, too, fought to build my life with my blood, sweat and tears…but the underlining similarity that CONNECTS it all is the fact that we BOTH fought TOGETHER for our own dreams.  Wrestling has always united us and that’s exactly what will UNITE us once again when we step into the fight of our lives against The Industry’s Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy.  That is where we find it again….and I KNOW you fucking know that and I KNOW that’s what drives your passion of anger and hatred to grab it by the throat…all of it again…and we WILL seize it all again Zion….that much I fucking promise you….even if it fucking kills me!”


It was in that intense moment that Zion’s eyes light up with intensity and furious passion.  Sure…it was anger that drove Zion…but that anger was driven by what Zion was truly after and that was a full on reunion of the very core that made Hollywood and Zion….brothers.  Zion was a monster…but while everyone else simply saw a monster…Hollywood saw the monster behind the monster that drove him.  Maybe this was part of Zion’s contract with the mute world that made Hollywood strut through the deepest and now darkest part of himself that he shut off all those years ago.  They may be in The Order together and formed it together…but there was no question what really drove Hollywood and Zion’s formal reunion tour.  High Octane Wrestling has never seen this side of Hollywood and Zion through their many chapters of unity and division with each other.  It surely went much deeper than the relationship that Zion and Noah Hanson had with each other.  This was all about a childhood bond…a blood bond that Hollywood and Zion formed as children that made them, actually…BROTHERS.  Brothers in Arms.  It was this union that would bring them back from the brink of destruction.  It was this union that was long forgotten in the past that echoed farther than legend….a whispering call through myth itself.  Zion looks directly in Hollywood’s eyes and for the first time in several years…finally recognizes the best friend he once thought was dead.  This could have been the very thing Zion was trying to find in Hollywood…because he knew with hope and anger…that he could find it in his best friend once again.  It was in this moment that he realized his best friend…his brother in arms since childhood….WAS BACK!


Hollywood nods in agreement as Zion doesn’t say a word.  He didn’t have to.  Hollywood knew he didn’t have to.  Hollywood leans forward and pats Zion on the shoulder softly.


Brian Hollywood: “You see brother?  I didn’t have to know what you were thinking all this time.  I FELT what you were thinking but most importantly…I FELT what you were FEELING!  I know that’s where part of your anger and this monster you’ve become, started.  You had built a career for yourself in HOW and you fought all sorts of battles and even battled your own demons…you conquered them but you also succumbed to them as well and that’s why you fell so hard and I know that’s one reason why you went into this speechless coma Zion.  I know just how passionate you are about your career but I know how badly you want those HOW Tag Team Championships back.  I now know just how important they are to you.  You just didn’t want to win them back….you wanted the whole god damn meaning back and that was to win them…WITH ME!


“At first, I entered this tag team match to make sure The Order got revenge.  Get our heat back.  That’s all that mattered to me because you know how badly I want to stay on top.  I’ve always got to be in fucking control.  But it wasn’t until just recently that I realized me coming to your aid and by your side was more than just getting a win for our stable.  It was destiny.  It was the path that found us where we are today.  All paths, no matter which way you turn, no matter what you fucking do…they all lead to the same destination.  Together.  Realizing that lost importance that made us a force to begin with is what we will gain once again.  This match at Rumble at the Rock isn’t just for the HOW Tag Team Championship…it isn’t just a match at trying to get the Order back on track…but it’s a match that will help us find that lost art that made us brothers in the first place.  It’s that Holy Grail, that gold treasure chest found at the end of the rainbow…it’s that vow we made as kids that brought us together that we will find again and it’s the exact same fucking thing we will reclaim when we take those HOW Tag Team Championships BACK…not for the fucking Order…but for OURSELVES!  We are in for the fight of our lives because there has been no match in HOW history in our careers that is more important than this moment…winning those HOW Tag Team Championships will allow us to reclaim our lost valor as brothers and a moment of unity that will come first circle and that’s something that Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy couldn’t possibly EVER fucking understand!  Let’s take our fucking stand and reclaim that lost history.  Brothers in arms….brother….brothers in arms!”


Zion smiles once more as a sense of relief comes across his face…finally feeling the weight of the world come off his shoulders after finally finding the best friend he had come to know all those long years ago.


Finally, the limo pulls up outside of Hollywood Enterprises.  Zion looks out to see where they pulled up and simply looks back at Hollywood with curiosity.  Instead of thinking what Hollywood will do….he doesn’t have to know what he normally would do…somehow, within Zion’s heart…he knew without a shadow of a doubt what Hollywood would do.  Without further hesitation, Hollywood simply addresses the driver without question as only one word comes out of his mouth.


Brian Hollywood: “DRIVE!”


Zion smiles as Hollywood looks back at Zion and nods his head unquestionably as the limo driver drives off leaving Hollywood Enterprises in the distance as the scene slowly fades to black….



Rumble at the Rock is a chance for history to define itself.  Rumble at the Rock has always been a featured attraction for High Octane Wrestling throughout its history.  However, this week…a different kind of history will…how should I put this…represent itself.  It was a history that I once thought was lost all this time.  I didn’t ever think about it with my quest to gain power in HOW.  But I realized…with the help of my best friend, Darin Zion, there is only one power that I really want.


The HOW Tag Team Championships.


Sure…they aren’t the HOW World Championship…but to me the HOW Tag Team Championships are a reminder of what my World Title always was.  It was great to be the HOW World Champion…but it all started when I became a tag team champion for the first time in my illustrious career with Darin Zion all those years ago in Battle Arena.  All those years ago in the KWA.  Zion and I won tag team gold for the first time.  It was what united us to begin with.  And come time for Rumble at the Rock it will unite us once again.


You see…what you don’t understand Lindsay and Dan, is that this match is more than just about the HOW Tag Team Championships.  It’s about rediscovering that lost bond that Zion and I had that made us dangerous to begin with.  Neither one of you could possibly fucking understand that.  You guys may have history together…but you weren’t united through a childhood bond.  That bond was a blood bond and it took me years to remember what that once was…but now that Zion has helped me rediscover what that is, we plan on pulling out all the fucking stops in obtaining the gold at Rumble at the Rock.  You see…we’ve never been HOW Tag Team Champions together.  I mean actually WIN them together.  Everywhere we’ve been, we’ve always won tag team gold.  But HOW is the mount rushmore of Tag Team Championship victory and it will be in that victory that we take HOW by storm once again…united the proper way.


We will do it right this time.  We will win them together.  Lindsay..you’ve got a big fucking problem on your hands because Dan Ryan is also fighting for the HOW World Championship.  He says his mind isn’t solely focused on that match…but he couldn’t be more fucking wrong!  I know how bad he wants to win that title but you’ve got to be all in on this Tag Team Championship match and I can definitely tell you with hundred percent confidence that you are not.  The Industry is going to come crashing down upon you.












I don’t care what we have to fucking do or if we put our lives and our careers on the fucking line.  Nothing means more to me than winning those HOW Tag Team Championships with my best friend, Darin Zion.  This is OUR meaning of a World Championship and the victory would make us feel at the top of the fucking mountain.  This is a resurgence and it will establish us as the threat we always were meant to fucking be!  At Rumble at the Rock…we will reclaim that honor and walk out as the NEW HOW Tag Team Champions…




That is the true passion of it all and that is the real threat you will get from us.  Not just Order…but BROTHERS…as HOW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!


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